Name: Dr. Azab Alaziz Alhashemi
Firm Name: Omani & Partners LLP
Jurisdiction: Qatar
Practice Area: International Arbitration Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Azab Alaziz Alhashemi as our exclusively recommended International Arbitration Law expert in Qatar. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Azab, please use the contact information provided above.

Arbitrator and Expert in International Investment Law in MENA region & Expert and researcher in Arab arbitration laws. He has several books on comparative arbitration law and international research in this field.

He belongs to a large group of international institutions, federations and institutes in international arbitration around the world, and holds positions within the specialization in several countries, and has practiced arbitration in 154 cases around the world

He specializes in drafting and review of major construction contracts and practices the fields of International Investment Law and International Trade and Dispute Resolution.

He is regularly involved in cases arising from

  • International construction law,
  • State and private commercial investment agreements
  • Bilateral and multilateral international treaty negotiations and agreements
  • Public Private Partnership Contracts (PPP)
  • Concession, Partnership & Technology transfer contracts
  • Review and Scrutiny of oil and gas agreements (DPSA & EPSA Agreements)
  • He is renowned for his skills as a commercial negotiator, mediator, and arbitrator in Investment Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


  • Bachelor: Computer Science and Networking, 2006-2007. UTM
  • Masters: Integrity and protection of information – Information Security, 2008-2009.UTM
  • Doctorate: Management of Routing Information – Information Security, 2009-2010.UTM
  • British Board for Professional Engineers, CPE, Certified By British Board of Professional and Queen of Britain, ID: 421535. UK
  • British Board for Professional Information Technology Expert, CTIS, Certified By British Board of Professionals and Queen of Britain, ID: 836167. UK
  • British fellowship in Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified by British Fellowship Jury and Queen of Britain, ID: 239737.
  • Strategic Planning Foundations, LinkedIn .
  • Professional Networking and Influence,
  • Accelerating Your Career with Personal Branding,
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Introduction to ADR , Associated with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
  • FinTech Law and Policy ,DUKE University USA
  • Professionalism and ADR.The Florida Bar USA
  • Balancing Wellness and The Ever-Present Demands of Technology, The Florida Bar USA
  • Mediation Perspectives From Business Litigation to Bankruptcy ,The Florida Bar
  • Applying Project Management Principles to Arbitration Practice

Firm Description:

Omani & Partners LLP was established to serve the corporate law, property, and litigation requirements of businesses based in the State of Qatar and the whole world without distinction of religion, color, and gender.

As well as supporting companies and governments in domestic and international commercial contracts and providing all the expertise and legal assistance necessary to reach its customers to the top in dealing.

Omani & Partners always strives to improve the workflow and employees of the company, participate in local and international conferences and build the company’s international relations through its Choosing its experts and team based on their academic and professional specialisms and experience, and including university professors, judges, high ranked state lawyers and general counsels from major corporations and International arbitrators and mediators and international law activists in international courts in the United States of America and The Hague.

A developed team was formed in Omani & Partners that takes into account all future developments in the world.

Omani & Partners seeks to build the international relations of the company, including universities, courts, and international chambers of commerce, and to build a base for him in the development of law in the State of Qatar and the region as a whole.