Simon Costain

Leaders in Law endorses Simon Costain as our exclusively recommended Podiatry expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Simon, please use the contact information provided above.

Simon Costain is the owner and senior partner in the Gait and Posture Centre LLP and has more than 45 years of practice experience in Podiatry. He held a Consultant Podiatry post in the NHS and has worked in Harley Street since 1985. Simon is one of the founders of Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Sports medicine in the UK, but for many years has specialised in non-surgical gait evaluation techniques and, where possible, offers alternatives to surgery for foot problems. He divides his time between his private practice and expert witness work.

His expert witness work involves mainly personal injury evaluation both for plaintiffs and defendants, with a ratio of 75% Claimants, and 25% defendants. He has been involved in criminal cases calling on his expertise in gait analysis of CCTV footage and footprint analysis but
concentrates more now on personal Injury and medical negligence cases. These deal with injuries to the feet, ankles, and lower legs, considering the long-term effect those injuries have upon mobility, gait and posture. These cases can arise from an injury sustained in the workplace, a road traffic or cycling accident, negligence in surgery, or other causes.

Where a patient has an injury that impacts their ability to walk, to be mobile or has continued pain Simon can get involved. The cases often require the use of bespoke made specialised insoles called “orthoses” which often help to optimise foot leg and back function and can include referral to a bespoke shoemaker if necessary. Simon has completed his official expert witness training and holds a (CUBS) Bond Solon
certificate. He was first registered with the Legal Services Commission as a Podiatric expert in
1985. He holds full Expert Witness institute insurance indemnity cover.

Firm Description:

The Gait & Posture Centre LLP consists of several highly qualified and experienced HPC registered Podiatrists, who offer both a full range of footcare treatments, and the latest in advanced Gait Analysis to identify the mechanical cause of musculoskeletal problems of the foot, leg and back. In addition due to our well established team, we have fast track access to a number of other healthcare therapists and specialists where other treatment is required to compliment Podiatry.

We remain an “Accredited Practice” within the framework of our professional governing body ensuring the highest standards available.

The Practitioners all undertake to maintain their CPD (continual professional development) and regularly spend their time out of hours with Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) to help share challenging clinical problems with the goal of being able to help resolve foot, leg and back problems that may require input from other disciplines. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship in this respect with a number of excellent Orthopaedic, Rheumatological, Osteopathic Consultants, Physiotherapists and GPs.


Kate Wormald

Leaders in Law endorses Kate Wormald as our exclusively recommended Prime Brokerage and Derivatives expert in the UK. If you wish to get in touch with Kate, please use the contact information provided above.

Kate has advised and represented a large cross section of the hedge fund community and alternative asset managers over the past 20 years, since founding Oesa in 2002. She has also been engaged by Ernst and Young, large pension funds, a well-known charitable trust, industrial corporates and proprietary trading houses, all of whom required specialist legal advice in relation to their trading and derivative documentation.

Kate qualified as a barrister but decided to pursue a career in the City in house, as a sales and trading legal adviser. Specialising in derivatives and complex structured products, she gained invaluable experience in-house at several large financial institutions including Daiwa Securities, Salomon Brothers (now Citi) and Goldman Sachs, where she was the head of the European capital markets legal team that encompassed not only all the derivative trading activity for EMEA but also its prime brokerage business.

Kate’s advice at all of these institutions was integral to the development of a vast array of new innovative financial products.  In addition, she contributed to the many industry initiatives to standardise documentation, including the ISDA Master Agreement and CSA, FOA ETD agreements, and the GMRA.

Prior to setting up Oesa, Kate was a consultant to the then FSA and was one of the original authors of the Market Abuse Code and the Wholesale Money Markets Code of Conduct.

Kate’s wealth of experience is unmatched today in the alternative asset manager space and she has used this to run Oesa successfully as a bespoke consultancy focused on delivering timely solutions to clients.

Firm Description:

We pride ourselves on working in the most commercial and effective ways to ensure the best fit with our clients’ strategies and objectives.

As a niche consultancy we are able to offer a fresh and flexible approach to fees. We are not constrained by billing at hourly rates and in increments of minutes whether used or not. We can offer retainers, fixed fees, project fees or an hourly rate to meet individual needs and budgetary requirements.

We have several different strands to our business. Whatever service is required we will always be practical, commercial and easy to deal with. We truly understand our clients and their business environments enabling us to give the best solutions in a timely manner.


Mia Forbes Pirie

Leaders in Law endorses Mia Forbes Pirie as our exclusively recommended Independent Mediator expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Mia use the contact information provided above.

An international mediator, facilitator and coach, Mia has had careers in law and science. In addition to her corporate clients and former career as a solicitor in a top City of London law firm; Mia has worked with governments, religious organisations and Members of Parliament. She has advised the US Department of Energy on using facilitated negotiation to develop controversial legislation.

Described as “a quiet storm”, Mia is trilingual. Educated in the UK, France and Belgium, she holds both a Masters of Law and Science. She has spoken at Chatham House on Conflict Resolution and hosted the European Commission’s Business Awards for the Environment. Recognised by We Are the City as an Inspirational Woman, Mia works with leaders on some of the most challenging issues of our time.

Building on her unique experience in law, negotiation, science and regulation, she approaches mediation as a process in which every party should win, following the philosophy that a jointly developed compromise generally yields the best results for all. She has a reputation for achieving practical and creative solutions whilst improving relationships. Before training as a mediator, Mia practised law for over seven years in the London office of a leading global law firm. As an EU, regulatory and international trade lawyer, she advised FTSE 100 corporations on some of the largest transactions in Europe. She further worked for several years advising the UK and US Governments on the development and implementation of product environmental performance regulation and has advised industry and international organisations on the implementation of energy efficiency regulation. She also advised the US Department of Energy on the merits of using the Negotiated Procedure, a more collaborative approach for the development of regulation.

Mia is trilingual (fluent in English, French and Italian). She has worked and lived in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Italy. Recently, Mia facilitated between different parts of the Mongolian Government supporting them in developing and agreeing on new legislation. Her interests outside her professional work include sailing, yoga, hiking, poetry and arts.


Mia is a CEDR accredited workplace and commercial mediator. She holds a Masters in EC Law from the College of Europe, Bruges and a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. In additional to her CEDR accreditation, Mia has studied a number of other types of mediation including transformative mediation and faith-based dispute resolution. Her undergraduate degree is in Law with French Law from University College London. She has also studied coaching (including Health Coaching and Advanced Transformative Narrative Coaching) and a form of psychotherapy (Self-Leadership: IFS).

Energy, the environment and technology

Having already worked on cases involving energy and the environment, Mia left her career as a City solicitor in 2007. She studied at Imperial College where she was awarded a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology with Distinction. She was also joint winner of the Arcadis prize for risk assessment. Mia then worked for several years on two of the world’s leading energy efficiency programmes (in the UK and the US) and has also advised industry and international organisations on developing energy efficiency regulation. She has headed teams of experts developing analysis and legislation on TVs, consumer electronics and information technology.

Much of her work is focused on sustainability, energy and the environment, including facilitating on waste and circular economy for the European Commission and MCing the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Mia has visited waste treatment plants, recycling plants, sewage treatment plants and power stations. After a year spent visiting too many sewage treatment plants she decided to let go of her hiking boots!

Approach, Skills and Values

Mia’s approach is warm, friendly and professional, reflecting her skills and values. Her primary strengths are empathy and strategy (Gallup Strength test). Her business values underpin everything she does as well as supporting each other. They are:

  • Authenticity and integrity;
  • Humanness; and
  • Excellence in delivery.

Giving back

Giving back has always been important to Mia. Alongside her career, since 2012, Mia has volunteered as a community and commercial mediator, initially in Camden and then in Wandsworth as part of an innovative model subsidising community mediation with commercial mediation. She also works on intergenerational matters.

Mia has worked on a number of projects for charities and NGOs pro-bono or for reduced fees. She donates a portion of her profits to Trees for the Future, a charity which helps plant trees.

Firm Description:


Disputes are costly, taking time and money whilst damaging morale and ruining relationships. Mia is known for resolving difficult conflict. CEDR accredited, she mediates commercial and workplace matters, specialising in technology, start-ups, partnerships, energy and the environment. READ MORE


Consultation and inclusivity are essential for organisations to thrive. Being involved in the process makes people invested and committed to delivering results. Engaging, participative events and workshops lead to better conversations, better decisions, and better results. READ MORE


Group, personal and corporate coaching help teams and individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their potential. As a trusted ally and confidante, Mia supports people in working better together and obtaining the results they most want. READ MORE


A compelling and engaging speaker, Mia works closely with organisations to create and deliver talks that make a profound and sustained difference. Experienced and sought-after, she regularly speaks in corporate, personal development, and academic settings to exceptional feedback.READ MORE


Mia develops bespoke training for a wide variety of audiences in both corporate and academic settings. Topics covered include mediation, conflict, difficult conversations, leadership, communication, team dynamics, workplace culture, diversity and inclusion, mental energy and creating change. Her style is interactive and she leaves participants with powerful practical tools. READ MORE


You want your team to be as committed to your organisation as you are. But what can you do when they aren’t as motivated or efficient as you would like? An experienced outsider can help you pinpoint the cause, find a solution and get everyone on board. READ MORE


David Englehart

Leaders in Law endorses David Englehart as our exclusively recommended Commercial Property Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with David please use the contact information provided above.

David Englehart qualified as a Solicitor in 1966 . Over the ensuing years David has developed considerable expertise in the area of Commercial Property Law and Practice and consequently David provides a trusted and first class service to many valued Clients. The importance of property generally to the economy of the UK has always engaged him, especially the way that property is used as collateral security for business transactions, enabling many small businesses to start up in a way which they would not otherwise have been able to afford to do.

David understands that commercial property is a central part of the firm’s clients’ business, investment and personal lives. He recognises that clients operate in a highly competitive business environment which is a minefield of ever changing policy and legislation. David’s ethos is that he believes that commercial property growth in the UK is critical for clients’ businesses to grow, for the overall growth of the economy and to the UK as a whole.

David acts for a number of property investment clients and is aware of the importance to these clients of their tenants. He has considerable expertise in Landlord and Tenant Law and Practice. He also acts for numerous tenants of commercial property.

David recognises that it is important for his clients to be able to depend on their legal partners hence his firm’s slogan; ‘Your Legal partners for Life’.

He is fascinated with the diversity that we have in this country, and in particular the close-knit family values prevalent in those businesses formed by people coming to the UK and establishing themselves through hard work.

David devotes his spare time to being with his wife, Angela, who also manages the firm. At weekends he enjoys reading and spending time with his beloved dog, Stanley.

Specialist Area of Law

  • Commercial Conveyancing
  • Commercial Business Matters

Other Areas of Law Covered

  • Landlord and Tenant

Commercial Property

Engleharts understands that commercial property is a central part of our clients’ business, investment and personal lives. We recognise our clients operate in a highly competitive business environment which is a minefield of ever changing policy and legislation. At Engleharts we believe that commercial property growth in the UK is critical for our clients’ businesses to grow, for the overall growth of the economy and essentially to the UK as a whole.

The current climate is fuelled by political uncertainty, with the possibility of many businesses relocating overseas. There is also the looming pressures on the Government to provide social housing as well as the rising costs associated with development and property investment.  It is now important for our clients to be able to depend on their legal partners and to be able to discuss their proposed business transactions with them.

Firm Description:

Engleharts Solicitors is a well-known independent law firm specialising in business and personal law. Our highly skilled team of solicitors and executives provide over 100 years of experience. We specialise in business, property and the personal side of law such as Wills and disputes, whether matrimonial or otherwise.

Our Promise To You

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. Our straightforward approach and no-nonsense style means that we bring clarity to our clients, even in the most complex of legal situations. At Engleharts, we care deeply about our clients and place them at the centre of everything we do. We listen carefully to their needs and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

Our aim is to become your legal partners for life.


Katherine Alexander-Theodotou

Leaders in Law endorses Katherine Theodotou as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Katherine use the contact information provided above.

Katherine was born in Cyprus where she completed her secondary education. Her father was also a barrister of distinction. She studied in Athens, Belgium (Ghent) and London and she has distinguished herself as a researcher having obtained two PhDs with Distinction.

She has written a special report on the Multiple Fibre Agreement and its relationship with GATT and the European External Trade with special reference to small clothing industry in London.

She is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and a registered member of the Nicosia Bar. Katherine is the principal of Highgate Hill solicitors, and of Alexander Theodotou practice in Nicosia. In addition, she is an associate of A. Lionis and Associates at Palaio Faliron, Athens. She has enormous experience in Litigation, Commercial Litigation and all other areas. She has distinguished herself in prominent cases of bi-lateral jurisdiction and she is a high expert on Property in Cyprus. She has won several cases relating to Purchase Agreements of properties in Cyprus and she is presently involved with two major actions of the above area of law.

Katherine has been very active as a Human Rights activist in Iraq during the war. She has stayed there for over three months working voluntarily to protect the rights of arrested persons and others. She is the Chair of Anglo-Hellenic and Cypriot Law Association and she has organised many seminars with the legal professions of the three countries. She has founded the European Institute in Cyprus which is funded by the European Union and the Cypriot government. Katherine is presently involved with developing English Law seminars for practising lawyers in Cyprus and especially seminars which affect the conduct of lawyers.

Katherine Alexander-Theodotou is also an artist and she distinguished herself in painting competitions. She has written two books on Classical Greek Literature of the Third Century BC and she travels extensively. She enlightens the community on law and for this reason she organises community seminars to inform the public on several areas of law. Her hard work and experience has been noted in several newspaper articles in Cyprus.


Paul Wordley

Leaders in Law endorses Paul Wordley as our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Paul please use the contact information provided above.

Paul is one of the founding partners of L&G Wordley Partnership, having been a partner in a major international law firm where he was a member of the Management and Strategy Boards respectively.

Paul’s expertise is geared towards advisory, complex claims, dispute resolution and coverage issues in the international insurance and reinsurance markets, acting for policyholders, insurers, brokers, intermediaries and reinsurers.

His particular areas of expertise are in the oil, gas, mining, marine, construction and TMT sectors.

Paul has been involved in a number of high-profile international insurance and reinsurance claims in recent years and has also advised on a number of recent major oil, gas and mining claims. He also has significant mediation experience having represented clients in several successful multi-million-dollar mediations. Paul has also conducted numerous arbitrations before LMAA, ICC, SCC and LCIA.

He is recommended by expert legal directories as ‘exceptional’ and has become a thought leader in the natural resources insurance world.

Firm Description:

Launched in early 2019, L&G Wordley Partnership is a commercial law firm with particular expertise in all aspects of dispute resolution, commercial problem solving and insurance / reinsurance / coverage.

The Partners have many years of experience working on some of the largest and most complex disputes across the globe whilst at an international firm based in the City of London. With proven track records they have consolidated that expertise into their own firm.

They are often instructed to advise boards and directors of companies on legal liability, asset recovery and preservation as well as advising on strategies to resolve disputes and limit liability, whether that be working in the background or openly in arbitrations and litigation. Their expertise extends to prosecuting claims where required and they have a strong track record of success.

In addition to disputes, the firm has a significant non contentious capability.


Kim Simmonds

Leaders in Law endorses Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder of Law 365, as our exclusively recommended Technology Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Kim please use the contact information provided above.

“Law 365 is unique because it is the only law firm in the world to cater solely to the day to day needs of Microsoft Partners. For ambitious businesses that can’t (or don’t want to) hire their own legal team, we’re the perfect partner.” Kim Simmonds, CEO and Founder

Law 365 is a specialised commercial and employment law firm under the leadership of the Founder and CEO, Kim Simmonds.

Law 365’s Legal-as-a-Service (LaaS) model has been a great success among Microsoft Partners because of its unique combination of specialization, affordability and client service. Part of its success is owed to the Microsoft Technologies that the firm has embraced to offer real-time legal advice, enhanced communication and efficient processes. The clients love the business model which emulates their own way of selling and billing – Software as a Service (Saas).

Kim Simmonds – a mindful leader

Being a mindful leader is a critical element in Kim’s success. Mindfulness isn’t a skill we were taught in school and not a practice often associated with the legal profession. So to hone these skills, which Kim takes seriously, Kim has started an “Inner MBA” course at New York University with other mindful CEOs to learn the elements of great leadership.  

Kim applies what she learns at NYU to every aspect of the business, but especially the wellbeing practices of the firm such as the daily led meditation by Kim for all staff.

If it all feels a bit zen for a law firm, it’s important to point out that mindful leadership is successful leadership. Last year, while many businesses faltered, Kim Simmonds quadrupled the number of clients on the Law 365 books – from 11 to 40 – and increased her team from 3 to 14 (which continues to increase even now). She also added an employment practice to compliment her commercial offering and has won numerous awards.

What makes Law 365 unique?

  • Our ‘Forever Promise’ to our clients. We sell our legal services as a subscription for members, like Spotify or Netflix. Clients pay a flat monthly fee tied to tangible results instead of the minute-counting that comes with the old law firm model of billable hours. Our clients love this as they have a fixed price every month, no surprises.
    How it works: At the beginning of our relationship with each client we make a commitment to them which we call our “Forever Promise.” We promise that we will work with them to make sure their business is in the best possible shape and has a solid foundation for sustainable growth. As American Express articulated in their famous ad campaign, “Membership has its privileges.” As well as providing excellent and specialist legal advice, our subscription membership includes a “Book club” for 40+ of our client members, which has been so popular we’ve received requests to be added to the list. We are also expanding the member privileges to include coaching and networking opportunities where Microsoft partners can mentor each other as their businesses grow.
  • Law 365 is a happy place to work. Kim Simmonds doesn’t just want to be disruptive in the way law firms work with clients, she wants to be disruptive in the way employees are treated too – employee engagement is her main KPI. She provides every employee with an Executive Performance coach, for two hours, every month. There are team coaching sessions too, yoga and meditation weekly, and special treats like gong baths, chocolate making and cooking classes. When the country went into lockdown last year, she sent food and wellness care packages to all her staff at home. Happiness and wellbeing are the heart of the business.
  • Law 365 works exclusively for Microsoft Partners. We know our clients’ businesses as well as they do, and sometimes we know it better because it’s rare there’s an issue we haven’t seen before. We act as advisors not just lawyers, helping their businesses to grow with less risk.

What have been the firm’s key achievements over the past 12 months?

  • We’re growing fast. Law 365 has quadrupled in size during the pandemic lockdown. We’ve grown from 3 employees to 14 and from 10 clients to more than 40.
  • We launched our employment practice last August, which has been an instant success. It’s the perfect complement to our existing commercial services and has really been essential for our clients as they navigate challenges like Covid, Brexit and IR35.
  • Our Executive Performance Coach has come on board full-time, which Kim sees as cementing the foundations of the wellbeing goals she has for her staff.

Looking ahead

At the moment Kim is focussed on changing the business model – implementing our subscription model pricing and creating a true member organisation where clients feel inspired and delighted by our service. This is like nothing else in the legal market. What we offer is a true gamechanger for our clients – they get our expertise in an easy to use, and easy to buy, format and become part of an incredible membership of their peers.

We are also developing technology to enhance our services. Law 365 is developing some incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which will come to the market in the next few years and will be available for our existing clients before that.

We also recruiting and growing fast so that we can support the demand from Microsoft Partners.

What our client’s say about Law 365

“We were looking for a modern and innovative legal firm with a deep understanding of the complexities of the technology world. The on-boarding process was very efficient and incredibly fast, with a series of agreed tasks and activities underway within a few days. Law 365’s commercial models were flexible and fitted our requirements perfectly.”

Scott Dodds, CEO at Ultima Business Solutions

“Having a legal partner in Law 365 has given us the solid foundations to not only have great contracts and agreement templates to support our growth, but legal experts on hand who understand our industry and how Microsoft partners work with customers. As part of the partnership with Law 365, they took the time out to learn about our team and the customers we have and conducted an audit to identify any areas for immediate attention. They then provided us with recommendations and walked us through the contract documents provided through a client portal and clearly explained what we should using when and what to look out for in any contracts supplied to us by customers. If you’re a Microsoft partner looking to have a stable foundation with contracts that protect your future, then Silicon Reef would recommend you speak to Law 365 today.”

Alex Graves, Co-Founder of Silicon Reef

“We chose Law 365 to help us because they’re specialists in Microsoft contracts, Microsoft Partners and the IT/Software channel.  It’s been fantastic, they’re always there when we need them.”

Nicole Hill, Sales Operations Manager at Grey Matter 

“Kim and her team are absolute professionals. Over the past four years Kim has worked on some complex multi service projects and helped to negotiate and close them. Her attention to detail is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim or any of her team.”

Simon Maddock, Business Director at Content + Cloud 

“I’ve relied extensively on Kim and the team as we standardise our paperwork across our customer base. The team are very responsive to my requests and always manage to deliver within the agreed timeframes. Law 365 have been a great business for us to partner with.”

Kieran Sutherland, Commercial Lead at COEO

Firm Description:

We know what Microsoft Partners want in a modern law firm

We asked 50 CEOs of Microsoft Partners and leading tech firms and they told us that the traditional legal model was broken.

Just like you, they don’t want billing by the minute, tons of legalese or overly complex agreements. And they certainly don’t want sky-high legal bills that are hard to budget for. We know there’s a better way. We’ve got what you need.

At Law 365, our technology solicitors are different. We know that you don’t want boring, stuffy lawyers. That’s why we pride ourselves on hiring the brightest and friendliest staff, who are coached in providing exceptional client service. The Law 365 team are experts in commercial contract negotiation and they are approachable, principled and have an unrivalled passion for the technology industry.


Bob Swayne

Leaders in Law endorses Bob Swayne as our exclusively recommended Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Expert Witness expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Bob use the contact information provided above.


  • Southampton Technical College
  • Southampton College of Technology
  • Polytechnic of the South Bank, London

Professional Qualifications & memberships

  • City & Guilds H&V Technicians’ Certificate, Parts 1 & 2
  • Registered with the Engineering Council (Registration No.424690)
  • Corporate member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management (AMIHEEM)
  • Affiliated member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Council Member of the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA)
  • Member of the Association of Consultancy & Engineering (ACE)
  • Member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Courses Attended

  • ‘Working as a Single Joint Expert’ – 13th November 2009 – Professional Solutions Learning & Development
  • ‘Update to Part 35 of the Civil Procedures Rules’ – 18th November 2009 – Bond Solon Training
  • ‘Successful Communication at Experts Meetings’ – 20th June 2014 – Professional Solutions Learning & Development
  • ‘Preparing for Giving Oral Evidence in Court’ – 20th June 2014 – Professional Solutions Learning & Development

Membership of Technical Committees

  • BSRIA Heat Interface Unit Steering Group
  • BSRIA Residential Ventilation Steering Group
  • BSRIA / UKDEA Heat Networks Design Guide Steering Group
  • BSRIA Press-fit Carbon Steel Consultation Group
  • BSRIA Differential Pressure Control Valve Consultation Group
  • BSRIA Publications Panel

Firm Description:

The Hampden Consultancy was formed in 1993 utilising the skills and expertise I had gained from the previous 25 years working for both consulting and contracting firms, dealing with all aspects of building engineering services (mechanical & electrical) on a wide range of projects, located both in the UK and overseas. These included major new hospitals, existing healthcare facilities, royal palaces, airport terminal buildings, government buildings, laboratories, commercial buildings, military establishments, hotel and leisure facilities, as well as residential developments.

Since setting up the Practice I have carried out a wide variety of commissions, including:

  • undertaking of surveys and detailed investigations
  • ‘trouble-shooting’ of existing engineering services installations
  • preparation of designs & specifications for engineering services installations
  • preparation of detailed cost estimates
  • supervision of installation works & the costing of any variations arising throughout the course of such works
  • witnessing of testing & commissioning procedures
  • preparation of ‘snagging’ or defects lists
  • overseeing of the preparation and handover of operation & maintenance documentation in accordance with the CDM Regulations
  • preparation and agreeing of Final Accounts in respect to mechanical & electrical engineering services when a quantity surveyor has not been appointed on a particular project

A list of commissions undertaken by The Hampden Consultancy between January 1993 and the current date has been attached.

As such I am able to offer particular expertise with regards to mechanical engineering services, including heating, mechanical ventilation & air-conditioning, hot & cold water services, steam & condensate systems, hydrotherapy pools, medical & industrial gases, as well as the specification & application of thermal insulation to pipework systems and mechanical engineering services plant, particularly in respect to healthcare facilities.

The Practice can also offer expertise in all aspects related to electrical engineering services, again particularly with regards to healthcare facilities.

I have also carried out a number of commissions on behalf of several major PFI consortia on major healthcare projects, including advising bidders on compliance with NHS engineering standards and other related technical issues during the PFI bidding process.

In addition, during the course of my career I have also been involved in the revision and updating of the engineering services elements of a number of Health Building Notes (HBN’s) on behalf of the Department of Health. More recently I have assisted in the updating of HTM2025 (Ventilation in Healthcare Premises) and which ultimately became the current Health Technical Memorandum HTM03-01 (Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises).

I am therefore able to provide specific technical advice in respect to ventilation systems within healthcare premises, especially in respect to operating theatre suites and other specialised clinical areas.

I have been involved in the preparation and implementation of tendering and contract documentation in respect to mechanical & electrical engineering services (including sub-contract works) and advising clients, whether end-users or contractors, on the application of such contracts.

I have also advised many clients (including the Home Office) on maintenance and facilities management issues related to mechanical & electrical engineering services. This has included the preparation of maintenance tendering and contract documentation, the supervision of maintenance contracts and the consequential issues resulting from a failure to adequately maintain mechanical & electrical engineering services installations.

Another specialist area that I am able to provide technical advice for is in respect to the design of mechanical engineering services for people suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity.

As part of my duties I have undertaken design audits and/or detailed technical appraisals of both new and existing mechanical & electrical engineering services installations, prepared expert witness reports and provided advice to clients and their legal representatives in respect to disputes concerning technical and/or contractual aspects related to mechanical & electrical engineering services, including issues concerning the maintenance of such installations.

I can therefore act as an expert adviser, preparing reports on issues relating to the failings of installed mechanical engineering services for clients and their legal representatives considering possible litigation/adjudication/arbitration proceedings.

I can act as a party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and as such I have also given oral evidence in court, both in the Technology & Construction Court as well as at arbitration and adjudication hearings.

Similarly, I can act as a party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Rules.

Where required, either as a result of an agreement between the parties in a dispute, or at the direction of a Court under rule 35.7 of the Civil Procedure Rules, I am also able to act as a Single Joint Expert.

Finally, in recent years I have been heavily involved in the dispute resolution process. I am an extremely experienced expert witness, having provided technical opinions on matters relating to mechanical & electrical engineering services on claims valued between £10,000 and £10 million.

As part of my duties I have undertaken design audits and/or detailed technical appraisals of both new and existing mechanical & electrical engineering services installations, prepared expert witness reports and provided advice to clients and their legal representatives in respect to disputes concerning technical and/or contractual aspects related to mechanical & electrical engineering services, including issues concerning the maintenance of such installations.

I can therefore act as an expert adviser, preparing reports on issues relating to the failings of installed mechanical engineering services for clients and their legal representatives considering possible litigation/adjudication/arbitration proceedings.

I can act as a party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and as such I have also given oral evidence in court, both in the Technology & Construction Court as well as at arbitration and adjudication hearings.

Similarly, I can act as a party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Rules.

Where required, either as a result of an agreement between the parties in a dispute, or at the direction of a Court under rule 35.7 of the Civil Procedure Rules, I am also able to act as a Single Joint Expert.

Where necessary, I can also act as an expert assessor under rule 35.15 of the Civil Procedure Rules.


Simon Stell

Simon Stell is the Managing Partner and responsible for leading the firm’s development, managing day to day operations and implementing the firm’s strategy

“Our aim is to deliver affordable accessible legal services focusing on the customer’s actual needs whether that customer be a large business, a professional practice, a family or an individual. We exist to make our customer’s lives easier so they can get on with what is really important to them. We make the complex simple. We cut out the jargon. We call it legal efficiency”

Simon is also responsible for operating and managing the firm’s online legal resource and the firm’s residential conveyancing law firm LCF Residential
Simon received the award of Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2016

Simon Quinton Smith

Simon Quinton Smith is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has been the leading specialist in the Garden Centre & Horticultural industry for over 30 years. He is an RICS registered valuer and business valuer. He is also a specialist panel valuer for horticulture and garden centres to the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Plc. and to most other lending financial institutions.

He is an accredited Expert Witness in his field and is regularly instructed to provide expert advice to the courts.

Simon was the Managing Director of The Q Garden Company running four garden centres for a period time and thus, have a far deeper understanding of the trading business of garden centres than most other chartered surveyors.

In-depth knowledge of the garden centre market.

Simon Quinton Smith wrote the chapter “How to Value Garden Centres”for the Second Edition of the “Law and Valuation of Leisure Property”, published by the Estates Gazette.

Professional Memberships:

  • Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Associate Member of the Garden Centre Association
  • Associate Member of the Horticultural Trades Association
  • Member of the Institute of Horticulture
  • Associate Member of FARMA

Firm Overview:

Quinton Edwards is a leading firm of independent Chartered Surveyors who offer expert property advice to the Garden Centre & Horticultural industry throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and into Europe.

Our areas of expertise include the sale, letting, valuation, acquisition, rent review, lease renewal (landlord & tenant) for garden centres, plant centres, retail nurseries, wholesale nurseries, salad nurseries, mushroom farms, aquatic centres, farm shops and other horticultural related businesses.