4 Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School

Law school is among the most prestigious educational institutions because of its direct impact on society. Before seeking admission into law school, an undergraduate must decide on the right major. There’s no perfect major for law undergraduates. However, some offer a better starting point to conquer the rigorous academic session.

Are you confused about the undergraduate major to choose for law school? Lucky for you, this piece will explore the best undergraduate majors for law school and discuss how they can shape a successful legal career.

Let’s begin!

Political Science

A political science major comes as a natural choice for many aspiring lawyers. Why? Political science has many similarities with the study of law because of its focus on government structures, political systems, and legal frameworks.

This major teaches undergraduates worldwide, including those at Nebraska Christian colleges, how most laws were formulated and implemented and the challenges they created. Furthermore, this course activates critical thinking, research, and argumentation in undergraduates, which are vital attributes of any good lawyer.

More often than not, graduates with a political science background choose careers in:

  • Government
  • Policy analysis, or
  • Public interest law.


History is another excellent choice for law school undergraduates. While it may not seem like an obvious choice, there’s plenty to learn from it. Simply put, History is the study of change over time – usually since the start of human civilization.

Law, on the other hand, is deeply intertwined with historical events and precedents. A history major will develop your research and analytical skills as you navigate the evolution of rights, laws, and legal systems.

A good knowledge of history can be an ace in the hole when dealing with cases that require sound historical knowledge. Lawyers with a history background often choose careers in civil rights or international law.


Philosophy is the next major for law graduates to consider, and there are reasons to support this. Law was founded on a philosophical background because it addresses questions about justice, morality, and ethics.

A philosophy major endows law undergraduates with critical thinking and ethical reasoning. Students are taught to analyze complex issues, create meaningful arguments, and treat issues from multiple perspectives.

You’ll gain skills that can help you advance in your law practice, especially when treating problems relating to:

  • Ethics
  • Jurisprudence, and
  • Legal theory.

English or Literature

The best lawyers are renowned for their strong written and communication skills. That’s why an English or Literature major is a sensible choice. This major teaches students to become masters of English Language and Communication.

A deep understanding of Literature or English benefits undergraduate lawyers because they learn the concepts of persuasive writing and clear communication. An English and Literature major will be an expert in legal writing, research, and advocacy.

Aside from law school, an English major also equips you for careers in:

  • Legal journalism
  • Editing, and
  • Becoming a trial lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Major in Any Subject Before Applying to Law School?

Yes, you can major in any subject before applying to law school. While some undergraduate majors, like political science or philosophy, may provide a strong foundation, law schools accept students with diverse backgrounds. The key is demonstrating critical thinking, analytical skills, and a solid academic record.

Are There Specific Undergraduate Majors That Increase My Chances of Getting Into Law School?

Law schools don’t require specific undergraduate majors. However, majors in political science, history, philosophy, economics, or STEM fields can enhance your understanding of legal concepts. Ultimately, admissions committees look for well-rounded applicants with vital academic records and a demonstrated passion for the law.

Can I Change My Major in Undergrad if I Decide to Pursue Law School Later?

Yes, you can change your major if you decide to pursue law school later. Law schools value diversity in undergraduate backgrounds. It’s essential to maintain a strong GPA and engage in activities that showcase your aptitude for legal studies, even if your major shifts away from traditional pre-law fields.


The best undergraduate major for law school depends on your interests and career goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and diverse fields can prepare you for success in the legal world. Ultimately, the most important thing is to select a major you’re passionate about that equips you with the skills and knowledge you need for a rewarding legal education and a successful legal career.