Luis Fernando Vargas Rodríguez
Name: Luis Fernando Vargas Rodríguez
Firm Name: Vargas & Vargas Abogados
Jurisdiction: Colombia
Practice Area: Litigation Law

Telephone: +57 530 69 71
Fax: +57 530 69 71

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Professional Biography:

Luis Fernando Vargas Rodriguez works in the litigation area of Vargas & Vargas. He is a legal adviser with broad expertise in criminal, civil and corporate law, and has represented many companies in important litigations in these areas. He graduated in legal structuring and direction of oil industry projects.

Mr Vargas is part of the defence team of a business group against the Venezuelan State before international bodies in the matter of human rights. He is also a member of the British-Colombian Lawyers Association and the Rosario Attorney College, and an international observer in legal processes for the International Bar Association-Human Rights Institute and the British-Colombian Lawyers Association.

Vargas & Vargas Abogados:

Vargas & Vargas specialises in litigation, alternative dispute resolution, advice and consultancy in areas such as, criminal law, business criminal law, human rights, civil, corporate and labour law, hydrocarbons, mining and insurance regulation, foreign investment, government contracting, among others.

The Firm encompasses specialists on the most prominent law areas in our country; we assure optimum quality law services focused on meeting the ideal of justice based on principles such as reputation, compliance, respect and credibility.

Our partners at law are permanently updating knowledge and attempting to stay at the forefront of substantial law variations in our areas of specialty, warranty to our client’s vote of confidence in the success of our businesses. Our experience, combined with the sufficiency of our partners, allow us to offer our clients off-court solutions as well as conflict avoidance through negotiated deals.

The variety of our professionals brings a full perspective of the entire legal surroundings of any business and/or legal issue delivered to us, in order to analyze its viability. Our legal and lawfull services are developed into national, international climate, addressed to natural and legal, domestic or foreign, public or private subjects. Our portfolio of services is available for our clientele in Spanish, English and French languages. VARGAS & VARGAS Attorneys at Law counts with offices in the cities of Tunja and Bogotá D.C.