Delcy Lagones de Anglim
Name: Delcy Lagones de Anglim
Firm Name: Third Party Mediation
Jurisdiction: Australia
Practice Area: Mediation Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Delcy Lagones de Anglim as our exclusively recommended Mediation Law expert in Australia. If you wish to get in touch with Delcy please use the contact information provided above.

Delcy Lagones de Anglim, mediator and lawyer, has more than 17 years experience mediating corporate, trade, property and family matters at both national and international levels.

Delcy is a lawyer and barrister qualified in the Civil Law system, and is a member of the ACT Law Society.

Delcy is one of Australia’s leading mediators.

Delcy’s wealth of experience in international trade law, commercial law and family law comes from her work in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has also completed post-graduate studies in arbitration, small business and development law in Europe.

Delcy is the foundation chairperson of the Mediation Working Group of the International Chamber of Commerce Australia (ICCA) and Managing Director of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre (ADRC) based in Canberra, member of the UNCITRAL Coordination Committee.

She is a mediator with the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACBC), an Advanced Mediator with LEADR (the Association of Dispute Resolvers) and a member of CIArb (the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London). She is one of the few IMI-accredited Australian mediators. The IMI (International Mediation Institute) in the Hague promotes high professional standards in mediation.

Delcy has lectured in alternative dispute resolution at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

She has been a Judge and a Mediator at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris since 2010.

Delcy was Legal Adviser to the Department of Justice for the development of compulsory conciliation legislation in Peru, after which she devised and conducted the training program for the first conciliation trainers and practitioners and wrote the text that is still used for conciliation training. She was also Foundation President of the Mediation Commission and Member of the Conciliation Commission of the Lima Bar Association and Foundation President of the National Association of Conciliation Centres of Peru.

Although Delcy has a legal background, she is a firm believer in alternative dispute resolution. She describes her mission as “to help clients anticipate problems, resolve differences or manage disputes quickly and economically”. Her objective when conducting alternative dispute resolution is to obtain practical, fair and workable solutions. Client feedback is very positive.

In order to achieve practical, fair and workable solutions, Delcy works with commercial clients to anticipate difficulties, address them in their contracts, write alternative dispute resolution clauses that work, negotiate issues and utilise alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid the more expensive and slow options of arbitration and court.

When dealing with family matters Delcy, who is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, focuses on the needs of any children and, only after dealing with those, property matters.

Conflict management is an evolving area of practice in which innovation and creativity are vital. Delcy was one of the first private practitioners in Canberra to train in child-inclusive mediation. After some years, she has developed a more holistic model to ensure that parents engaged in family disputes are supported and guided to implement their agreement and to improve their relationship as parents. As a member of the Steering Committee of the Family Law Pathways Network ACT, Delcy plans and organizes seminars and conferences within the sector.

Delcy has experience mediating workplace disputes: at universities; for government departments; for small and medium enterprises; and within her own staff of 350 when she worked with the United Nations in Cambodia. She also offers conflict coaching to help employees to manage workplace conflict.

Delcy’s calm and welcoming manner helps clients to speak freely with her. She likes speaking in plain language and only uses her technical/legal language when needed.

Delcy strongly rejects the notion that lawyers should be excluded from mediation.

She believes that lawyers can make an enormous contribution to the process of mediation and conciliation. Lawyers who come to our mediation practice know that their role is not to make decisions for their clients, but rather to support, guide and give legal advice to their clients. The mediator manages the process; the parties have control of the content and outcome of their agreement; and the lawyers provide support. Similarly, Delcy encourages the presence of other professionals, such as psychologists, accountants and financial planners, where their guidance can help the parties to resolve their conflict.

Delcy is one of the few private practitioners in Australia who offers a co-mediation model. Although slightly more expensive, this model is considered the “Rolls Royce” model for Mediation.

In co-mediation, two mediators, usually a male and a female, “model” cooperative behaviour while assisting the parties with their current dispute. This process helps the parties to develop strategies that will allow them to negotiate more effectively in future.

Delcy attends a minimum of 50 hours professional development each year. She also has an interest in psychology and attends seminars and conferences in this field.