Name: Dr. Ali Alrobayee
Firm Name: ASR Law Group LLC
Jurisdiction: Saudi Arabia
Practice Area: Environmental Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Ali Alrobayee as our exclusively recommended Environmental Law expert in Saudi Arabia. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Ali, please use the contact information provided above.

Dr. Ali Alrobayee is a Saudi legal advisor with a PhD from the US and LLM degree in Law, (international Trade) from the university of Queensland, Australia. Only BA degree from one of the leading Islamic universities in Saudi Arabia, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in (Shari ‘a Law).

His work experience started in 1998, involving various fields such as Tourism and Hospitalities, Health Services Management. He joined in association with Charles Russell LLP in 2012, and was appointed to run Alkhobar Branch (Eastern Province),KSA.

Dr. Ali Alrobayee’s area of practice is focused on litigation, foreign investment and I am specialized in the international trade law.

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  • Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University – juris doctorate International Law and Legal Studies A (2018 – 2021)
  • The University of Queensland – Master Degree in Law International Business, Trade, and Tax Law (2009 – 2011)
  • Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University – Bachelor Degree in Islamic Law Islamic Law Shar”a 4 (2005 – 2008)

Firm Overview:

ASRLAWGROUP LLC was founded by a group of highly experienced lawyers who have worked with some of the most prestigious law firms in Saudi Arabia. The firm provides clients with the best legal services possible, and its lawyers are known for their extensive legal knowledge and expertise. The firm is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients by providing them with personalized legal services tailored to their specific needs. On the other hand, Al Robaye Law Firm is one of the most respected law firms in Saudi Arabia for the past 15 years. The firm has a team of highly experienced lawyers who specialize in various areas of law, including commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, Criminal law, and litigation. The firm is known for its commitment to providing clients with high quality legal services and its ability to handle complex legal issues.

In 2022, ASRLAWGROUP LLC and Al Robaye Law firm have decided to go internationally by forming a recognized partnership which strengthened the firm’s position in the Saudi Arabian legal market. Both firms have combined their expertise and resources to provide clients with an exceptional legal service that meets their client’s needs. The partnership has also enabled both firms to expand their areas of practice and offer clients a broader range of legal services. This Unification of both legal entities has known as ASRLAWGROUP LLC and become one of the international leading law firms in Saudi Arabia. The firm is known for its exceptional legal services and commitment to delivering results. The firm has a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in various areas of law, including corporate law, commercial law, labor law, real estate law, and intellectual property law, among others. ASRLAWGROUP LLC provides clients with comprehensive legal advice and representation to ensure their legal interests are protected.