Jana Fráňová
Name: Jana Fráňová
Firm Name: Law Office JUDr. Jana Fráňová
Jurisdiction: Czech Republic
Practice Area: Inheritance Law

Telephone: +420 222 315 494
Fax: +420 222 315 494
Email: jana@akfranova.eu

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Professional Biography:

The Law Office JUDr. Jana Fráňová is a dynamic law firm based on long-term and wide-range experience of law application in national and supranational scale.

Our law office is focused on provision of legal services and legal advising in the field of classical branches of law. Primarily, we provide our clients with legal advising in the commercial law sector, with specific concentration on law of unfair competition, law of business organisations, including mergers, law of obligations etc., and, of course, corporate law, including foundation and management of corporations and – today also very topical – trademarks law. We are prepared to provide Czech and foreign entrepreneurs with a long-term comprehensive legal service, taking care of legal matters of the whole business, including labour-law issues, representation in tackling statutory matters before public authorities etc. Together with the cooperating office of tax advisors, we are able to supplement our legal services also with tax and accounting issues.

In the field of Civil Law, our law office has long-term experience in the law of personality protection and intangible values of corporations, law of contracts and obligations, legal relations to real estates and inheritance. We also provide comprehensive legal service in the sector of family law including the family law with an international element.

Our clients can also draw on our many-year experience in the sector of mass media law, in particular in the law of press media, including vast experience from practice in court in the field of Press Act.

Within the framework of our legal services, our clients are also provided with legal representation before courts of all instances, or arbitration bodies. We speak Czech, English and Italian. We can render legal services through specialised interpreters also in German, Spanish, French and Russian.

The founder and the main representative of the law office, JUDr. Jana Fráňová, is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague and has been working in advocacy uninterruptedly since 1993. She has also gained experience from her short-term study stays at Italian faculties of law in Perugia and in Catania. The topic of her university thesis was “Legal Regulation of Business Companies in Italian Law“. She also studied Italian language at the State Language School in Prague, in 1991 she successfully passed the state exam in Italian language and in 1995 she was appointed by the Regional Court in Prague as a certified sworn interpreter.

JUDr. Jana Fráňová, attorney-at-law, worked for more than ten years as a legal advisor for the supranational holding operating on the mass media market, gaining unique experience in the sector of press law, as well as corporate law, cooperating also with representatives of hotel chains and travel industry.

The attorney JUDr. Jana Fráňová is a renowned expert in the sector of sports law, with focus on utilisation of personality rights of sportsmen, advertising in sports and marketing law, statutory law of civil associations and business companies operating in the sector of sports. Since 1999, she has been closely cooperating with leading representatives of Czech football, with a renowned Czech football club, with a high-profile holding company conducting the activity of managers and agents in the field of sports ( especially football and ice hockey ) and sports marketing, and she has been representing also professional football players. Since 2001, she has been a member of regular advisory boards of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, in 2006 she was appointed to its legislative board. On a long-term basis, she renders legal services to foreign entities, predominantly Italian corporations and individuals, including legal representation before courts, and within the framework of cooperation with several Italian law offices she also provides legal service to Czech individuals or corporations in Italy, including not only the legal representation in civil-law matters, but also foundation and administration of business companies in Italy.