Name: Ingvild Ombudstvedt
Firm Name: IOM Law
Jurisdiction: Norway
Practice Area: Environmental Law

Telephone: +47 468 64 221

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Professional Biography:

Ingvild Ombudstvedt is a lawyer and economist, and the owner and founder of IOM Law. She has been working on legal issues relating to CO2 capture, utilisation and storage (CCS, CCU, and CCUS) and petroleum since 2012. Through her experience from Arntzen de Besche Law Firm (Oslo office), the Global CCS Institute (Brussels office) and IOM Law, she has gained extensive experience with these issues both nationally and internationally. She is also functioning as General Counsel for CO2 Capsol, a technology company focusing on capturing CO2 from industrial emissions and has been serving as both Chair person and member of the board on both a Norwegian and a Baltic organisation focusing on supporting stakeholders, projects and processes for full-scale deployment of CCS and CCUS as climate change mitigating technologies.

She has worked on projects under the Oil for Development Program, advising developing countries on petroleum law related issues and aiding in the development of regulatory framework. She has further gained experience developing and implementing regulatory framework for CCS, CCU, and CCUS, both nationally and internationally.

Ombudstvedt is appointed national expert by the Norwegian Mirror Committee as part of the ISO project TC265, which is established to negotiate and develop technical ISO standards for CCS and CO2-EOR (enhanced oil recovery, utilising CO2). Ombudstvedt is visiting researcher at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. She is also currently pursuing an LLM in US environmental, natural resources and energy law, at Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon.

Educational background

2003–2006 Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas (Norway) – Business Administration

2007–2011 University of Oslo (Norway) – Master of Law

2013 University of Oslo (Norway) – Petroleum Law

2013 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim (Norway) Nordic CCS Summer School

2015 University of Oslo (Norway) – International Environmental Law

2020-(current) Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon (USA) – LLM Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law

Firm Description

IOM Law is an Oslo-based boutique law firm, specialised in CCS, CCU, and CCUS. The firm was founded in early 2017 and has three employees. Collectively, the employees of IOM Law have a wide range of experience within high-level CCUS, energy, industry related projects, covering legal, regulatory, policy and commercial aspects. The team further has extensive experience within project management and business development.

Being involved in a broad specter of CCUS projects, the firm has established itself as an expert within the field of CCS and CCUS, advising both private and public stakeholders globally. The firm’s vision is to continue providing assistance in the development of a sustainable CCUS industry globally, as deployment and commercialisation of CCUS are crucial to one of the biggest challenges of our time; climate change.

Practice Areas

Carbon capture and storage

Public international law

International environmental law

Petroleum law

Public administrative law