Name: Mohamed Agamy
Firm Name: Links & Gains Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Egypt
Practice Area: Maritime Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Mohamed Mostafa Agamy as our exclusively recommended Maritime Law expert in Egypt. If you wish to get in touch with Mohamed please use the contact information provided above.

Mohamed Mostafa Agamy is the Founder and Managing Partner of Links & Gains Law firm. Agamy is a bilingual lawyer and driven professional legal consultant; with a proven track record over 15 years of leading successfully international legal transactions. Agamy has a diverse business area of expertise across North Africa and the Middle East.

Prior to establishing Links & Gains, he was responsible as Regional Counsel at General Electric, and before that, Agamy was the Head of Legal at BG (Shell) & Petronas LNG Downstream JV. He leads successfully negotiating & closing key settlement agreements to preserve and enhance shareholders value and resolving complex disputes competently. He is Demonstrating professionally with legal analysis and reasoning across legal statuary of regions and monitor disputes before Egypt Courts, CRCICCA, ICC, Dubai courts and England & Wales Courts.

Agamy is certified for “Contract Laws” from Harvard University; edX 2018, and has LL.M, in International Legal and Commercial Transactions; 2012 “AASTM accredited by University of HUDDERSFIELD, UK” with thesis “Arbitration Role for settling Oil & Gas Disputes”.

Mohamed was appointed as an expert Cross border Associate “CBA’ exclusively for Egypt, particularly in M&As, corporate transactions, commercial litigation, advisory on due diligence with exposure awareness for high-rank legal issues of Oil & Gas and Energy sector, with indefinite expertise in Aviation, Shipping, Logistics and taxation as well. Please read more of the credentials and track records as herein below:



  • Successfully negotiated and advised for deed of settlements on behalf of one of the Gulf Airlines, and stock release within 6 airports’ warehouses and a fleet of aircraft (Air Bus 320) with total amount USD 30 Million.
  • Provide legal opinions on the renewal of the Aircraft leases Agreements, and supervised the claims and disputes regarding the operations and charter contracts with a Mega Switzerland Co.,
  • Drafted purchase agreements for Kuwaiti chartered airline and Cargo Airline Co. and represent both entities with the Civil Aviation Authority in Egypt.
  • Advised clients for Aircraft Purchase Agreements for private aircraft with total amount USD 8,000,000.
  • Liaise with our UK Lawyers to act on a compensation lawsuit with amount USD 80,000,000 before England & Wales Courts and supported with all key documentation and the strategic defence/ pleading and other evidence that supports the case.
  • Represents local Airlines in litigation cases before the Egyptian courts including Employment, civil and commercial lawsuits.

Oil & Gas Power Renewables Energy

  • Advised General Electric for the nuclear power Project Plant of “Dabaa” in Egypt, and the EPC liabilities with GE Power with a deal value as published USD 700 Million, and honoured a recognition as an excellent deal negotiator for the nuclear liability.
  • Contributed in the due diligence necessities of the merge and acquisition of Shell “Egypt” over British Gas within their affiliates LNG in the West Delta Deep Marine, Egypt.
  • Advised Idku Liquefied Natural Gas for the process of securities release for assets with about over USD 2 billion, and reviewed all the facilities agreements and termination notes.
  • Advised Egyptian LNG Co. for the mitigation plan of highly impact tax due to government cancellation of a private free zone (GAFI) of amount EGP 270 million per year.
  • Represented ORJ (Petrochemical, SUEZ) in a number of litigation lawsuits and dispute resolution and retained on the shareholder accounts of value more than USD 2.3 Mil.

Corporate, M&A’s and Taxation

  • Represented GE in reclaiming the VAT taxation for the EPC contracts in regards to EGYPT Electricity emergency plan, and successfully retained EGP 189 Million with a settlement negotiation with the Ministry of Finance.
  • Advised ELBEHERA Liquefied Natural Gas for the stamp duty that was deducted from a Bank in Egypt, with approx. amount USD 480k, and succeeded to reclaim it with a wise negotiation with the bank and the Tax Authority.
  • Advised LOTUS HOTELS AND RESORTS in negotiations for ST Agreements and M&A of about USD 30 Million.
  • Advised the British University in Egypt for Turnkey Construction contracts with a total amount of USD 7 Million.

Firm Description:

Links & Gains is an independent specialized law firm, based in Cairo, Egypt, that linked to diverse international association with lawyers and advisors across the globe. Our core areas of expertise are commercially oriented with a deep focus on our clients’ needs and achievements when we provide our legal services. We are consistent in the standard of excellence that we bring to our clients.

Our diverse understanding of business and extensive industry experience has positioned us to offer a wide range of specialized services that would consider the real gains to our clients.


What keeps us different is that; we fully appreciate our clients’ necessities of being driven by time-deadlines and urgency. We, in turn, strive to deliver top professional services to our client base. We pride ourselves on cementing long-term relationships with the primary focus on client success.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best legal solutions, the competitive edge, representation available and at a reasonable cost. Thus, we are proud of the high legal conduct and ethical standards that have been established by our firm policy and the tradition of excellence that we work to maintain.

Hire your Counsel

We recently thought about a unique service that provides the “Outsourcing Counsel” This special service as “Outsourcing Basis” for our clients who don’t have legal department or at least in-house lawyer, whereby as lead example, we provide on-going legal counsel to be hired solely for your company account, and to support your routine legal matters and daily practices.

Companies that have their own legal departments may use only “General Counsel Services” as a temporary or permanent extension of their in-house legal team to handle spikes in work or outsource certain legal tasks at a cost-efficient rate.


At Links & Gains, we seek to provide top legal services based on the highest code of conduct, values and professional standards and we take our responsibilities to our clients, our people, our suppliers and the communities in which we do business seriously. We are proud of our culture of responsibility which strives to govern how we work, how we interact with clients and the local government, and how we participate in our local community.

We have great anticipation towards improving the legal community and always support new bar registered lawyers with full awareness and understanding the distinct challenges that could create as well as we seek the best future for the society.

This responsibility motivates us to build up a real model of an independent law firm with a multi-cultural spirit and smartly tailored advantages to suit all our team with diversity and with zero tolerant discrimination.