Name: Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Fallaj
Firm Name: Al Fallaj Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Saudi Arabia
Practice Area: Criminal Law

Telephone: +966920000205
Fax: +966114004404

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Fallaj as our exclusively recommended Criminal Law expert in Saudi Arabia. If you wish to get in touch with Abdullah please use the contact information provided above.

Abdullah A. Al Fallaj is a Saudi National, presently the Chairman of the National Committee for Lawyers in the Council of Saudi Chambers and Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Lawyers in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He practices in Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law and Insurance Law. He began his legal practice and was admitted as Arbitrator since 1992 with the Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia and the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center.

Current Job

  • Owner and Manager of Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Fallaj Law Firm.
  • General Manager of Law Training Institute.

Education & Court Admissions

  • (LL.B) – Bachelor of Law – Regulations – King Saud University 1990.
  • Higher Diploma in Criminal Law – Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
  • Higher Diploma in Intellectual Property –World Organization of Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with the Institute of International Law in the Gulf-Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  • Lawyer and Legal Advisor practicing from 1992s till now.
  • Admitted Arbitrator – the Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia.
  • Vice President of the first board of directors of the Saudi Bar Association.
  • Previous member of the committee for the registration and acceptance of lawyers at the Ministry of Justice.
  • Chairman of the National Lawyers Committee in the Council of Saudi Chambers.
  • President of the Gulf Bar Association.
  • Chairman of the Standing Committee of Saudi Arbitration Centers.
  • Vice President of the Lawyers Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh.
  • Arbitrator in The Commercial Arbitration Center for The Arab Gulf Co-operation Council countries.
  • Member of The Saudi Judicial Scientific Society.
  • Member of The Arab Society for the Protection of Industrial Property (ASPIP).
  • Member of The Disable Children’s Association.
  • Member of The Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA).
  • Member of The International Bar Association (IBA).
  • Member of The International Law Association( ILA).
  • Member of The International Trademark Association (INTA).
  • Member of The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA).
  • Member of The Association of European Trademark Owners (MARQUES).

Firm Description:

Al Fallaj Law Firm is one of the pioneers and leading law firms based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Our legal firm consists of highly trained and experienced lawyers and paralegals providing full legal consultancy to business and investment projects. We have maintained our presence in the region for the past 29 years due to our in-depth knowledge of the local society’s cultural traditions. Our lawyers have broad experience in all areas of law and Sharia’h, services in the field of Commercial law, Labor Law, Intellectual Properties (Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Design), Company Formation, Legal consultations and preparation of all contracts and Agreements, Advocacy and litigation before all courts of Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah A. Al-Fallaj Law Firm, going on its 30th years of legal services has maintained its presence in the challenging phase of the diversified economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision of 2030.

Our legal firm primarily has qualified Attorneys who are specialized in the field of Commercial Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Properties (Trademark, Patent, and Industrial Design) and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Law. In view of the current economy, the firm has primarily focused its services to international business operations, serving mainly foreign investors.  The establishment of foreign companies involves our expertise in Social Insurance, Banking, Contracts, Agreement, domain name, Labor law, and Commercial law.

Our firm represents its clients before all Courts of Saudi Arabia whether a defendant or a plaintiff in the litigation process. Abdullah A. Al Fallaj, one of the founders of the Saudi Bar Association is now the elected Vice President of the Board and Executive Manager.  Also, he was recently elected President of the Standing Committee of the Saudi Arbitration Centers.  His experience, professionalism, and indulgence are highly recommended to a reliable source for an excellent legal solution


Since 1990, Abdullah Al-Fallaj Law firm has been rendering ifs legal services. Throughout our history, whether we were working on a multibillion-dollar deal, or a cross border dispute or a pro bono matter, our core objective remained to build a bridge between our clients’ needs and their solutions.

Area of Practice

We provide our clients with a full range of services, tailored to their specific needs. Although our associates work in overlap but we have divided our team of experts mainly under the following four heads : Litigation before all Saudi Courts, Tribunals and Governments Agencies,Legal consultancy for Individuals, Commercial entities and Real Estate Companies, AD R-Arbitration-Mediation-N egotiation,  Legal drafting and vetting of all kinds of documents for Individuals, Corporations and Governmental bodies.

Our Guarantee

We hold exceptional expertise to solve Real Estate dilemmas; such as Project development, acquisition-transfer of lands, financial transactions, environmental-Insurance issues and conveyance transactions are essential part of our skills. Our dedicated attorney’s interact closely with Real Estate Developers, Architects, Engineers and Land Owners on daily basis. Our highly competent legal consultant’s due diligence protect the interests of sellers, buyers, and other parties to minimize the risk of financial loss.

Our Methodology

We execute the client’s service plan in a manner that ensures commitments are met, potential problems anticipated, and surprises are avoided. We believe that the reason behind our long relationships with our clients is that we regularly obtain an opinion about our services from the client, either formally or informally, for regular assessment of our performance.

Our Fee

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and innovation in working with clients toward the development of fee structures that are best suited to a particular transaction. Considering the nature of services required by our clients we propose both fixed and hourly-based fee.