Curtis R. Harrington
Name: Curtis R. Harrington
Firm Name: Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter
Jurisdiction: USA - Tennessee
Practice Area: Food & Beverage Law, Pharmaceutical Law

Telephone: 615-810-8743
Fax: 615-810-8770

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Curtis R. Harrington as our exclusively recommended Food & Beverage Law and Pharmaceutical Law expert in the USA – Tennessee. If you wish to get in touch with Curtis, please use the contact information provided above.

Curtis R. Harrington II is a founding partner of Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter, PLLC; his practices focuses on working with individuals and small businesses in the areas of litigation, alternative dispute resolution, alcoholic beverage law and licensing, contract negotiation, business formation, personal injury and toxic tort actions, debt restructuring, and both routine and complex entertainment-related matters, such as copyright registration, infringement, copyright recapturing, trademark, licensing, negotiation of recording agreements, media appearance agreements, management agreements, and publishing deals.

Mr. Harrington divides his practice between litigation and matters which never see the inside of a courtroom. Since his admission to the bar, he has represented alcoholic beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and distributors, construction companies, local banks, homeowners and landowners, bankruptcy creditors and debtors, software development companies, and entertainment artists, songwriters, managers, and other rights holders.

Mr. Harrington prides himself in his ability to take a calculated, cost-based approach to every matter, large or small. Whether opening or winding-up a business, protecting assets against future unknowns, or obtaining maximum recovery for an individual or business involved in a dispute, he keeps the client’s objectives and resources in mind while leveraging the firm’s resources for the client’s advantage.

Food and Drug Law Practice:

Our attorneys routinely represent businesses, trade groups, and individuals before regulatory boards and other administrative bodies. We also advise clients regarding compliance matters in a wide range of practice areas, including alcoholic beverage licensing, crowdfunding, marketing and advertising, charitable giving, and games of chance.

Our attorneys assist clients in all components of the alcohol industry, including licensing at the federal, state and local level, tax compliance, agreements that relate to distribution, storage, manufacturing, franchise registration and protection, trade practices and compliance, branding, enforcement related issues, and business structuring and formation.

Pharmacists and pharmacies face unprecedented challenges and scrutiny in today’s highly regulated environment. Compounding pharmacies have been the subject of much public discussion and significant legislative and regulatory activity in recent years. Multiple agencies at the federal and state level, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and state boards of pharmacy have all adopted new regulations and enforcement policies, sometimes conflicting, affecting the practice of pharmacy.

We can help pharmacists navigate these uncharted waters and deal with the multiple challenges that confront the profession. From professional licensure to sterile compounding, from dispensing controlled substances to understanding the language and interpretation of the federal Drug Quality and Security Act and USP 797, we provide advice to pharmacists and pharmacies to manage their practices in compliance with these new requirements. When pharmacies are subject to recalls, licensure proceedings, or other regulatory action or litigation, we stand ready to provide the full range of legal services and advice necessary to meet the challenge.