Name: Masahito Nakai
Firm Name: Nakai Immigration Services
Jurisdiction: Japan
Practice Area: Immigration Law

Telephone: +81-3-6402-7654
Fax: +81-3-6402-7650

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Professional Biography:

Masahito Nakai started his practice in March 1992 and is widely recognized as one of the leading immigration lawyers in Japan. Masahito has been a lecturer or speaker on immigration and nationality topics on numerous occasions including an American Law School, the Japan Law Society, Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and others. He is a co-author of the Guidebook for International Marriage which is known as a long life book most of Japanese immigration lawyers have on their shelves as a useful reference. Masahito Nakai is a member of Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association and International Bar Association. He was awarded with a Certificate of International Legal Studies by Temple University Japan in 2002.

His firm, Nakai Immigration Services LPC has been well known by the foreign community in Japan, providing extensive quality services to thousands of corporate clients including more than 300 listed companies worldwide and leading foreign law firms’Tokyo offices. At the same time Mr. Nakai has handled a range of complex cases of overstay or rejection of landing to high-profile persons which no any other lawyer could help in such a speedy manner. He founded Global Immigration Forum in August 2011 to conduct research and discussion among Japanese immigration lawyers about immigration law practice of jurisdictions other than Japan as a co-chair. Masahito is a current member of International Bar Association as well.

Nakai Immigration Services:

Nakai Immigration Services LPC (NIS) provides one-stop professional legal services to obtain visas for Japan, as a boutique immigration law firm with over 20 years of experience. Our team includes Gyoseishoshi (immigration) Lawyers, a US attorney at law, and a former Supervisor at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, and a Labor and Social Security Attorney.

NIS files applications at local immigration bureaus of Japan daily, and our multilingual staff speak native English, Spanish, native German, Chinese and Korean apart from Japanese. Correspondence is available in all of these languages.