John Fleming
Name: John Fleming
Firm Name: Densborn Blachly LLP
Jurisdiction: USA - Indiana
Practice Area: Banking & Finance Law

Telephone: +1 317 669 0128

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Professional Biography:

John Fleming is an experienced business attorney representing banks, companies, and investors. For over a decade, John has advised clients on critical financial transactions and commercial law matters. Johns deep experience in financial transactions includes commercial finance, secured transactions, asset based loans, multi-lender transactions, real estate finance, mezzanine lending, distressed loans, work-outs, and private equity transactions. John also has extensive experience with business combinations, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and dispositions.

John thrives on challenging transactions that require creativity, innovation, and grit. He recently completed several transactions that required him to work closely with management to develop novel business, financial, and legal solutions. Solutions that were critical to successful outcomes. Each transaction was fast-paced and complicated structurally and legally.

Johns philosophy is to use practical legal solutions to achieve efficient and effective results for clients. He seeks to understand each clients goals, business, and industry in order to better serve and anticipate client needs. John represents clients in the following industries (among others): banking, finance, technology, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, and health care.


  • A Refreshing Alternative

The legal profession is experiencing wrenching change. The future belongs to those nimble enough to adapt. Technology is diffusing the old storehouses of legal expertise. Innovation is occurring in small labs without any surrender to mediocrity. The future clearly belongs to those who can best acquire, retrieve and apply knowledge. Still, “growth for growths sake” is pursued as a strategy. The bureaucratic onset and constant tumult that follow tend to shift attention inward, away from client service. Driving statistics, rather than creating client value, too often becomes the order of the day. Densborn Blachly provides a refreshing alternative. It offers the expertise that business clients demand without the baggage that they abhor.

  • A Next Generation Approach

Just as law schools divide the law into courses, law firms divide into narrow enclaves of expertise. But the problems and projects of business clients never present in a vacuum or are so neatly packaged. Densborn Blachly believes that differentiating service requires a more holistic approach. Its value proposition is experienced legal judgment leavened by a passion for business success. Out of shared passion, enduring relationships develop, and clients are better served. Thus, Densborn Blachly is mission-driven to ensure that its lawyers are well-grounded in the science of business and well-rounded in the practice of law—able to quickly grasp, at least rudimentarily, the clients business and its position in the industry it serves.

  • A Laser-Focus on Business

Densborn Blachly is proud to serve the Midwestern business community. Midwesterners are independent, competitive, practical and productive. They innovate before they realize they do. They esteem pedigree not nearly as much as getting the job done. Densborn Blachly is of the same ilk. At Densborn Blachly, innovation occurs in the field and on the fly. Practical solutions are found in places previously unexplored. Client interests are protected against underappreciated risks. Desired outcomes are reached through tenacious pursuit. Densborn Blachly lawyers know how to work hard with intuition, creativity and effectiveness honed over decades of experience. And they relish the competition of it all — just as their clients do.