Maria Kitromilidou
Name: Maria Kitromilidou
Firm Name: Kannava Kitromilidou & Co LLC
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Practice Area: Investment Funds Law

Telephone: +357 25 585583
Fax: +357 25 585582

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Professional Biography:

Kannava, Kitromilidou & Co LLC is a law firm in its fifth year of existence with its offices located in Limassol, Cyprus.  We are proud to say that in the middle of the most unprecedented global economic crisis, we started off and grew into a most dynamic law firm playing today a leading role on the legal front not only in Cyprus but internationally.  Our team of experts with diversified backgrounds and experiences offer to all our clients the highest level of service within budget and on time committed at all times to achieve for the clients the best possible results, protect their interests long term and minimize risk and uncertainties for them.

We always follow a pragmatic, problem-solving approach, we listen carefully to the clients’ needs and objectives (business or otherwise) and always have the appropriate solution to offer, boilerplate or innovative as the particular case may require.

Our firm covers the whole legal spectrum – we offer services in the areas of Corporate/Commercial Law, Banking/Finance Law, Financial Regulation/Investment Services, Trusts/Fund Administration, Inheritance/Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property/E-Commerce, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Civil Litigation/Arbitration, Criminal Litigation, Matrimonial Disputes/Family Law and Maritime/Shipping Law.

We always look ahead and always strive to improve and expand the services we offer, so we are constantly kept updated with developments and new legal opportunities and solutions for clients.  We are lawyers easy to reach at any time and close to our clients in support for all their needs.