Joan Lluis Hereter


  • Accounting Degree, in the field of “Auditory “.
  • Business Administration Degree, in the field of “Enterprise Management”
  • Post degree in Auditory of Accounts.
  • Public Register of Auditors nº: 18.939.
  • Post degree in balances consolidation.


I’ve been working in different companies and activity sectors. Starting by a middle sized auditory firm, for almost 5 years, auditing companies from different activities like consumer goods and distribution (turnover 360M€), Press (270M€), Iron manufacturing (180M€), textile (90M€), and other smaller and inheritance.   After that, I moved on to the private companies, working as a Controller for one of the biggest Spanish Builder-Real Estate company, for 4 years. Then, I worked as a CFO-Country Manager for the Spanish subsidiary of an Industrial US Company with Head Office in Okala (Florida), and with presence around the entire world, for around 7 years. When I leaved the company, I joined to a Finance and Mortgage Broker Group, as its Corporative Finance Director, for just 2 years. Within my stage in the US Company, I founded H&C Consulting Empresarial with the intention of keeping in contact with other finance professionals in order to provide finance and accountancy support to small and middle size companies.

Currently, I’m focussed on this firm, being partner of another audit and tax firm, with strong collaborations with many other professional and very experienced finance, tax, lawyers and audit firms and specialists. The services the firm currently is able to provide, with a great quality in our work, technical knowledge of the specialists involved and an individual treatment to our customers as our core principles according to the international standards of our firm, are the following:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Audit
  • Internal Control Analysis
  • Limited Review and Due Diligence
  • Organizing Consulting
  • Outsourcing of Internal Audit
  • Outsourcing of Finance Management
  • Transfer pricing
  • Corporate Income Tax / Tax Consulting
  • International VAT Consulting/VAT Processing
  • Tax representatives


We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals who provide services to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, providing comprehensive advice and support.

We define ourselves as an organization clearly professional with extensive experience in financial management, both in national and international environments. We are interested in providing our customers the best solutions, at all times, ensuring a technical, personal and professional quality service.

Raúl Pardo-Geijo Ruiz

Raúl Pardo Geijo ha obtenido el quinto galardón al mejor abogado penalista de España. Ha vuelto a conseguir este año 2019 el galardón al mejor abogado penalista de España por quinto año consecutivo. El abogado penalista de Murcia firma por quinto año consecutivo otro premio nacional que le convierte oficialmente en el mejor abogado penalista de España y más relevante de su categoría, habiendo llegado a alcanzar un enorme nivel de popularidad gracias a la excelente labor realizada en todos los casos en los que ha participado. Este año ya alcanza la friolera de 6 galardones, la mayoría de ellos a nivel internacional (ej. Best Lawyers 2019, Criminal Defense) Su ejercicio y actividad como mejor abogado penalista de España se extiende por toda la Nación (también internacionalmente), pero su ejercicio como abogado penalista en Alicante, Madrid o Valencia es parte de su día a día. Su sede se halla en Murcia y desde allí coordina a todo su equipo jurídico que caso por caso siguen las directrices que este afamado penalista marca para resolver sus asuntos con el éxito que pretende. Para este abogado penalista de Murcia es algo habitual que sea premiado con distintos galardones y está acostumbrado conllevar este índice de popularidad. Sin ir más lejos, este mismo año 2019, forma parte del prestigioso ISDE y es reconocido por las instituciones internacionales The Lawyers Network o Advisory Excellence, algo que sólo los mejores abogados penalistas de España podrían lograr siendo el colofón el reciente galardón “Best Lawyers” (2019, Criminal Defense) otorgado por la editorial jurídica estadounidense más antigua y que, en exclusiva, lo ha recibido en materia de Derecho Penal en toda la Región de Murcia.

Recognized as one of the most important criminal lawyers in the national field and immersed in the most complex legal cases in the country, Master in Criminal Law and member of this Section in the Bar Association of Murcia, is currently director of the law firm Murcia Pardo Geijo, with almost half a century of tradition. He has been awarded on numerous occasions by prestigious legal institutions of outstanding notoriety for the relevance of his actions in the field of Criminal Law, with many other recognitions and scientific publications in this and other matters. Pardo Geijo Abogados is composed, in addition to criminal experts, of a group of lawyers involved in almost all legal disciplines that make up the rest of the Law (Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Penitentiary, Public and Private International), completing the team with professionals of other subjects that, in certain occasions, are of all necessary point in order to an adequate resolution of the judicial conflicts. Cases assumed in this last year as ‘Punic’, ‘Operation Ingots’, ‘Operation Sakura’ or some separate pieces of ‘Gürtel’ or ‘Malaya’, among many others of media notoriety (Mill, Limusa, Barraca, Novo Carthago, Cala Curtain, Umbra, Valley, Camelot, Liber, Library, Roblecillo, Canvas, Tosca, AVE (ADIF) fraud, Roundabouts, Wallace, Channel 9, Chase, Ninnete …) but also of private relevance, make it come back to the palestra for his status as a prestigious criminal lawyer, who does not exclusively develop his legal work in the Region of Murcia, but in such disparate areas of Spanish territory, practicing as a criminal lawyer in Alicante, Valencia, Castellón, Castilla-La Macha, Cádiz, Galicia or even Melilla, among many others.

Firm Overview:

Pardo Geijo Abogados is composed, in addition to criminal experts, of a group of lawyers involved in almost all legal disciplines that make up the rest of the Law (Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Penitentiary, Public and Private International), completing the team with professionals of other subjects that, in certain occasions, are of all necessary point in order to an adequate resolution of the judicial conflicts.

Carmen Alonso

Carmen Alonso is an associate in the Corporate Department of Latham & Watkins in Madrid. She focuses her practice on advising national and international clients from different industries on general corporate matters, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, among others. She has also assisted companies on restructuring processes and corporate finance transactions.

Prior to joining the firm, she completed a Double Degree in Law & Business Administration and an LLM at ICADE – Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. She also worked as an intern in two well-known Spanish law firms.

Firm Overview:

Latham is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their business goals and overcome legal challenges anywhere in the world. From a global platform of more than 30 offices, Latham lawyers help clients succeed.

Devoted to Client Service:

Latham is committed to helping clients achieve their business strategies and providing outstanding legal services around the world. Clients depend on the firm to find innovative solutions to complex business issues, and Latham lawyers leverage the firm’s global platform to help clients handle these challenges.

Latham is a single, integrated partnership focused on providing the most collaborative approach to client service. The firm offers:

  • Deep experience in successful enterprise-transforming transactions and in defending bet-the-company controversies
  • A solutions-based approach, providing innovative and sound commercial advice
  • Optimally sized teams that provide cost-effective and high-quality services
  • A culture geared toward establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships

Mariola Arenas

We help businesses handle complex and innovative transactions. We work with IBEX 35 companies and important local and multinational clients with high-profile operations in Spain and the rest of the world, providing them with national and cross-border legal advice.

We design, coordinate and manage bespoke teams best suited to each transaction and each client, drawing on the extensive expertise of our global network and our on-the-ground experience.

Firm Overview:

Herbert Smith Freehills is one of the world’s leading professional services businesses, bringing together the best people across our 27 offices, to meet all your legal services needs globally. We can help you realise opportunities while managing risk.

Understanding your requirements, objectives and operating environment is important to us – we listen and take time to do this. You have ready access to our deep global sectoral expertise, as well as our local market understanding, to help you achieve your commercial objectives.

Operating as one global team, we use innovative systems and processes to ensure your work is delivered intelligently, efficiently and reliably. We care about the markets and communities we work within and constantly strive to make them better.

What does it all add up to? When you work with Herbert Smith Freehills, you are partnering with a world-class and diverse team of client focused professionals who can ensure you achieve your best results.

At Herbert Smith Freehills, we aim to be the leading global law firm for the attraction, promotion and retention of women as part of our commitment to inclusion across the spectrum of diversity.

Rafael Jiménez-Vecino

JVecino Abogados was born, thanks to Rafael Jiménez Vecino, fruit of the accumulated baggage after years of continuous practice as a senior lawyer in one of the most important offices in Continental Europe. The accumulated experience makes of this young firm a bet for the individualized treatment to the client, the quality of the service and the technical excellence, pursuing the integral advice as a tool to minimize and prevent future lawsuits.


The inspiring principle of the firm is based on the work ethic and respect for the Deontological Code of Spanish Law.

All work is preceded by a free initial consultation, where the service will be established, after analyzing the feasibility of the matter.

If the matter is accepted, the agreement of both parties is reflected in the proposal of fees, prepared taking as a point of reference and maximum limit the Guiding Criteria of the Cáceres Bar Association, without forgetting the social reality in which we live, a which the exercise of the law can not be foreign.

The proposal of fees makes it possible for the client to know from the outset both the service contracted and the price that must be paid for it.

Among the services offered by JVecino Abogados, the following stand out:


– Drafting and review of contracts.
– Resolution of contracts and sending letters to the counterpart on behalf of the client.
– Estate planning.
– Tax settlement.
– Subsidies and processing of files.


– Civil.
– Criminal.
– Labor
– Administrative Litigation.
– Ecclesiastical Court.


Banking Law: constitution of real and personal guarantees, foreclosures and pledges, land clauses, preferential and subordinated obligations, claims before the Bank of Spain, commission claims, recovery and claim of debts.

Professional experience as a lawyer for Credit Institutions, Companies and individuals.

– Probate Law: patrimonial advice, wills, inheritance division, probate trial.
– Civil law:
– Royal Rights: advice on the sale of rural and urban real estate, rents, declarative actions of the domain, demarcation actions, property claims, domain files.
– Right Obligations: review and drafting of contracts, exercise of legal actions based on compliance or breach thereof.
– Family Law: separations, divorces, food due to children, incapacitation.

José Juan Pintó Sala

Mr. Pintó is a partner of Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle, a firm he joined in 1975. He is an expert in both Corporate and Sports Law, his expertise in said areas involving also litigation and arbitration. In addition to his extensive experience in connection with family companies, he has participated either as an arbitrator or as an attorney in more than 250 arbitration procedures, most of them of international nature, in several languages, such as Spanish, English, French and/or Italian.

He is Secretary to the Board of Directors of several quoted and non-quoted companies. He is, and has been in the past, the Chairman of several companies, as well as of national and international associations. As an arbitrator at the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS), he has participated at the Ad Hoc Divisions of the Football European Championship held in Portugal in 2004, the Winter Olympic Games of Vancouver 2010 and the South-Africa World Football Championship held in 2010.

Sports Law Practice:

This is one of the firm’s most comprehensive departments and provides the following services:

  • Legal advice to sports organizations, clubs, associations, sports groups and football players
  • Appearing in Discipline Committees and Sport Courts
  • Drafting of athletes contracts
  • Sponsorship and Image Rights
  • Designations of sports entities as public-interest organisations.
  • Representation before Spanish and international Sports Courts.
  • Database including legislation, sport-related jurisprudence and precedents.
  • Litigation and arbitration

Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle:

Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle, Lawyers and Economists, was born from the merger, in 1999, of two of the oldest, most prestigious law firms in Spain, Bufete Pintó Ruiz and Del Valle Abogados (founded in 1903 and 1910 respectively). Both of them brought into the new firm a highly-specialised profile and their considerable prestige in the practice of Law, thus enabling us to meet our clientele’s ever-growing requirement for the provision of fully comprehensive legal services.

The firm currently consists of more than sixty lawyers distributed in the offices of Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Alicante.

Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle offers counselling, both in Spain and also internationally, in every field of the legal practice, such as civil, corporate, tax, sport, criminal, litigation, arbitration, procedural, labour, industrial and intellectual rights, and maritime Law, including logistics and transport.


Juan Alberto Díaz López

As a specialist in White Collar Crime and Criminal Law, Juan Alberto Díaz has taken part and advised on several of Spain’s most complex White Collar Crime, Financial Disputes and relevant proceedings in recent years. He has also been selected by the prestigious international legal directory Best Lawyers (Criminal Law, Spain) and has been inducted as an Illustrious Correspondent Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Mr. Díaz combines his legal practice alongside his lecturing and legal research activities as a Professor of Criminal Law at the leading University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). He also teaches graduate and upper-level courses in a number of higher learning institutions.

Holder of a Ph.D. in Law, Advance Studies Diploma in Criminal Law (DEA), Specialist in Victim-Offender Mediation, and Graduate of Laws and Political Science, Juan Alberto Díaz is bilingual in Spanish and French and fluent in English and German.

Director of the firm J. A. DÍAZ. Litigación Penal, Juan Alberto Díaz has authored numerous legal publications. He has been recognized as the first place winner of the III Edition Specialized Monographs Prix held by the Bar Association of Madrid (2011). Among his comprehensive works are his books on the Aggravating Circumstance of Article 22.4 of the Spanish Criminal Code (Civitas, 2013) and The Crime of Identity Theft (Dykinson, 2010). Mr. Díaz has authored research and scientific articles on various issues of Law. Selected works include: the Ne Bis In Idem (Diario La Ley, 2008), Victim-Offender Mediation And Criminal Liability of Corporations (Indret, 2011), Civil Liability Ex Delicto of Financial Institutions (Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil, 2014/Journal of Banking and Securities Law, 2014) and issues surrounding the granting of Pardon (La Ley Penal, 2015), loan agreements and criminal liability (La Ley Mercantil, 2015) or the money laundering crime (Diario La Ley, 2015).


Nemesio Fernández-Pacheco

Practice Areas

Corporate Law. Industrial and Intellectual property. Copyright Law. Telecommunications Law.

Professional Career

Bachelor in Law Universidad Complutense de Madrid 1989 – 1994.


Spanish, English.

Lerroux & Fernández-Pacheco

Lerroux & Fernández-Pacheco is a Spanish Law Firm, specializing in Corporate Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Competition Law, International trade and foreign investments.

Lerroux & Fernández-Pacheco, with a constant and sustained increase, thanks to the effort and leadership of its members, has extended its practice areas since its foundation.

Our clientele extends amongst Spanish companies, both public and private, leaders in their respective fields; public Institutions of the Central, Autonomous and Local Administration; and numerous foreign companies.

Our goal has always been based on providing a personalized service, using the most advanced technical means, being characterized by our professionalism and meticulousness. Our well conceived structure allow us to provide our clients with a top level of legal advise, working closely with them.


Jose E. Aguilar Shea

Jose Aguilar Shea is a senior associate of the Tax Strategy & Benefits department in our Madrid office. He has broad experience as a tax lawyer with particular expertise in the international tax practice including investment planning, reorganizations and joint ventures and commercial transactions.

Through secondments in Lisbon and Sao Paulo, Jose has been able to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian tax and legal system.

Jose lectures in the international tax master’s program of Centro de Estudios Financieros in Madrid and is a regular speaker at various international legal forums and conferences.

Squire Patton Boggs:

We combine sound legal counsel with a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses to resolve their legal challenges. We care about the quality of our services, the success of our clients and the relationships that are forged through those successes.

Breadth and Depth

Our client base spans every type of business, both private and public, worldwide. We advise a diverse mix of clients, from Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 corporations to emerging companies and from individuals to local and national governments. In the private sector, we provide the full range of legal advice required to implement practical strategies and resolve disputes. In the public sector, we counsel governments on privatization of whole industries and on establishment of regulatory systems under which new private businesses can compete. We also serve the regional needs of the countries and cities we call home.

Whatever is needed, we are able to deliver the seamless cross-practice, cross-border and industry-specific support that clients require for success in today’s competitive markets.

Client Focus

Clients expect knowledge of their business as well as high-quality legal skills from their law firms. Our combination of legal and industry experience allows us to better analyze client requirements and develop the right approach for the matter at hand. Clients receive tested insight and guidance from a team that understands their needs and is able to offer tailored solutions.

We are dedicated to our clients’ success, and their satisfaction shows it. We continue to advise successor organizations of clients that we represented at our formation some 120 years ago.

Business Has No Borders

With offices in 21 countries on five continents, our global legal practice is in the markets where our clients do business. We also have strong working relationships with independent firms in Europe and Latin America.

Our extensive practice and industry knowledge is shared via one of the most robust technology platforms in the legal business, as well as ongoing rotation of lawyers to our offices around the world. In addition, we apply knowledge- and project-management tools to implement continual business process improvements and enhance the value of our legal services.

Outstanding Value

We emphasize quality, efficiency and alignment with client goals as core standards to improve continually our service delivery and the value of what we do for our clients. We encourage and manage processes and tools to improve pricing models, training and resource optimization, knowledge management and more, all centered on our core focus – delivering the services our clients want, when and where they want them and with the value they deserve.


Fernando Aizpún

Fernando is particularly experienced in litigation and arbitration, including white collar crime. He is a highly respected specialist in procedural and arbitration law business issues. Fernando acts as an arbitrator before the Court of Arbitration of Madrid Bar Association, the Court of Arbitration of the Chambers of Commerce of Madrid and the ICCI Court of Arbitration.

Fernando has considerable experience in corporate law and advising international and domestic companies.

Simmons & Simmons:

From our offices in major business and financial centres throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we view the world through the lens of our key sectors: asset management and investment funds, energy and infrastructure, financial institutions, life sciences and technology, media and telecommunications (TMT).

For our clients this means they benefit from a law firm fully focused on their sector, wholly understanding of the challenges that they face and completely tuned in to their needs.

Over the decades we have been careful to build our international presence using a combination of local lawyers with demonstrable local knowledge and fully integrated teams acting together at a global level.