Olivier Lombardo
Name: Olivier Lombardo
Firm Name: Dennemeyer & Associates
Jurisdiction: Luxembourg
Practice Area: IP Law

Telephone: +352 27 61 15 100
Fax: +352 27 61 15 100
Email: olombardo@dennemeyer-law.com

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Professional Biography:

Olivier Lombardo is a French, Luxembourgish and European trademark and design lawyer and heads the trademark department at Dennemeyer & Associates in Luxembourg. He graduated from the renowned Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies in France and holds an LLM in European business law.

Mr Lombardo has worked in trademark management since 2002, when he worked in close cooperation with French Senator Pierre Lafitte, founder of Sophia Antipolis, one of Europe’s biggest technology parks. After completing his postgraduate qualifications in IP law, Mr Lombardo gathered experience in a German private practice and at the European Patent Office. In 2004, he co-founded a movie production company in Munich, gaining insight and experience in the media industry.

After five years of working as an IP lawyer and legal director, Mr Lombardo joined international law firm Dennemeyer & Associates in 2010 and was offered the position of head of trademarks Luxembourg in 2013.

Specialising in trademark and design law, Mr Lombardo has a wide range of experience in the enforcement of IP rights and the management of major multinational clients’ portfolios in the automobile, cosmetics and food-processing industries, among others. Mr Lombardo’s experience in dealing with various aspects of IP law and his strong understanding of the use of trademarks enable him to provide clients with business-oriented solutions and practice-oriented contracts.

Mr Lombardo also represents Dennemeyer & Associates at conferences and seminars and heads the Dennemeyer IP Breakfasts in Luxembourg. Mr Lombardo is fluent in French, English and German. He is among others a member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES), International Trademark Association (INTA), Association Benelux pour le Droit des Marques et Modèles (BMM), Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AIPPI Luxembourg), Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles (APRAM).

Dennemeyer & Associates:

Dennemeyer Group has over five decades of experience in delivering quality IP legal services in a wide spectrum of jurisdictions. With offices on four continents and ten time zones, we are fully equipped to take on large-scale assignments while delivering unmatched local expertise.

Service areas include patent, trademark and design maintenance, filing and prosecution including EP validations, PCT nationalizations, recordals and much more. DIAMS iQ, our IP management software, is a secure and integrated gateway to your IP portfolio, and it also offers a high level of integration to our patent annuity and trademark renewal services. Thanks to a modular approach, DIAMS iQ is fully adaptable to your organization’s particular needs.

Whether you represent a corporation or a law firm, Dennemeyer’s services will help you reduce portfolio risk and maximize the value of your IP assets.