Name: Mr. Mohammed Al-Soaib
Firm Name: Al-soaib & Partners Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Saudi Arabia
Practice Area: Corporate Law

Telephone: +966 11 472 6362
Fax: +966 11 472 5856

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Professional Biography:

Al Soaib Law Firm is one of the most experienced business and litigation law firms in the Saudi Arabia. The firm’s expertise and reputation stems from a long and a successful track record of nearly two decades. Al Soaib has significant experience assisting investors around the world to select their appropriate corporate vehicle in the Saudi market along with setting-up their body corporate and the ensuing consultancies that accompany such underlying process. Since 1995, Al Soaib Law Firm has been successful in setting-up many legal entities for prestigious international companies wishing to invest in Saudi Arabia.

The law firm of Mohamed Al-Soaib and partners was established in 1995 in the city of Riyadh -the capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- by its founder and managing director lawyer Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Soaib. The latter’s initiative to establish the law firm was premised on his belief in the importance of the legal practice profession and the nobility of its goals and its profound responsibility towards the community with all its natural and moral constituents.

The law firm establishment came against the backdrop of a long successful work journey Mr. Al-Soaib has spent working at one of the biggest contracting companies in Riyadh owned by his father Sheik Hamad Bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Soaib. The tenure he spent being a manager at his father’s company offered him a vast experience in the business world and gave him a profound knowledge of the sources of investment. Moreover he had an impressive outlook on the impediments that face investor in KSA and the strength points from which business growth should start.

This journey was crowned by the membership he earned in the Saudi American Business Council, a step that came to assert his impressive diversified experience he managed to accumulate throughout the years; an experience featuring both legal and business outlooks. This unique experience is seldom found at any peer firm in KSA and this was the milestone from which the law firm was launched towards excellence.

At the onset, we functioned in line with a vision which aims to establish a legal entity that elevates performance rates and takes them to the international level in accordance with the highest quality service. Our law firm’s good standing in the legal domain is due to its dedication, agility and synergy in offering extraordinary legal services and a client-tailored legal advice to our clients. Accordingly, we earned our position as one of the leading law firms, not only in Saudi Arabia but also throughout the region.

With this passion to develop and to learn along with our aspiration to excel in line with this vision, we’ve been able -by the grace of God- to make various fruitful professional relationships and successful longstanding collaborations with our clients throughout the past two decades. Our persistence and commitment were key elements in building our prolific network of contacts with public and private sectors, regionally and internationally; an asset that we perfectly employed to cater to the best interests of our clients.

Consequently, our successes followed and the trust and the reception we received from our esteemed clients was overwhelming. We pride ourselves in many achievements such as:

  • Representing the German Dorneh (consultancies) in preparing the system of waste recycling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Representing the French Post in preparing and reviewing the contracts pertaining to “Wasel” project in the Kingdom and signing it.
  • Participating with Ernst & Young –the international accountancy firm- along with the General Investments Fund in the project of earmarking the Intercontinental Hotel.

In addition to these, there have been many more remarkable accomplishments that are regarded as highlights in our business path and that have had the effect of enriching the investment climate and participation in developing the infrastructure of the national economy. These achievements were crowned by our office being selected in the 10×10 program launched by SAGIA for the ten best law firms supporting investment and providing the best legal solutions for foreign investors. This precious recognition came for acknowledging our efforts in enlightening investors with the investment climate in Saudi Arabia and our contributions to their successful businesses in the country.

After nearly two glorious decades of delivering an extraordinary legal service, it was vital to seek a strategic joint venture with an international law firm that shares our vision. We thought of this step to be conducive to further development, as our firm will benefit from a higher level of legal standards that will set the pace for our firm to compete with the international law firms in the region.

To this end, we had the privilege of associating with several global Law Firms whom had concurs with our law firm’s vision and goals and shares our same passion for excellence and pioneering. These unique co-operations is a perfect opportunity to broaden our horizons for new business and creating high-level platforms for exchanging expertise and aspirations.

Finally, we at Al-Soaib law firm were constantly striving to make our philosophy anchored on having sincere faith in the noble message of the legal profession. In addition, we are determined to set the objectives of our firm to be premised on growing passion to learn and develop as well as selecting the productive elements, a high caliber of candidates and specialized experiences to contribute to the firm’s success history.

All these success elements function in a stimulating and forward-thinking work environment by providing the best legal service and accurate legal consultations for our clients who we’d rather like to call ‘success companions’.