José Manuel Velderrain Sáenz
Name: José Manuel Velderrain Sáenz
Firm Name: Velderrain Sáenz y Asociados S.C.
Jurisdiction: Mexico
Practice Area: Accounting Services, Audit & Assurance Services

Telephone: 2978 - 0007

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Professional Biography:

Dr. José Manuel Velderrain Sáenz has a Fiscal Sciences Ph. D. and an International Taxes Master Degree. He is a founder partner and CEO at Velderrain Sáenz & Asociados, S.C. He is also a professor of Tax Strategy and International Taxes in Master Degree courses at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and the Universidad Panamericana, as well as a lecturer on tax matters at the Mexican College of Public Accountants and de Tax Administration Service (SAT, after its acronym in Spanish). He is a member of the Tax Investigation Technical Commission at the above mentioned Mexican College of Public Accountants, a member of the Committee of Elaboration and Validation of Questions for the Uniform Professional Certification Exam and of the Committee of Validation of Structure of the Certification Exam, on Prevention of Money Laundering, at the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants. He is a member of the Mexican Republic Employer’s Confederation (COPARMEX, by its acronym in Spanish) Mexico City tax commission; titular syndic before the SAT, based in Mexico City, and a collaborator on tax matters on various TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, as well as at various panels and conferences at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Universidad Panamericana, Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México, Secretaria de Economía, Instituto Nacional de Emprendedores and Instituto Politécnico Nacional.

Firm description

Velderrain Sáenz y Asociados S.C. is a Mexican firm specialized in audit, tax consulting, compliance, accounting and appraisal corporate services, which services national and international companies. We distinguish ourselves for the personalized attention, legal certainty, comprehensive advice, continuous updating and high level commitment to our clients.

The capacity to provide comprehensive advice, thanks to our interrelated corporative services, has turned us into providers and undisputed copartners of the success of many of our clients. In order to be up-to-date, we permanently train the firm’s professionals, which has allowed us to help our clients to face the constant changes in legislation and the way to do business, today.

Our practice areas comprise:

1) Accounting
2) Audit
3) Compliance
4) Appraisal

We are specialized in helping the incorporation of subsidiaries of multinational firms, in Mexico, foreign representation offices, large and medium sized national businesses and companies in the incubation or acceleration phase, with scalable projects.