Name: Dr. Benno A. Packi
Firm Name: Adesse Anwälte
Jurisdiction: Germany
Practice Area: Real Estate Law

Telephone: +49 (0)30 34 74 34 10 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 34 74 34 10 20

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Benno Packi as our exclusively recommended Real Estate Law expert in Germany. If you wish to get in touch with Benno please use the contact information provided above.

Dr. Benno A. Packi advises clients on corporate and real estate transactions, project developments and from a legal perspective on financing. Dr. Packi advises stock corporations as well as medium-sized companies and successful start-ups on corporate and capital market law, restructuring measures including group law and transformation law, as well as foreign investors entering the German and European market.

In addition, Dr. Packi advises wealthy private individuals on corporate and asset succession, including foundation solutions.

Dr. Packi represents clients in litigation including arbitration, in particular in post-M&A disputes and in liability matters of managing directors.

His professional experience includes advising companies in the real estate, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, IT, energy, trade and logistics sectors.

Dr. Packi speaks German and English.

Practice Areas

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Financing and capital market law
  • Company law
  • Company and asset succession
  • Litigation and arbitration

Firm Description:

Adesse Anwälte is an independent law firm for German and international business law.

We help companies and institutions from Germany and abroad to solve complex legal challenges.

We advise successful companies, wealthy private individuals as well as start-ups, inter alia with the legal structuring of their company groups, legal structuring of investments or financing, development of brand strategies as well as all other legal matters with respect to the management and growth of a company.

Our clients have one thing in common: they move people, goods and services on a daily basis — on a regional, national or international level. In addition to legal precision, our clients expect their legal advisors to have industry- and subject-specific know-how, and the ability to think and act economically

Consistently aligned to these standards, we offer legal advice and representation with a personal touch.

According to the meaning of the Latin term adesse (sic. “to assist”) we strive for forward-looking as well as proactive services. We attach great importance to early investigation and evaluation of interactions between legal fields and legal systems. Each of us thinks and works in a network — pigeonhole thinking is not our way of thinking.

In this way, we can provide the best possible support for time-sensitive projects.

Not only do we have a strong understanding of the economic framework of the specific business, but it is also of importance to us to establish a stable, personal relationship of trust with our clients.

We think in a cross-disciplinary way: Our client’s request does not have to fit into a specific field of law. Many legal matters overlap different fields of law. Corporate law matters depend on the structure of the financing and vice versa. Contract law matters, for example, coincide with the enforcement of rights based of creative work resulting from trademark rights. Competition law also covers online competition, which in turn entails elements of general online law.

Our clients have a very specific goal. We advise them in a committed and comprehensive manner.