Name: Giovanni Carlo Pisacane
Firm Name: GWA Greatway Advisory
Jurisdiction: China
Practice Area: International Arbitration Law

Telephone: +86 (0)21-33070001
Fax: +86 (0)21-63360003

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Giovanni Pisacane as our exclusively recommended International Arbitration Law expert in China. If you wish to get in touch with Giovanni, please use the contact information provided above.


Giovanni Pisacane is a business lawyer specializing in international practice. He has been practicing as a business lawyer since 1996 and has extensive experience in China’s civil and commercial law in arbitration and mediation. He completed a Masters in Private International Law at The Hague Academy in the Netherlands.

In 2004 he founded GWA, an international legal and tax consulting firm, in Shanghai. He was appointed as a Special Advisor for Italy-China business relations by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. Giovanni Pisacane has gained an extensive experience in assisting foreign investors with the set-up of Foreign-Invested Enterprises of which he has often been appointed as Supervisor or as member of the board of Supervisors.

Additionally, Giovanni Pisacane is a member of the panel of arbitrators of SHIAC (Shanghai International Arbitration Center) and VIAC (Vienna International Arbitral Centre), and is also a member of the ECLS (European China Law Studies Association), the IBA Arbitration Committee (International Bar Association) and the ICCA (International Council for Commercial Arbitration).

Firm Description:

We are an international consulting firm. We are a consulting firm that has been established in China in 2004, with headquarters located in downtown Shanghai, near People’s Square. We provide comprehensive legal and tax solutions to both multinational and Chinese companies in a wide range of cross-border and domestic transactions.

We are focused on our clients’ wishes and requirements and we support them using a step-by-step approach, providing high level consulting services, which focus on efficiently and effectively reaching solutions. Our International Team is committed to excellence and our Lawyers and Certified Public Accountants have strong professional backgrounds with specific expertise in law, tax and accounting. This specialization in practice areas guarantees the high quality of the service we provide.

We operate in China Mainland and Hong Kong, in the Middle East in cooperation with Izadi Law Firm, in Switzerland in cooperation with FLD Law Firm, in India in cooperation with Neeraj Bhagat & Co. and also in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and some further emerging countries in cooperation with DFDL

What We Do

Greatway Advisory (GWA) provides a wide range of professional services and support in the following areas:


With our multicultural team of Chinese, Italian and European lawyers we are committed to provide legal advices, professional opinions and prompt solutions to our clients in order to help them to achieve their goals. We provide our tailored services to assist our clients to face the complexities of the Chinese, European and Italian legal systems in order to allow them to better focus on their business operations.

The significant experience of our Partners with more than 15 years in China and of our staff, along with a deep knowledge of the laws, allows us to handle all aspects of complex domestic and cross-border corporate operations.


We support companies helping them in tax and compliance requirements in the Chinese landscape. Our team is composed by local and foreign professional with a deep understanding of China’s complex tax environments, as well as in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Our experienced team of accountants, tax advisors and CPA (Certified Public Accountants), can help on a wide spectrum of tax service areas across all major industries.

We assist clients in structuring a wide range of transactions, from international taxation to income taxes, transfer pricing, VAT, M&A as well as identify the best tax strategy and deal with the tax authorities.


We support companies in the Chinese landscape and we help them in meeting accounting and reporting requirements. Our team is composed by local and foreign professional with a deep understanding of China’s Accounting principles.