Miroslav Lisjak, MSc
Name: Miroslav Lisjak, MSc
Firm Name: Alias Consulting
Jurisdiction: Croatia
Practice Area: Business Advisory Services

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Miroslav Lisjak as our exclusively recommended Business Advisory Services expert in Croatia. If you wish to get in touch with Miroslav, please use the contact information provided above.

Director and owner of the company Alias ​​doo Miroslav Lisjak, graduated in economics in Graz, with a medal and a master’s degree in economics and sociology. After graduating, he started a private company for marketing, website development, graphic design and software solutions. The company has been operating successfully in this area since 2005.

From 2007 to the end of 2016, Mr. Lisjak gained experience in the banking and real sector as finance director in two international companies, and for more than 5 years as director of the Bank’s branch.

After 16 years of working in various systems both in Austria and in Croatia and in entrepreneurship, we decided to use the acquired knowledge, experience and contacts for the benefit of our clients, and we opened an office to provide financial and business consulting services.

Given the lifelong intertwining of Austria and Croatia in both the educational and business segments, it was natural that the next step would be to expand the business to Austria, which happened in July 2018 with the opening of financial and business consulting company M1 Consulting GmbH in Graz.

Practice Areas

  • Banking & Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Tax Consulting


  • Croatian
  • German
  • English

Firm Description:

“Alias” in translation means a shortcut, so our slogan “Your shortcut to the best solution” best defines our company policy.

Banking & Finance

If you need any kind of financial solution you are in the right place. Our partners are banks and financial institutions in Croatian and Austrian market, and before approaching them, we prepare your project as best as possible, so we can get in the position to choose between competitive products from different banks. If there’s a solution we will find it, if there are more solutions, we will find the best one.

EU Funding Programs

As Croatia is the latest and relatively new member of the European Union there are lots of possibilities and opportunities in getting subventions from Eu Funding Programs in Agriculture, Production, ICT or similar areas. We work as one stop shop here and with our partners, we are covering all services needed for applying to the Eu Funding Program. So, investment plan, technological plan, administrative preparation and as the final step crediting the rest of investment which is not funded this is all managed through professional engagement from our team.

Assessment – Buying – Overtaking – Merging Companies

In Croatia there are about 16.500 companies which have no successor so there are lots of opportunities to expand your business through overtaking or merging with such companies. We have experience in this area where we support the negotiations between buyer and seller, we are assessing the value of the company, helping to define a deal in detail supported with lawyers and at the end if needed we solve the financial part of the deal.

Business & Investment Plans

For almost all our services there is a business or investment plan needed which is the first thing we have to do. A business or investment plan is not only needed for the banks or other institutions but for the investor in the first place, so he knows what is expected from the project in the future. We value this area very much, because we want our clients to be in a position to have all the important information to make a decision which is going to affect their business in the future.

Tax Consulting

Taxes are included in almost every business transaction and because of that tax consultancy is the main part of our business advisory and strategic planning. We consider all options and consult our clients, so they can make the optimal tax decision which has the most positive impact on their business or as a private person in form of an investor.

Investment & Partnership in Croatia

Croatia is a land full of opportunities in different areas especially in tourism, production, agriculture, food industry and real estate. If you have interest in expanding your business to Croatia or looking for interesting projects or partners, we can help you with that. We can look up a project for you according to your specifications or offer you one we already have in our or our partners portfolio. Lots of our clients are already working for foreign markets and there are a lot of partnership possibilities.

If there’s a solution we will find it, if there are more solutions, we will find the best one.