Liga Fjodorova
Name: Liga Fjodorova
Firm Name: Borenius
Jurisdiction: Latvia
Practice Area: Patent Law

Telephone: +371 6 7201 800 
Fax: +371 2 9838 394

Professional Biography:

At Attorneys at Law Borenius, Līga specialises in the field of intellectual property law, commercial law, proceedings, arbitrage court and international cargo shipment law. Līga is a Latvian Trade Mark Attorney and European Trade Mark Attorney. She is one of the leading experts in Latvia in the field of intellectual property law, and she represents customers in complicated trademark patent and copyright litigations.


The attorneys at law office Borenius is a full service commercial law office. The office has three partners – Lauris Liepa, Indrikis Liepa and Gatis Flinters, as well as two specialised partners – Edgars Lodzins and Sergejs Rudans. After more than 10 years of activity, 22 lawyers currently practise at the office, many of them recognised experts in their field, who make Borenius one of the leading offices of attorneys at law in Latvia.

Borenius lawyers’ competence is characterised by their experience, perfect knowledge of their field and courage to search for creative solutions to problematic situations. The competence, openness and consideration of the office’s lawyers in relation to our clients allow them to effect the desired results. The office is one of the largest in Latvia that offers clients a comprehensive range of legal services – from legal advice and transactions to complex legal proceedings. This is welcomed by previous Borenius clients: having trusted Borenius to solve their legal issues, they can be confident in the most favourable result.

An important aspect of the office’s work is cooperation with the other law offices of the Borenius group which are represented in Finland, Russia, USA, Estonia and Lithuania, where professional advice in legal matters is provided to clients by more than 200 lawyers. When cooperating with Borenius in Latvia, clients may be confident that their interests will be represented by professional and recognised lawyers in the region.