Luís Filipe Carvalho
Name: Luís Filipe Carvalho
Firm Name: VCA Angola
Jurisdiction: Angola
Practice Area: Construction Law

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Professional Biography:

Literary abilities
– Graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon (1990)
Professional qualifications
– Lawyer registered at the Bar Association of Portugal, with No. 10000L
– Lawyer registered at the Bar Association of Angola, in 1127
– Member of the Direction of Penal Forum – Association of criminalists Lawyers (2012-2014)
– Member of the Leonino Council Sporting Clube de Portugal (2011-13)
– Vice-President of the Foundation Sporting Clube de Portugal (2011)
– CJLP – Jurists of the Community of Portuguese Language (founding member, 2010)
– Member of the Board of ASSOFT – Portuguese Software Association (2007-2012)
– General Council of the Portuguese Bar Association (2005-2007)
– Lisbon District Council of the Portuguese Bar Association (2002-2004)
– Permanent Representative in UALP – Union of Lawyers of Portuguese Language (2005-2007)
Professional experience
– Partner at “ABBC & Associados, RL Law Firm” (since March 2007)
– Partner of “Azevedo Neves Benjamim Mendes & Associados, RL Law Firm” (1995-2007)
– Professor at the School of Real Estate Activities (ESAI)
– Guest lecturer course graduate of ISLA (2006-2012)
– Guest speaker on postgraduate courses at the Law School of the University of Lisbon in the Lease Law and Real Estate (2004-2007)
– Assistant at the Law Faculty of Lisbon University (1989-1997)
– Trainer in post-graduate course in the Court of Auditors (1994)
– He participated as a representative of the Bar Association in the work on the reform of the Urban Lease in September 2004 (the XV Government) and May to July 2005 (XVI Government)