Name: Jeana L. Goosmann
Firm Name: Goosmann Law Firm
Jurisdiction: USA - South Dakota
Practice Area: Antitrust Law

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Professional Biography:

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Attorney, CEO, Founder, and Managing Partner in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota

Attorney Jeana Goosmann is the CEO’s Attorney and personally acts as general counsel to company presidents, CEOs, and corporate executives. As the Founder, CEO and Managing Partner of the Goosmann Law Firm, she knows what it takes to start a business and grow it from the ground up. Jeana’s a lawyer who thinks like a CEO and business owner because she’s lived it, been there, and gets it. Clients who work with Jeana experience a business legal partner at their side with a full law firm to tackle all legal matters. After becoming an entrepreneur and starting the firm in 2009, she’s grown the firm successfully at a rapid pace and built a client experience that’s like no other law firm. Everyday Jeana lives out the firm’s mission, making it “worth it” for her clients, employees, friends, and family.

Her fierce legal business and litigation experience with Midwest values allows Jeana to guide CEOs through their most important legal matters, helping them make the wisest business decisions the law can offer. This makes Jeana’s legal advice sought after by the most successful CEOs. Her clients include large national corporations as well as local closely-held companies and family-owned businesses of all sizes. Jeana has represented clients on Forbe’s billionaire’s list, Senators in trial, and companies involved in anti-trust class action, toxic tort, business fraud, piercing the corporate veil, adversary proceedings, mass product recall, breach of contract, explosion litigation and business torts. Jeana also helps out-of-state lawyers with transactions and litigation in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. If you’re stuck in multi-million dollar business deals, bogged down by legal disputes, losing cash flow, tangled in contracts, and getting headaches from troubled employees, Jeana is ready to work for you – worth it! Call Jeana now.

As a business and trial attorney Jeana loves to win. She looks for out of the box solutions and keeps in mind the total landscape, not just the legal landscape. “If it matters to the client, it matters to me. Behind every company is an owner, a board of people. When I represent an individual I want to know them as a person and not just their current problem. The more complicated and complex the problem, the more I like to work on it. At the same time, if I can pull from my connections and experience and help someone in a quick and simple way it is always gratifying. My favorite part of being the CEO’s attorney is the impact I can make on the future by solving problems today and anticipating the issues of tomorrow,” says Jeana.

Over the years Jeana has defied the risks of starting her own firm. Jeana says, “I took a calculated risk when I started the Goosmann Law Firm and branched out to form a business focused modern client centered law firm that is the firm today. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, it was a difficult decision because my current situation was a good one and a safe one. I just knew I wanted more.”

Jeana’s hard work over the past 20 years has not gone unnoticed. She put herself through college on academic and leadership scholarships and a full academic scholarship to law school. After law school, Jeana worked to build her legal skill and put in more than 15,000 hours before taking the leap to bring her unique vision to life. Jeana knew that nothing replaces drive and hard work – only passion fuels it. When Jeana started the firm and began hiring high paid educated attorneys to work for her, she was concerned about cash flow just like any other new business owner. Jeana had a vision and sold it to her team early on.

Jeana is heavily involved with the media and is regularly seen on news outlets as a legal correspondent, including NBC, ABC, CBS, The Des Moines Register, and Argus Leader. Jeana is a prolific speaker achieving top marks and has been a national and state presenter at conferences including the American Bar Association, Annual Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute Conference, National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, Iowa State Bar Association, Iowa State University Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, American Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division National Meeting, American Bar Association Law Practice Management Spring Meeting, and Prairie Family Business Association Annual Meeting. Jeana is a former Iowa State Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division President and the 2002 recipient of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Outstanding Scholar Award. She has achieved the Martindale AV-Rated Attorney for Legal Excellence and Ethics and has been named a Super Lawyer.

Jeana is an author of Marketing Success: How Did She Do That?, American Bar Association 2015, and has been published in The Woman Advocate and ABA Corporate Counsel news. She also writes the CEO Law Review blog, publishing multiple articles each month and has been a past author and contributor for JD Supra.

Today, Jeana has grown the firm to include locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. She has watched her vision come to life, and wants to help you do the same for your company – no matter the size. Whatever your business goals and challenges may be, Jeana can help you overcome them without losing sight of your overall vision. She keeps your goals top of mind and creates the strategy to solve your biggest business and legal issues so you can worry less, and focus more on the things that matter most to you – worth it.

Practice Areas

  • Business
  • Business Disputes and Litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Creditor Bankruptcy
  • Commercial Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law
  • Employment
  • Real Estate

Firm Description:

Having left an established 100-year-old law firm, Jeana Goosmann had a vision and defied the risks of starting her own firm. Initially, Jeana had enough work to hire multiple attorneys, however, she opted to hire only one lawyer and an assistant. Then came the rebranding, which she refers to as one of her best investments to date. This rebranding decision helped to define Goosmann Law Firm and what it was about, attracting clients and team members. As a result, Jeana hired up to seven attorneys and eight non-attorney staff just five years later.

Jeana’s priority has been about creating a firm culture centered around Midwest values, big city style, hometown service, team-approach, and keeping up with the pace of business. Now having grown to three locations in the Midwest, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha, Jeana continues to grow the firm without plans of stopping anytime soon. She says, “With a business mindset, hiring and promoting the right people, developing a strong professional culture, and capturing hot markets, I have been able to beat the odds, defy the risks, and watch my firm grow.”