Andersen Global Enters Liberian and Gambian Markets

Andersen Global has signed two new collaboration deals in Africa, with an accounting firm and a law firm in Liberia and Gambia respectively.

This raises the organisation’s presence in Africa to 40 countries, and it is expecting to sign five more such deals by October.

Andersen CEO and global chairman Mark Vorsatz said: ”Our expansion in Africa remains a key priority for our organization.”

In Liberia, on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast, Andersen has signed a collaboration agreement with accounting firm BICON Inc.

Founded in 2015, BICON is led by managing partner Zinnah Sackie and has a team of more than 30 professionals of which some are on loan to and currently serving in key government positions.

The Monrovia-based firm provides accounting services to clients in various industries, including merchandising, manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

Sackie said of the agreement: “The next logical step in our firm’s journey of continued growth is our collaboration with Andersen Global.”

In Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa, surrounded by Senegal except for its western coast side, Andersen has signed a collaboration deal with law firm Fajara Chambers.

The 25-year-old firm, led by managing partners Ann Rivington and Malick M’bai, has a staff of 11 professionals and competences in litigation, general business law, telecommunications, real estate, banking and tourism.

Malick said the collaboration with Andersen reflects the firm’s commitment to serving clients “not only in the West African sub-region but throughout the international business community.”

Earlier this month, Andersen Global added new tie-ups in Chad and Eswatini (Swaziland).