Joan Lluis Hereter
Name: Joan Lluis Hereter
Firm Name: Hyc Consulting
Jurisdiction: Spain
Practice Area: Accounting Services

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Professional Biography:


  • Accounting Degree, in the field of “Auditory “.
  • Business Administration Degree, in the field of “Enterprise Management”
  • Post degree in Auditory of Accounts.
  • Public Register of Auditors nº: 18.939.
  • Post degree in balances consolidation.


I’ve been working in different companies and activity sectors. Starting by a middle sized auditory firm, for almost 5 years, auditing companies from different activities like consumer goods and distribution (turnover 360M€), Press (270M€), Iron manufacturing (180M€), textile (90M€), and other smaller and inheritance.   After that, I moved on to the private companies, working as a Controller for one of the biggest Spanish Builder-Real Estate company, for 4 years. Then, I worked as a CFO-Country Manager for the Spanish subsidiary of an Industrial US Company with Head Office in Okala (Florida), and with presence around the entire world, for around 7 years. When I leaved the company, I joined to a Finance and Mortgage Broker Group, as its Corporative Finance Director, for just 2 years. Within my stage in the US Company, I founded H&C Consulting Empresarial with the intention of keeping in contact with other finance professionals in order to provide finance and accountancy support to small and middle size companies.

Currently, I’m focussed on this firm, being partner of another audit and tax firm, with strong collaborations with many other professional and very experienced finance, tax, lawyers and audit firms and specialists. The services the firm currently is able to provide, with a great quality in our work, technical knowledge of the specialists involved and an individual treatment to our customers as our core principles according to the international standards of our firm, are the following:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Audit
  • Internal Control Analysis
  • Limited Review and Due Diligence
  • Organizing Consulting
  • Outsourcing of Internal Audit
  • Outsourcing of Finance Management
  • Transfer pricing
  • Corporate Income Tax / Tax Consulting
  • International VAT Consulting/VAT Processing
  • Tax representatives


We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals who provide services to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, providing comprehensive advice and support.

We define ourselves as an organization clearly professional with extensive experience in financial management, both in national and international environments. We are interested in providing our customers the best solutions, at all times, ensuring a technical, personal and professional quality service.