Name: Dr. Leandro Luzone
Firm Name: Luzone Legal
Jurisdiction: Brasil
Practice Area: Corporate Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Leandro Luzone as our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Luzone please use the contact information provided above.

Leandro Luzone is the founder of Luzone Legal, and a recognized legal expert in Civil and Corporate Law, Commercial and Business Law and in Private International Law.

In recent years, foreign clients have sought his opinion on various issues related to Brazilian Law. He has worked as a lawyer and legal advisor for several foreign companies and their affiliates with activity in Brazil and abroad.

Luzone is a World Bank collaborator in the area of corporate and investment law in Brazil, guiding the bank in the elaboration of the famous Doing Business report, which measures the regulation of the business environment in several countries around the world.

Luzone studied at The Hague Academy of International Law, in the Netherlands, and he is a member of the International Bar Association, based in London, England.

E-mail: leandro.luzone@luzonelegal.com

Ronaldo Barreto, Managing Director, WOM do Brasil

“I first met Leandro Luzone approximately 2.5 years ago when my division was looking for a local law firm to represent our organization in Brasil. Leandro was articulate, professional, and impressed upon me that he would have our organizations best interest in legal matters in a positive manner with good service. Leandro is very articulate and speaks extremely well. I have worked with him outside of our professional setting with the IADC in Macae where Leandro has served to promote our industry and further the organizations in Macae and Brazil. I have very much enjoyed working with him as he is a true professional.”

Fife Ellis, General Manager DQB

“I would like to wholeheartedly and strongly recommend Dr Luzone as a your first choice as legal representative. Over a period of 8 years we, as a company, and I, as an individual, have worked with Dr Luzone on various issues, Nationally and Internationally.
Dr Luzones’ knowledge, reliability, attention to detail, ability to communicate in a clear and concise fashion and overall his friendly and highly personable manner has made him a true “partner” during my time in Brasil.
He also possesses a large and varied group of business contacts within the Oil & Gas sector (to name but one industry) which he has built up and re-enforced over a period of years and therefore this acts as an desirable add-on benefit when dealing with him.
Due to industry downsizing I now no longer work in Brasil, however, should I return or should any of my business contact / colleagues be posted to Brasil in the future then I will be indicating Dr Luzone unreservedly to them as a trusted and respected lawyer.”

James Miller, Oil a& Gas Consultant.

“Leandro is an example of ethics, competence and diligence. He is a professional at the highest level of competence and knowledge, and even with all those high standards, still a humble professional, and person, that provide all the attention and support for his customers, with all the respect and professionalism required. An exemplar professional that I highly recommend! ”

Rodolfo Correa, Business Development Executive at RC CORREA Consulting

““If you need a lawyer that is not only intelligent, attentive, and hardworking but also a great advisor and friend. Reach out to Dr. Leandro he is the best in Macaé.”

Patrick Ribeiro, Country Manager at OES Asset Integrity Management

“Leandro Luzone has been acting for me for several years. He always conducts himself in a very professional manner in all matters, is extremely knowledgeable and is a credit the legal profession. His bilingual skills are excellent which makes communicating so much easier. I would highly recommend him for legal representation”

John Swingler, Owner, Blade Offshore Services Ltd

“Dr. Leandro, as an International lawyer and IADC Geral Secretary, has a strongly knowledge on Oil & Gas Industry. He is highly commited and extremally polite and proactive within perfect time, in Order to Solve all matter quickly and with excelent attention to his costumers and partners. I trust blindly in Dr. Leandro and always strongly recommend any time as need for partners and clients.”

Rosana Calicchio, Oil & Gas Consultant

“Having worked with Leandro in a number of roles over several years, I have found him to be credible, efficient and trustworthy – I would have no hesitation in recommending him for both personal and business legal services in Brazil.”

Jim Houlihan, Investor, engineer, operations leader supporting sustainable business development world-wide incl. Offshore Oil & Gas

“Leandro Luzone is an excellent and trustworthy professional who can provide sound advice on Brazilian law. He manages to explain the complex Brazilian legal system in clear concise terms that a regular businessman can understand. His multilingual skills make him an excellent choice for non Portuguese speakers.”

Tony Cox, Marine & Safety Consultant

“Leandro is an example of honesty, integrity and credibility. I have had the opportunity to work with him at IADC and his attention to detail, dedication and focus has helped us greatly in the activities of this group.”

Adriana Pais, Business Development Coordinator

Leandro, I want to take this time to recommend you for the excellent work you carried out for me during my time in Brazil.You have the up most professionalism and as a British person based in Brazil, your expertise in dealing with foreign nationals and the issues that comes within the process is second to none.”

Gordon Linden, Quality Assurance & control representative at TH Hill Associates, A Bureau Veritas Company.

“Dr Leandro has more recently been taken into my fold of reliable and trustworthy professionals; I have found him to be a responsive advisor in legal matters – more than a measure of good sense and understanding of the business of “doing business in Brazil” and a safe approach with advice on a variety of legal matters. I would strongly recommend Leandro – His English is great and he will certainly be off great assistance with the decisions you have to make. I am satisfied with what has been done by Dr Leandro and his law firm to date.”

Barrie Lloyd-Jones, President at SSE OFFSHORE AMERICA INC

“I have been using Leandro in different legal matters regarding my stays in Brazil. His performance are very good and he is detail-oriented regarding the situation he has been dealing with and produce great results for his clients. I can and will highly recommend Leandro and his company for any legal matters you or your company should need to solve.”

Arild Svendsen, Rig Manager