Name: Marc Bastiaansen
Firm Name: HMB Accountants
Jurisdiction: Netherlands
Practice Area: Accounting Services

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Professional Biography:

Henk Nieuwenhuysen, born April 16th 1953 Study High School and Nivra (Accountants Study) Graduated 1990.

Marc Bastiaansen, born August 2th 1969 Study University at Tilburg Accountancy Graduated 1999.

We work together for specific taks issues with Marree & van Uunen Tax Professionals at Oisterwijk INFO@MARREE-CS.NL


We are also member of IPG International at WWW.IPG-ONLINE.ORG

The Group has been founded in 1988 under the name International Practice Group (IPG) and merged with EULEX in 1992 after which the group continued under the name EU LEX IPG. In order to express our new mission statement and to further sustain our current growth of members beyond the EU borders, the association has changed its name to International Practice Group in 2006.

From January 2009 the group has merged with Picatrex. Picatrex is a similar international group which covered Europe. This brings the merged group up in numbers and provides cover in new countries as well as complementary services in countries we already have a member in.

History of Vervloet en Co/ HMB Accountants

Vervloet en Co was originally founded shortly after the 2nd  WorldWar at Breda. In the years after 1980 the organization has grown ( Dordrecht, Gorinchem, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Goes and Vlissingen (Netherlands), Hoogstraten (Belgium).

In the years after 1995 more and more offices were merging  in the Netherlands and because of that reason the offices Breda, Tilburg, Dordrecht and Hoogstraten have been merged with one of the big 5 in the Netherlands.

In 2007 the offices at Goes, Dordrecht and Vlissingen have been merged with a larger accounting firm and also HMB Accountants has been founded.

Nowadays there are 2 offices at Gorinchem. Vervloet en Co for accounting services and fiscal matters. HMB Accountants for compilation of financial statements and financial audits.