Arístides José Trejo Liranzo
Name: Arístides José Trejo Liranzo
Firm Name: Medina Garrigó Abogados
Jurisdiction: Dominican Republic
Practice Area: White-Collar Crime Law

Telephone: 809-683-4422

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Arístides José Trejo Liranzo as our exclusively recommended White-Collar Crime Law expert in the Dominican Republic. If you wish to get in touch with Arístides José Trejo Liranzo please use the contact information provided above.

Before joining MGA as Partner, Arístides José Trejo Liranzo was partner of Núñez Trejo Diaz Law Firm, which he founded in 2007 with Ramón Núñez and Luz Díaz Rodriguez. He has experience in private practice as an associate of several well-known law firms, as well as in the public sector, where he served as Adjunct Prosecutor for the Fiscal Prosecutor’s Office in Santiago for a short period of time in 2004.

He has concentrated his practice to litigate cases concerning criminal economic law, employment and social security law and constitutional law. He has participated as counsel in the most relevant criminal cases of this jurisdiction regarding banking crimes and environmental disputes. Furthermore, he has a consolidated practice in the assistance of victims of white-collar crimes, as well as vast knowledge and experience in employment law. Nowadays, Mr. Trejo works as an external consultant for important companies on labor, social security and employment law.

In addition, he has been a Professor of Special Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, in the campus of Santiago and Santo Domingo of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). Currently he´s a faculty member at the Escuela Nacional del Ministerio Público (ENMP), where he teaches Case Processing and Functional Investigation in the various training programs for prosecutors. He´s also a member of the Educational Committee of the ENMP.

White Collar Crime Law Practice:

Criminal Legislation in the areas of economic activities – such as, environmental law, tax law, corporate law, financial and business operations and administration, among others- are increasingly becoming complex and at times, incomprehensible. Because of its extensive knowledge of business transactions and procedures, as well as the technical support of a combined team of specialists, MGA offers its clients many years of experience in Criminal Litigation, specifically in offenses related to economic activities. Our team effectively deals with cases in a broad range of operations concerning the detriment of businesses, like for example, the criminal liability of members of a given company. In order to minimize the risks arising from inappropriate activities, behavior and allegations, the specialized attorneys in MGA counsel business administrators in difficult and complex matters related to white-collar crime and/or financial breach. MGA assist individuals and entities that have been victims of these types of penal violations, while consistently acknowledging the importance of a zealous representation in Criminal Process and Procedure.

Medina Garrigó Abogados:

Medina Garrigó Abogados (MGA) is a boutique law firm founded in the Dominican Republic by Fabiola Medina Garnes in 2004, under the name Medina Garnes Asociados. Since its inception, the firm has acquired extensive experience assisting clients in handling legal matters in the areas of telecommunications, administrative law, taxation, litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution. Additionally, following a strategy of careful and steady growth in recent years, MGA has been able to expand its law practice to include new areas of the law, thus developing a broader and comprehensive practice, with emphasis in providing services with the highest standards of quality, cost-efficiency, and focused on client-based solutions.

Most recently, MGA welcomed Marielle Garrigó as a Partner and Head of the Department of Finance and Business, in order to expand the Firm’s Finance and Business Department. Ms. Garrigó has more than 20 years of experience in corporate law, project financing, mergers and business acquisitions, finance projects and capital markets. Her addition to the firm confirms MGA’s commitment to covering all its clients’ legal needs, and has established itself as the best offer in the market in terms of experience, knowledge and dedication.

MGA has the distinction of being recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in the Dominican Republic, and this merit has beget from it flawless performance and many successful achievements handling relevant cases for clients in the private and public sector. The Firm has been also distinguished by its constant and outstanding participation in recent and important legislative processes aimed towards the creation and reform of key legislative processes, which has provided its lawyers a unique perspective into the workings of the Dominican regulatory system and its effect on business activities and transactions. However, the most meaningful accolade for MGA, is the continued trust and confidence of its clients.