Name: Ralph Sauti Jr. LL.M, LL.B, BA
Firm Name: Sauti & Company
Jurisdiction: Malawi
Practice Area: Commercial Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Ralph Sauti Jr. as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Malawi. If you wish to get in touch with Ralph, please use the contact information provided above.

Managing Counsel

Ralph, has experience in the areas of Commerce both as an academician with Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences and as a private practice legal practitioner.  Very grounded in both theory and practice, he has over the years, provided services at various levels such as provision of drafting, legal advice and litigation to individuals as well as corporate clients in areas of Civil and Commercial law.

Sauti & Company

Who we are

We are an elite law firm with a team of qualified personnel which commenced on 1st September, 2015 under the sole management of Mr Ralph Sauti Jr, a licensed legal practitioner. Situated along Victoria Avenue in Delamere House (5th floor). Our Services include; advisory, negotiating and drafting commercial transactions, litigation and training   

Our Goal

To be a responsive, reliable, tailored and predictable legal partner to our clients thereby making them favorably carry out their core functions or compete on the market by offering diverse legal solutions that advance our clients’ goals

Our Value

We have expertise in civil and commercial law. We provide services in a manner that our clients are able to follow, with real time reporting. We have a specialized team assigned to handle needs of clients


To provide client-oriented legal services through creative and strategic solutions that are cost effective and executed with speed, efficacy and character


To be a preferred legal services provider that has a lasting impact on our clients’ social and economic goals both locally and internationally

Core Values


It is in our policy to prioritize the interests our clients when handling their cases. We demonstrate the highest ethical standards in delivering top-notch legal services while exercising transparency, dignity and total commitment regardless of the client’s economic or social status and background.


Our firm strives to provide exceptional services to our clients in the areas we have the legal expertise and are available. We use our experience not just to assure our client of success but also of the cost implications of our client’s instructions. We analyse issues and offer creative and strategic solutions that ultimately minimize cost of dispute resolution.


For our clients to value our excellence, we adhere to affective administrative measures including advanced information technology to make our client’s experience simple and satisfying. Our aim is to always be in close contact with our clients as we carry out their assignment. We use cutting-edge online practice management software that keeps our client in the know on every case at every given moment in the comfort of the client’s office or vicinity.  We work with our clients in whatever way and wherever is most convenient for them – face-face, over the phone or online video conferencing and emails

Team Work

At Sauti and Company, we believe in collaborative teamwork and we exercise caution in the recruitment and selection of our personnel, legal or otherwise, by ensuring that a clear path is developed for each person. By bringing together 
hardworking and highly ethical people and encouraging them to develop their talents, we deliver exceptional services for the benefit of our clients and of the firm as a whole. Being a growing firm, we pride ourselves in garnering a team which is not only competent in matters of law, but also a team that is able to understand management dynamics that influence decision making at various institutional
levels. With this, we help our clients obtain a better service on all fronts. We work with legal teams, and contact personnel who are able to follow our services almost in real time.


Being a client-oriented firm, we offer modest charges to our clients. We are able to work on budget-based litigation as evidenced in our minimum scale rates, flat rates and hourly rates. Our hourly rates are based on minimum wages as approved by Malawi Law Society. Without the expense and distractions of a traditional office environment, our costs to our client are nearly exact and reasonable through our transparent manner in which billing is done accumulatively within the full purview of our client as and when a service is being rendered. We use our client portal to help our clients follow progress of our billing in the court of carrying out our client’s assignment.We also emphasize in minimizing consultation costs through contact in media that is safe and time saving, for example video conferencing.