Name: Alessandro Alves Jacob
Firm Name: Alves Jacob Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Brasil
Practice Area: Civil Litigation Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Mr. Alessandro Jacob as our exclusively recommended Civil Litigation Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Alessandro please use the contact information provided above.

Attorney Mr. Alessandro Jacob has nearly three decades of experience which includes practicing in some of the largest and most respected law firms in the country before founding ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM in 1997, He now has reached the top of his profession providing the best possible representation. When you walk into a courtroom with Attorney Alessandro Jacob at your side, you will know that you have retained a fierce advocate, effective negotiator, trusted counsel and top-notch defense attorney.

He draws on that experience to offer Individuals and companies throughout the Brazil, representation regarding a variety of matters, from pre-suit disputes, through all phases of litigation, including state and federal trials. Prior to starting his own law career, he devoted his practice to learning about day-to-day legal problems and providing solutions to his clients. He worked at six other both small and large law firms, where he gained valuable experience in all aspects of Brazilian law.

In addition to his extensive experience in Law, Mr. Jacob offers client consultation regarding all legal areas covered in the office. Mr. Jacob’s background includes serving as International Lawyer with legal services for Brazilians and non-Brazilians. Mr. Jacob has obtained excellent results in numerous state and federal courts throughout the country. He is also a frequent speaker and writer on legal issues.

Mr. Alessandro Alves Jacob has written several published articles on Brazilian Law. He is a renowned speaker in seminars and lectures and he has been speaking at International Bar Association IBA annual conferences around the world. Mr. Alessandro Jacob’s guiding concern is to give clients clear and straightforward advice on complex areas of the law.

He counsels individuals, families, business owners, trustees and executors. His experience in Brazilian Law serves him well in counseling clients. He believes that a good lawyer avoids complexity and makes things simpler for his clients. In the process of providing teamwork, commitment and dedication, he has built a strong foundation in the Brazilian community based on trust and loyalty. Mr. Jacob is also involved in many bar activities. He frequently appears in the TV advising on Brazilian Law.

Beside his professional personality, Mr. Jacob is an avid runner and enjoys spending leisure time with his family.


  • Pontifícia Universidade Católica – RJ
  • Escola Superior de Advocacia
  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas
  • Harvard

Admissions to Practice

  • Whole country of Brazil.

Professional Affiliations

  • Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – RJ -128.041
  • International Bar Association – 1008212
  • American Bar Association – 1537008
  • Union Internationale des Avocats – MI021876
  • Creci-RJ – 43190

Firm Description:

ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is a premier Law Firm for legal services in Brazil, we providing a comprehensive range of expert legal services for domestic and international clients. The firm is reputed as a leading law firm in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brazil. We protect, assist and represent individuals, companies and law firms from all over the world. The Law office has demonstrated enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence. The goal of our law firm is to provide cost-effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment with the latest innovations in the practice of law, we are very proud that is a key reason for our success. Our tradition of exemplary performance executed with practical judgment, remains highly respected among our peers. Our reputation is our most valued asset.

We are very well-know for our aggressive efforts in obtaining the maximum for our clients. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has achieved its success through its goal of complete client satisfaction. This includes meetings anywhere and anytime, our firm will promptly return every phone call, emails and answer all legal questions a client may have. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has successfully represented hundred of clients for many years.