Name: Liliana Bakayoko
Firm Name: Liliana Bakayoko
Jurisdiction: France
Practice Area: International Business Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Liliana Bakayoko as our exclusively recommended & endorsed International Business Law Expert in France.

Liliana Bakayoko is an Attorney at Law at the Paris and Sofia Bars, a Doctor of Law and a former Professor of Law.

She has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and ten years of experience teaching law.

She has been chosen as the International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 under the Global Law Experts Annual Awards. She has been named Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris under Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023. Advisory Excellence has endorsed her as France’s exclusively recommended International Business Law expert for 2024.

Her international business law firm provides comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of its clients operating in a global business environment.

Liliana Bakayoko’s law firm specializes in international trade law, IT law, corporate law, and intellectual property law, and its services in this area encompass:

  • Legal Advisory Services: It provides expert legal advice on a wide range of matters pertinent to international business law, including contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance, risk management, corporate governance, and strategic business planning.
  • Transaction Support: The law firm assists clients in structuring and executing various transactions, such as strategic alliances, joint ventures and corporate reorganizations. It ensures that these transactions are conducted efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • International Expansion and Compliance: For clients looking to expand their operations into new markets, the law firm offers guidance on international expansion strategies and compliance with international trade regulations.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The law firm helps clients safeguard their valuable intellectual assets through trademark registration, patent and copyright protection, trade secret management, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation: The law firm offers efficient dispute resolution services, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Leveraging her profound expertise and unwavering dedication to quality, Liliana Bakayoko collaborates closely with businesses to navigate complex legal landscapes, minimize risks, and realize their strategic goals in the ever-evolving global marketplace.


  1. International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 – the Global Law Experts Annual Awards.
  2. Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris – Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023.

“Liliana Bakayoko: A visionary of international business law and digitalization

Highly qualified in international business law, Liliana Bakayoko has built solid experience as a lawyer, teacher and consultant. Her exemplary career and ability to adapt to the digitalization of the legal sector make her a key figure in this field.” – FORBES.