Name: K. Kelly Nottage
Firm Name: Sovereign Advisors
Jurisdiction: Bahamas
Practice Area: Company Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses K. Kelly Nottage as our exclusively recommended Company Law expert in the Bahamas. If you wish to get in touch with K. Kelly, please use the contact information provided above.

Mr. Nottage is a Barrister-at-law and a founding Partner of Sovereign Advisors Bahamas. Prior to forming Sovereign Advisors, Mr. Nottage was manager and head of the LATAM Desk at one of the oldest trust companies in The Bahamas. During his six years as a trust officer and manager, Mr. Nottage was responsible for the structuring and administration of trusts, foundations, funds and other fiduciary products primarily for Latin American clients. Drawing from his legal training and practical experiences applying the law to real life situations, Mr. Nottage is well versed in financial and corporate services law. He advises Family Offices, Trustees, Broker Dealers, Developers and Others on licensing, tax, operational substance and structuring matters within The Bahamas. 

Mr. Nottage currently serves as a Director of the Central Bank of the Bahamas and he is a former Director of Bahamasair Holdings Ltd., the national airline of The Bahamas. He also serves as the CEO and Director of Sovereign Advisors & Partners Limited, a regulated and licensed multi family office and financial services firm.  

 A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Canada and Worcester College, University of Oxford, Mr. Nottage began his legal career as a pupil and Associate at a top tier Bahamian law firm where he practiced in its Litigation, Banking and Trust practice groups. He is admitted to the Bars of England and Wales and The Bahamas and he is a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. 


  • Lakefield College School; Ontario, Canada, 2000
  • University of Western Ontario, (BA Hons. Political Science & Philosophy) 2004
  • Worcester College, University of Oxford (BA Theology) 2006
  • Oxford Brookes University (PGDip Law) 2007
  • BPP Law School, (Bar Vocational Course – Very Competent) 2008
  • Worcester College, University of Oxford (MA Theology) 2017


  • The Bahamas, 2008
  • England and Wales, 2008


  • Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
  • The Bahamas Bar Association
  • International Bar Association

Firm Description:

Mission Statement

At Sovereign Advisors we are dedicated to providing you, the Client, with incomparable service aimed at directly meeting your needs and helping you to achieve your ultimate goal(s). In this way we are “Service Driven”.

What does it mean to be ‘Service Driven’?

Our service driven approach means that we put a premium on understanding the Client’s end goals and offer the best solutions tailored to each Client’s specific needs. We do not believe that ours is a “one size fits all” business and eschew cookie cutter solutions to problems. While the root of a problem may be common to many Clients, our experience has taught us that its effects on each are almost never exactly the same. Our small size, experience, and network of service partners allow us the flexibility and agility to offer high value tailored solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. This is the essence of being “Service Driven”.

How are we different?

We value being a consistent and reliable source of advice and service to our Clients. We will never take on a project we are ill equipped to handle. Our size allows for us to be nimble and flexible in service and our relationships allow us to tap into high quality professional expertise in areas that we may not have specific competency. We do not claim to have a monopoly on solutions but we do have the relationships, experience and competency to create and implement the best ones for you. If ever there were a matter that was outside of the scope of our particular expertise we are happy to refer you to and/or assemble and work with the best team possible to meet your goals and needs. This is how being service driven differentiates us.


Sovereign Advisors was founded to provide families, small businesses and individuals with the hands on, time valued services and assistance that larger, less nimble and volume driven service providers are unable to provide. With combined experience in excess of 20 years in legal practice, financial services and corporate structuring, we found that there was an appetite for an egoless, service driven, and solution focused approach to legal advice and financial and corporate services in The Bahamas. Our clients are individuals, family offices, financial service providers, and small businesses that place a premium on relationships, integrity and quality solutions. 

In a short period of time we have partnered and established relationships with like-minded service providers to provide a broad spectrum of services to our clientele. Through Twenty One  Corporate Management, an independent and licensed corporate service provider, we cater to clients who require personalized asset and corporate structuring services.  As we grow and develop, we will seek to add further strategic partnerships and relationships in order to ensure that the best products and services are available to our clients. 

Trusts & Foundations

Planning to pass on wealth to the next generation can be a very personal and intimate process. It is imperative that your advisors have a firm understanding of your needs and goals in this regard. At Sovereign we know this process well and appreciate its intricacies. We advise local and international clients on this process and have extensive experience working across borders and jurisdictions with other client advisors to obtain the best solutions available.

Our team have the unique advantage of having both legal and practical experience in the formation and administration of trusts and other fiduciary products such as foundations, private trust companies, Bahamas Executive Entities and others. Having spent years administering these products, we understand the many dynamics at play and as a result we are better placed than most to advise Trustees, Settlors, Beneficiaries and Protectors on all aspects of the creation and administration of trusts, including:

  • Asset Protection
  • Distributions & Accounting
  • Investment powers & oversight
  • Exercise of powers
  • Drafting of Deeds of Release & Indemnity
  • Drafting of Trustee Resolutions & Minutes
  • Deeds of Amendment & Variation

Protector Advice & Services

A Protector of a Trust plays a unique role in the trust’s administration in that they are often a trusted party whose advice is relied upon by the Settlor, Beneficiary and Trustee alike. As such, it’s important that Protectors have solid independent legal advice in the exercise of their duties under the trust. Our team’s experience with administering trusts holds us in good stead when we advise Protectors on the exercise of their powers under a Trust. We advise Protectors on matters including:

  • Powers of Distribution
  • Powers of Investment
  • Powers to add/remove Beneficiaries
  • Powers to loan proceeds from Trust

Additionally, we provide a select few clients with professional services for those looking for an experienced and independent Protector with integrity.