Kerry Chrysiliou
Name: Kerry Chrysiliou
Firm Name: Chrysiliou IP and ChrysLegal
Jurisdiction: Australia
Practice Area: IP Litigation Law

Telephone: (613) 9664 9999
Fax: (613) 9664 9900

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Professional Biography:

Kerry is a co-founder and managing principal of Chrysiliou IP, which has a principal focus on all aspects of intellectual property. She is a Solicitor and a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney in Australia and New Zealand. A Bachelor of Science graduate (majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry), she has specialised in patent, trade mark and litigation matters since 1969.

Kerry has authored intellectual property presentations and articles in Australia and overseas. Kerry also heads the litigation team in Chrysiliou Lawyers, a division of ChrysLegal, where she acts in major intellectual property litigation matters before the Federal Court and High Court. ChrysLegal is involved in litigation matters in a number of Australian States. Kerry has been highly recommended to clients by senior counsel and has acquired a substantial reputation in the intellectual property litigation field.


Chrysiliou IP and ChrysLegal  (“the Group”):

The Group occupies a niche in the Australasian intellectual property field by bringing specialist knowledge of intellectual property, consumer law and technology law into the practice provided by patent and trade mark attorneys and lawyers. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne it represents clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea with members of the Group admitted to practice in such countries.

The Group dates back to1987 when CMC intellectual property lawyers was founded by Andros Chrysiliou and Kerry Chrysiliou who had for many years before such time occupied senior partner positions in one of Australia’s largest Firms.  With careers dating back to 1970, Andros and Kerry used a wealth of knowledge and experience upon which to build the solid foundations of the Group, which has worked hard to establish a reputation for outstanding services in Australia and overseas.

The law firm in its initial years came to prominence with its successful handling of significantly important contentious matters.  These matters had been transferred to the Firm’s care by large US multi-national corporations and local companies who had faith in the Firm.

The Group has a strong team of experts in its patent and trade mark attorney and litigation practices, offering a range of specially designed services in the intellectual property law and related practice fields. These specialised services include reviewing the management of clients’ intellectual property portfolios, creating a master plan for effective protection and been in a position to the in the best possible position should litigation becomes necessary or is encountered.

Security and confidentiality is an ethical requirement of the Group and it protects client’s confidential information as if it is our own and this is important when litigation proceedings are on the radar. Using conflict management tools members of the Group has managed to settle numerous matters with favorable outcomes and avoiding the need for costly litigation.

Kerry has played a leading role in establishing such structure for the Group, as well as diligently working around the clock in leading the way in giving clients the best possible attention to their intellectual property litigation and providing the best prospects for success.

Kerry is a director in a top level professional rugby league team and has been actively involved in the activities of the team and its governing body. Kerry is also a director of a horse racing and breeding company. Her commercial experiences at board level have been passed onto the Group in providing a better understanding of what are critical factors for businesses in conflict matters.

Creativity and new ideas lie at the heart of every successful new venture.  These intangible rights need to be legally protected by experts in order to avoid costly adverse consequences down the track. It is all part of a successful anti-litigation plan and the Group has the patent and trade mark attorney and lawyer team of technically literate and experienced professionals to do that and they  not only think outside the box, but examine all cavities within the box.