Update of the Romanian Trademark Law

With a delay that nearly triggered sanctions from the European Court of Justice at the request of the European Commission, Romanian legislative body fulfilled its obligation to implement the EU Directive for approximation of the trademark laws in the Member States; the law came into effect in July.

The new law includes important changes based on the directive, inter alia:

  • the definition of trademarks has been updated for the “digital age”,
  • among other clarifications and simplifications of the registration procedure, some terms have been shortened,
  • extent of trademark protection depends on description of goods/ services,
  • counterfeit goods, found on Romanian territory in transit, are now subject to possible sanctions,
  • new legal remedies on cancelation of trademarks,
  • updated list of reasons for rejecting requests for trademark registration and so on.

The directive is aimed at the modernization of the trademark law EU-wide; with its implementation, the Romanian legislation is brought to the required level. The new law introduces a more efficient registration procedure, shorter periods and extended contestation options, which overall increases the protection for existing and future trademarks. Corresponding procedure rules should also be implemented in the near future.

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