Mary Ann Romero
Name: Mary Ann Romero
Firm Name: Mary Ann Romero & Associates
Jurisdiction: USA - New Mexico
Practice Area: Immigration Law

Telephone: (505) 796-2024

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Professional Biography:

Mary Ann Romero was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. Mary Ann’s experiences growing up in the border town of El Paso, Texas, neighboring Cd. Juarez, Mexico, helps her understand and empathize with the struggles faced by immigrants in the United States.  Her earliest memories helping immigrants comes from within her own family.  Mary Ann helped interpret, translate and fill out documents for Spanish-speaking relatives trying to navigate for services in the United States.  

She helped her family get services at schools, banks, hospitals and several government agencies by explaining what information and documents were needed to secure benefits.  Everyday tasks taken for granted by a majority of citizens in the United States is complicated for persons lacking knowledge of their rights.  

Mary Ann helped her family and other persons in need push the system responsible for granting benefits to persons despite of race, ethnicity or social class.  While in law school Mary Ann represented immigrant clients at the law school’s clinic.  Her experiences in law school reminded Mary Ann that her childhood dream to become a lawyer came from her desire to protect the rights of others.  

After a few months of handling immigration cases at school, Mary Ann knew she would be an immigration attorney because she felt right at home helping individuals that were like her and her family.

Mary Ann has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1992.  Mary Ann graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1999.  She has practiced immigration law exclusively since passing the bar exam.  Her career spans more than seventeen (17) years representing clients from several countries around the world desiring family unity, business opportunities and protection from injustice.  

Mary Ann has secured permanent status for thousands of immigrants seeking to live in the United States.  She handles all immigration related cases dealing with family and employment based sponsorship, fighting deportation, preparing waivers for immigration violations, seeking asylum for adults and minor children and securing protection for victims of trafficking, victims of violent crimes and children who have been abused, abandoned and/or neglected.  

Once permanent status has been granted, Mary Ann also works with immigrants wanting to be citizens of the United States.  Her first-hand knowledge of maneuvering the complexities of the United States immigration process has helped generations of immigrant clients secure homes in the United States for grandparents, parents, children and children of children.  

Mary Ann is a passionate immigration lawyer that believes in opportunity for all and has dedicated her career making opportunity a reality for immigrants wanting to live, work and thrive in the United States.  Mary Ann’s experience makes the difference in immigration rights in the United States.

Mary Ann is a member of several professional organizations.  

She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), National Hispanic Bar Association, New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association and the American Bar Association.  In 2018 she was appointed as a commissioner to the New Mexico Access to Justice Commission.  The Commission is dedicated to expanding and improving accessibility to civil legal assistance by low income New Mexicans.  

She was also appointed to serve as one of the directors of the New Mexico State Bar Immigration Law Section.  Mary Ann was honored by the National Association of Professional Women as VIP Woman of the Year in 2014, The National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers in the United States in 2015 and she has held membership in the Continental Professional Who’s Who and The Latino American Professional Who’s Who since 2015. Her firm is recognized by Lawyer Monthly as the 2018 Immigrant Rights Law Firm of the Year in the United States.

Mary Ann reaches out to the community by providing vital information on current immigration law developments via presentations at the State Bar of New Mexico, University of New Mexico and other local educational and professional agencies. As a native Spanish speaker, Mary Ann knows first-hand the impact of misunderstanding the steps in place to secure benefits and protect the rights of the immigrant community.  

She works zealously to provide accurate, up-to-date information to persons struggling with the legal complexities of securing lawful status in the United States.  Mary Ann thrives on the challenges of practicing immigration law with creative advocacy for clients.  Mary Ann’s ultimate goal is earning her clients’ trust by securing lawful status and opportunity for clients in the United States.