Didier Kabwela
Name: Didier Kabwela
Firm Name: DEL Partners
Jurisdiction: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Practice Area: Accounting Services

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Didier Kabwela as our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Democratic Republic of the Congo. If you wish to get in touch with Didier, please use the contact information provided above.


  • PhD student at the University of Mauritius, Cohort PHD. Thesis already submitted for correction
  • Master’s Degree in Management and Business Law (ISC/ UNIVERSITE DE LIEGE)
  • A Degree in Commercial Sciences, Major : Accounting (ISC / GOMBE)
  • Undergraduate diploma in Data Processing (ISIPA)

2019 : Visitor at the University Notre Dame du Kasai (UKA) in charge of the courses: Management Control, Budgetary Management and Financial Evaluation.

2016: Chartered Accountant approved by ONEC (Ordre National des Experts Comptables du Congo) : ONEC/EC/000270/16

2013 to present: Visitor at the Higher Institute of Commerce in charge of the courses: audit and accounting of microfinance institutions, financial analysis of microfinance institutions, audit practice, management control and long-term financial management

2007 : Liquidator of the company Inter Connect sprl (Internet Service Provider)

2008: Director of Flemingo International (Dubai – Jabel Ali Free zone)

2009: Liquidator of the GTV Company (a company specialising in cable television)

2009 -2012 : Director at FIBANK DRC SARL, and Vice -Chairman of the Board of Directors



  • Evaluation and implementation of the digital ecosystem in the democratic republic of the congo ( st paul édition, legal deposit NV3.01811-57-425)
  • FDI as a tool for modernizing taxation in africa, 26 october 2018, conference beyond tax policy, royal tropical institute amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Tax structure in the mining industry of the democratic republic of congo, conference CPA-EMEA, 16-17 May 2019, LISBON-Portugal

Firm Description:

Proximity, independence, honesty, efficacy and the observance of professional code of ethics, basic principles of our approach, guide the trust worthy relationships that we establish with our customers as part of our intervention.
We go along with them to see these principles be strictly applied and we help them better anticipate and control risks.

Thanks to their respective experience, the associates of the cabinet have a real aptitude to apprehend each customer with his particularity and the adaptability in his environment to seek for appropriate solutions with a view to meeting his needs.
Each customer being unique with each of his specific requests, the intervention teams are made up in order to combine at best different skills and experience.

A training policy goes on so as to settle firmly the permanent development of skills and experience.