Name: Kim Simmonds
Firm Name: Law 365 Ltd
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
Practice Area: Technology Law

Telephone: 020 8132 6943

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder of Law 365, as our exclusively recommended Technology Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Kim please use the contact information provided above.

“Law 365 is unique because it is the only law firm in the world to cater solely to the day to day needs of Microsoft Partners. For ambitious businesses that can’t (or don’t want to) hire their own legal team, we’re the perfect partner.” Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder

Law 365 is a specialised commercial and employment law firm under the leadership of the Founder and CEO, Kim Simmonds.

Law 365’s Legal-as-a-Service (LaaS) model has been a great success among Microsoft Partners because of its unique combination of specialization, affordability and client service. Part of its success is owed to the Microsoft Technologies that the firm has embraced to offer real-time legal advice, enhanced communication and efficient processes. The clients love the business model which emulates their own way of selling and billing – Software as a Service (Saas).

Kim Simmonds – a mindful leader

Being a mindful leader is a critical element in Kim’s success. Mindfulness isn’t a skill we were taught in school and not a practice often associated with the legal profession. So to hone these skills, which Kim takes seriously, Kim has started an “Inner MBA” course at New York University with other mindful CEOs to learn the elements of great leadership.  

Kim applies what she learns at NYU to every aspect of the business, but especially the wellbeing practices of the firm such as the daily led meditation by Kim for all staff.

If it all feels a bit zen for a law firm, it’s important to point out that mindful leadership is successful leadership. Last year, while many businesses faltered, Kim Simmonds quadrupled the number of clients on the Law 365 books – from 11 to 40 – and increased her team from 3 to 14 (which continues to increase even now). She also added an employment practice to compliment her commercial offering and has won numerous awards.

What makes Law 365 unique?

  • Our ‘Forever Promise’ to our clients. We sell our legal services as a subscription for members, like Spotify or Netflix. Clients pay a flat monthly fee tied to tangible results instead of the minute-counting that comes with the old law firm model of billable hours. Our clients love this as they have a fixed price every month, no surprises.
    How it works: At the beginning of our relationship with each client we make a commitment to them which we call our “Forever Promise.” We promise that we will work with them to make sure their business is in the best possible shape and has a solid foundation for sustainable growth. As American Express articulated in their famous ad campaign, “Membership has its privileges.” As well as providing excellent and specialist legal advice, our subscription membership includes a “Book club” for 40+ of our client members, which has been so popular we’ve received requests to be added to the list. We are also expanding the member privileges to include coaching and networking opportunities where Microsoft partners can mentor each other as their businesses grow.
  • Law 365 is a happy place to work. Kim Simmonds doesn’t just want to be disruptive in the way law firms work with clients, she wants to be disruptive in the way employees are treated too – employee engagement is her main KPI. She provides every employee with an Executive Performance coach, for two hours, every month. There are team coaching sessions too, yoga and meditation weekly, and special treats like gong baths, chocolate making and cooking classes. When the country went into lockdown last year, she sent food and wellness care packages to all her staff at home. Happiness and wellbeing are the heart of the business.
  • Law 365 works exclusively for Microsoft Partners. We know our clients’ businesses as well as they do, and sometimes we know it better because it’s rare there’s an issue we haven’t seen before. We act as advisors not just lawyers, helping their businesses to grow with less risk.

What have been the firm’s key achievements over the past 12 months?

  • We’re growing fast. Law 365 has quadrupled in size during the pandemic lockdown. We’ve grown from 3 employees to 14 and from 10 clients to more than 40.
  • We launched our employment practice last August, which has been an instant success. It’s the perfect complement to our existing commercial services and has really been essential for our clients as they navigate challenges like Covid, Brexit and IR35.
  • Our Executive Performance Coach has come on board full-time, which Kim sees as cementing the foundations of the wellbeing goals she has for her staff.

Looking ahead

At the moment Kim is focussed on changing the business model – implementing our subscription model pricing and creating a true member organisation where clients feel inspired and delighted by our service. This is like nothing else in the legal market. What we offer is a true gamechanger for our clients – they get our expertise in an easy to use, and easy to buy, format and become part of an incredible membership of their peers.

We are also developing technology to enhance our services. Law 365 is developing some incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which will come to the market in the next few years and will be available for our existing clients before that.

We also recruiting and growing fast so that we can support the demand from Microsoft Partners.

What our client’s say about Law 365

“We were looking for a modern and innovative legal firm with a deep understanding of the complexities of the technology world. The on-boarding process was very efficient and incredibly fast, with a series of agreed tasks and activities underway within a few days. Law 365’s commercial models were flexible and fitted our requirements perfectly.”

Scott Dodds, CEO at Ultima Business Solutions

“Having a legal partner in Law 365 has given us the solid foundations to not only have great contracts and agreement templates to support our growth, but legal experts on hand who understand our industry and how Microsoft partners work with customers. As part of the partnership with Law 365, they took the time out to learn about our team and the customers we have and conducted an audit to identify any areas for immediate attention. They then provided us with recommendations and walked us through the contract documents provided through a client portal and clearly explained what we should using when and what to look out for in any contracts supplied to us by customers. If you’re a Microsoft partner looking to have a stable foundation with contracts that protect your future, then Silicon Reef would recommend you speak to Law 365 today.”

Alex Graves, Co-Founder of Silicon Reef

“We chose Law 365 to help us because they’re specialists in Microsoft contracts, Microsoft Partners and the IT/Software channel.  It’s been fantastic, they’re always there when we need them.”

Nicole Hill, Sales Operations Manager at Grey Matter 

“Kim and her team are absolute professionals. Over the past four years Kim has worked on some complex multi service projects and helped to negotiate and close them. Her attention to detail is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim or any of her team.”

Simon Maddock, Business Director at Content + Cloud 

“I’ve relied extensively on Kim and the team as we standardise our paperwork across our customer base. The team are very responsive to my requests and always manage to deliver within the agreed timeframes. Law 365 have been a great business for us to partner with.”

Kieran Sutherland, Commercial Lead at COEO

Firm Description:

We know what Microsoft Partners want in a modern law firm

We asked 50 CEOs of Microsoft Partners and leading tech firms and they told us that the traditional legal model was broken.

Just like you, they don’t want billing by the minute, tons of legalese or overly complex agreements. And they certainly don’t want sky-high legal bills that are hard to budget for. We know there’s a better way. We’ve got what you need.

At Law 365, our technology solicitors are different. We know that you don’t want boring, stuffy lawyers. That’s why we pride ourselves on hiring the brightest and friendliest staff, who are coached in providing exceptional client service. The Law 365 team are experts in commercial contract negotiation and they are approachable, principled and have an unrivalled passion for the technology industry.