Abdul Razzaq Abdullah
Name: Z. Abdul Razzaq Abdullah
Firm Name: Abdulrazzaq Abdullah & Partners
Jurisdiction: Kuwait
Practice Area: Commercial Law

Telephone: +965-22449909
Fax: +965-22469357
Email: info@arazzaqlaw.com

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Abdul Razzaq Abdullah as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Kuwait. If you wish to get in touch with Abdul please use the contact information provided above.

Abdul Razzaq Abdullah is licensed to practice before the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court of Kuwait. He is a distinguished professional practicing law in Kuwait since 1972 and who combines excellent legal skills with the practical cultural, political and financial advice necessary to ensure his client’s success.

Abdul Razzaq Abdullah has the dexterity and legal expertise required to successfully manage his client’s legal issues. The success of Abdul Razzaq can be attributed to his absolute sincerity to his clients and his ability to work closely with them in order to achieve their objective. This commitment was developed much early in his career and was steadily increasing. When he started working as a lawyer for a prestigious law firm (Abdul Razzaq Al Sane Law Firm) he nurtured his work ethics and dedication to the legal profession.

After gaining years of valuable experience, Mr. Razzaq decided it was time to utilize his experience and venture out on to his own. It was then in 1972 that he opened his own Legal Practice, Abdul Razzaq Abdullah & Partners Law Firm. As his experience began to grow so did his clientele. Mr. Razzaq become a notable lawyer within Kuwait and the Gulf and became legal adviser for major clients. Mr. Razzaq was even called upon many times for legal consultation in drafting the new Legislations.

By specializing in Commercial Law practice Mr. Razzaq was able to focus his attention to the needs of his business clients, and to allow himself as well as his staff to become experts in the field of Commercial law. Realizing that the world is fast becoming a Global Society, Mr. Razzaq’s vision made him establish an International Department in his Law Firm. As Kuwait serves as a hub for trade with major Middle East countries, opening its doors to international investors, the need for multi-jurisdictional lawyers grew. That is precisely why he successfully ventured strategic alliances with Law firms around the world. Mr. Razzaq has successfully established a network of Law Firms in Major Capital Cities around the world. The firm currently represents Clients in Multi-Million Dollar cross border transactions.

Mr. Razzaq is a member of the Kuwait Bar Association and The International Bar Association (IBA). He is also a member of The Arab Regional Forum of the International Bar Association and a member of The Human Rights Institute of The International Bar Association.  Mr. Razzaq has been honored to be included in Who’s Who in the World. He has also been awarded for his outstanding contribution towards the study of Law in the “One Thousand Great Intellectuals Journal” and was also appointed as the Business Ambassador of Chamber of Commerce, India.

Mr. Razzaq has authored several articles on the subject of Commercial laws of Kuwait, Agency law, Banking and finance, Intellectual property law, complexities of setting up business, E-commerce, Commission law etc.

Advice to Kuwaiti & foreign business people: “I strongly advocate foreign investments because it paves way to economic prosperity. It appears that the basic economic situation in Kuwait is much favorable than any other time. Improvements in national economy will be largely dependent on reconstruction efforts, security and sound monetary and fiscal policies. The Central Statistics Department of the Ministry of Planning’s figures show that the contribution of oil and gas sectors has declined steadily. This is mainly due to fluctuations in the oil market. Taking into consideration that our natural asset is depleting and the country has few other resources emphasis should be give to other modes of economic growth.

It is to be noted that Kuwait is one of the pioneers in the Middle East region allowing foreign investment in its upstream. Kuwait consolidated its oil sector; privatized many of the government owned companies and allowed foreign investment even in its oil sector. Globalization of the world economy and trade has had a considerable impact on Kuwait’s economy, which is keeping its gates open for the foreign investors through promulgation of many new laws supporting foreign investors.