Michael Siwek
Name: Michael Siwek
Firm Name: Siwek Law Office
Jurisdiction: Poland
Practice Area: Real Estate Law

Telephone: +48 22 370 61 72
Fax: +48 22 370 61 71
Email: msiwek@siweklawoffice.com

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Professional Biography:

Siwek Law Office in Warsaw, Poland, a law firm established in 2010 by legal advisor Michał Siwek,  provides comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate and company law.

Michał Siwek for number of years was a partner of real estate departments and head of the German desk at the leading international law firms. His professional experience covers a broad spectrum of real estate law, including planning, construction and corporate law, as well as real estate finance matters.

He has advised on the construction, acquisition, sale and lease of commercial properties of various types, including offices, warehouses, commercial centers, hotels and other types of real estate.

Siwek Law Office experience includes advising international real estate funds, private equity firms, developers, real estate consultants, brokers and title insurers. The law firm satisfies client’s needs for legal services during the whole life cycle of a real estate: from planning, construction and development issues,  through leasing and asset management matters, up to acquisition, joint venture agreements and other legal structures aiming at the  exit from the project.

Siwek Law Office advised on numerous processes of merging, dividing, liquidating and transforming companies. The team has advised recently Polish Government in connection with initial public offering (IPO) of a large state-owned  company.

By working with a network of tried and trusted fellow lawyers,  law firm of legal advisor Michał Siwek provides and co-ordinates advice also in the field of  litigation, banking, bankruptcy, insurance and labor law matters.