Name: Kenta Ikebe
Firm Name: Meilin International Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Japan
Practice Area: White-Collar Crime Law

Telephone: 092-736-1550
Fax: 092-736-1560

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Kenta Ikebe as our exclusively recommended White Collar Crime Law expert in Japan. If you wish to get in touch with Kenta, please use the contact information provided above.

Kenta Ikebe (Meilin International Law Firm) handles all aspects of corporate legal affairs, including the development of corporate structures, back-up of legal staff, training lecturers and crisis response, with a focus on white collar crime, labour law, personal data protection and other legal matters. He provides easy-to-understand explanations and services to company personnel and managers on specialised fields for a wide range of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises and companies outside Japan.

Kenta is the author of the book ‘ Illustrated Introduction to Business – The Latest Power Harassment Prevention Law Measures ‘.

He is graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 2008 and from the University of Tokyo Law School (J.D.) in 2010.

Kenta has been registered as a lawyer in December 2012 and worked at Meilin International Law Office, which mainly serves corporate clients and provides comprehensive legal services, including international legal affairs.

Kenta has been a partner at Meilin International Law Office since 2019.

In addition, he is currently an external director of a company and a board member of a school corporation.

Main handling fields

  • Contract creation / contract negotiation agency
  • Inheritance / will support
  • Support for building a corporate structure
  • Public relations case
  • Corporate control dispute
  • Mental health related work
  • Intellectual property rights related legal affairs
  • Criminal case
  • SME-related legal affairs
  • Foreigner case
  • Personnel / labor management
  • Responding to consumer issues
  • Responding to labor issues
  • Startup legal affairs
  • Membership of professional institutions
  • Member of Fukuoka Bar Association
  • Member of the International Committee
  • Member of the SME Legal Support Center

Firm Description:

Meilin International Law Firm is an international law firm, which provides comprehensive legal services in numerous areas. We have domestic offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and overseas offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam, and are contemplating additional locations as our business expands. We work as specialty teams of lawyers and paralegals to provide appropriate legal services for foreign individuals and enterprises intending to reside, invest, or conduct business in Japan.

We are capable of communicating in English, Chinese, and Japanese. We have extensive knowledge of global business transactions across a wide range of legal services. We also provide assistance for individuals who seek to secure residence in Japan. In addition to general business experience, our expertise encompasses real estate, M&A, IT and content-related fields. We can respond promptly to the various needs of clients investing in Japan. To date, we have executed Advisory Contracts with more than 300 companies, and we continue to work with many of them on a long-term basis. We are newly entrusted with about 400 cases each year.