John J. Camozzi
Name: John J. Camozzi
Firm Name: Bay Venture Law
Jurisdiction: USA - California
Practice Area: International Business Law

Telephone: 925 482-1880
Fax: 925-482-1877

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Professional Biography:

Sometimes a business may find itself in an an unfamiliar position of growth or of transition into a challenging new phase of the business or product life-cycle.  John holds an MBA in international management with an emphasis in banking and has been called upon by his clients to provide leadership to create and preserve shareholder wealth while helping the ownership and management teams grow into the company.  His business experience includes:

  • President of technology driven industrial materials handling equipment company managing growth from startup to $15M in two-years and $50M in four-years.
  • President of industrial sales company responsible for the wholesale trading of industrial equipment, recovered recyclable industrial metals and precious metals.
  • President of corporate aircraft holding company responsible for fleet of business jets including acquisition, acquisition financing, FAA registrations and compliance, dry leasing, time-share leasing, flight log audits, tax reporting and audits, pilot and maintenance crews, hangar leasing and jet engine maintenance service plans.
  • Board member appointed by technology partner in multiple joint venture operating partnerships with public companies and private equity firms in automobile and electronic scrap recycling and landfill reclamation projects.
  • Interim Chair of cash-flow insolvent party-plan merchandising company in managing the company through a liquidity event to protect over 8,500 jobs across the United States and Canada, conducting the acquisition transaction, winding up all international operations, and returning capital to the shareholders on dissolution.


Bay Venture Law builds and grows privately held companies. We focus on the business and legal affairs of early stage, growth and middle market companies with an emphasis on complex business transactions in the fields of industrial recycling, clean energy and disruptive technologies. We understand the nuanced interrelationships of ownership, finance, management and operations. Our unique combination of business and legal expertise enables us to build lasting relationships, manage risk and create wealth.