Leonardo Amarente
Name: Leonardo Amarente
Firm Name: Leonardo Amarante Advogados Associados
Jurisdiction: Brasil
Practice Area: Personal Injury Law

Telephone: +55 21 2507-4195
Fax: +55 21 2507-4195
Email: amarante@leonardoamarante.com.br

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Professional Biography:

The Leonardo Amarante Advogados Associados office has accumulated 30 years of experience in actions related to Civil Responsibility, acting in defense and in the search for effective moral and material reparation, through the compensation of victims and relatives.

The decisive performance in cases such as Bateau Mouche, Palace II, Hemophiliacs contaminated in blood transfusions and more recently with 50 families of the largest air accident in Brazil occurred with the GOL airplane put the office among the country’s main in its area of ​​action.

In addition to its national activities in the different judicial bodies, the office is associated with the Global Justice Network , an international entity whose purpose is to promote the access of citizens of diverse nationalities to jurisdictions of foreign countries.

With the advent of globalization, more and more Brazilians travel abroad for business or tourism. They are people who use interstate highways, shop in shops and shopping malls, consume products in restaurants, hire services of all kinds, and have fun in parks, ski resorts, cruises, and various other leisure options. Unfortunately, accidents happen on such occasions, often frustrating people’s travel and expectations.

Aiming to meet the need of Brazilians who had their rights violated on international travel, our firm formed partnerships with renowned law firms in the United States, Canada and Europe, aiming at facilitating actions that are often left behind by the injured, either because there is no interest in discussing issues that have only brought displeasure, or because they believe it is very difficult or costly to hire a lawyer abroad.

Our office can help you exercise your rights before US and European courts, raising your doubts about the functioning of legal systems in America and Europe, and clarifying important issues regarding process time and costs. The orientation of our work has always been focused on meeting customer demands in an agile and economical way.