Savo Jasnic

Leaders in Law endorses Savo Jasnic as our exclusively recommended Venture Capital Law expert in Montenegro. If you wish to get in touch with Savo please use the contact information provided above.

Established in 1991, Prelevic Law Firm has grown to become a key corporate legal office in Montenegro. Our long-standing local presence has earned us a profound knowledge of the local law and practice. We not only understand the law, but evenly anticipate and respond to our clients’ needs. Our clients are why we strive for remarkable results. The majority of our clients are foreign investors, market leaders and innovators and they may rely to international standard legal support.

We foster the forward-thinking approach, and take great pride in the commitment to client service. Many of our lawyers have enjoyed education or work experience in the US and EU jurisdictions. We advise in English, German and Russian language. Prelevic Law Firm is the single office in the country maintaining a German language desk with currently three German-speaking lawyers.


Marina Nikolic

Leaders in Law endorses Marina Nikolic as our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance Law expert in Montenegro. If you wish to get in touch with Marina please use the contact information provided above.

Ivanovic Otasevic Law Firm is a full-service law firm based in Podgorica, Montenegro that serves corporate and private entities as well as public authority clients in Montenegro and Serbia. We specialise in Commercial and Real Estate Law but we also have considerable experience in other related areas of the law, including Corporate, Dispute Resolutions, Employment, Energy and Natural Resources, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Bankruptcy and M&A.

Although we practice in a variety of different areas, we take a similar approach to every client and every case. Your matter will not be overstaffed, turned into a training ground for brand new associates or handed off to lawyers you have never met. Our firm will give you the personal attention that you deserve while at the same time providing cost-effective solutions to your legal problems.

We believe that client relationships must be based on trust and a sense of common purpose. We encourage clients to explore with us a billing arrangement that suits their goals and rewards us for success, including traditional hourly rates, contingency fees, and tasked-based fixed- and capped-fees arrangements.


Nikolina Kažić

Leaders in Law endorses Nikolina Kažić  as our exclusively recommended Market Entry Law expert in Montenegro. If you wish to get in touch with Nikolina please use the contact information provided above.

Nikolina Kažić is an independent Attorney at Law practicing in Montenegro in cooperation with Karanović & Nikolić. She specialises in areas of market entry, corporate and commercial legal matters and maintains a particular focus on construction legislation, taxation and employment. Nikolina also represents clients before courts and state authorities.


– Bar Association of Montenegro
– International Bar Association (IBA)


– University of Montenegro, Faculty of Law (2014), Specialisation in Jurisdiction Law
– University of Montenegro, Faculty of Law (2013), LL.B.


– English
– Montenegrin

Firm Description

Karanović & Nikolić is a leading international legal practice in South East Europe with a team composed of over 100 lawyers who cooperate together across the region.

Karanović & Nikolić team offers unrivalled regional and sector specific coverage to investors. We are market leaders because of our dedication, quality legal service, and in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients.

By cooperating with over 100 lawyers across the region, our original values remain an integral part of our philosophy and approach to client work. Lawyers practising in cooperation with Karanović & Nikolić have been involved in many of the largest and most complex transactions in the region and we take pride in our reputation as a transactional and corporate/commercial legal powerhouse.

A Truly Unified Team:

Because we have a business presence in Serbia and a long standing cooperation with attorneys-at-law in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia, lawyers associated with Karanović & Nikolić operate seamlessly across all of these jurisdictions, providing services to our clients and taking into consideration local particularities in order to provide the best legal advice under competitive terms.

We are practical and highly commercial, understanding that the commercial implications of our advice are often as important as the technical aspects. Renowned for the quality of work of the lawyers on our team and our commercial approach to solving problems, Karanović & Nikolić, in cooperation with qualified attorneys-at-law in each relevant jurisdiction, advises many of the leading companies, banks, investors and government institutions doing business in the SEE region.


Sasha Vujacic

Leaders in Law endorses Sasha Vujacic as our exclusively recommended Privatisation Law expert in Montenegro. If you wish to get in touch with Sasha please use the contact information provided above.

Mr. Sasha Vujacic, Attorney at Law, started his professional work in 1986. After completing his studies at the Law Faculty of Podgorica University, Sasha Vujacic started his own practice continuing family tradition in providing legal services in Montenegro and since then he is a member of Bar Association of Montenegro.

During early stages of foreign investments in Montenegro Mr. Vujacic started with representation of first foreign companies establishing their business here and further actively participated as their counsel.

In the years of state opening towards Europe and the rest of the world, as a result of his quality work and presence in this field Sasha Vujacic was nominated Government Commission Presiding Member for Pledge Law of Montenegro drafting, as well as Government Commission Member for Law on Companies and Mortgage Law of Montenegro drafting.

Principal Fields of Activity:

– Privatization
– Foreign Investments
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Business and Corporate Law
– Banking Law – Energy & Infrastructure
– Litigation

In 2003, Mr. Vujacic was nominate Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark.

In 2008, Mr. Vujacic was nominate Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Subsequently, Mr. Vujacic became recommended attorney at law by the British Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, and became an Honorary Legal Counsel of the British Embassy and British Ambassador in Montenegro.

Mr. Vujacic has just been nominated a Member of the Board of Directors of Montenegrin-Austrian Economic Forum and liaison office for Montenegro.

During his 25 years long professional work he has been running a great number of international companies doing business in Montenegro as Philip Morris, Microsoft, Porsche, Soravia, Unicredit Bank, Bayerische Landensbank, Colliers International, and many others. His works has been published for years with the World Bank’s and EBRD‘s programs and publications, acting as their of counsel.

Sasha Vujacic has a broad range of expertise in corporate and commercial law, banking and finances, privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, energy and telecommunications law.

His work makes client satisfied and in IFLR1000 edition 2013 “Central and Eastern Europe – IFLR1000” has been published comment of one client who worked with Mr. Vujacic who said “They responded within agreed deadlines, their advice was very reliable so we very satisfied.”

Now, Mr. Vujacic is leading a team of lawyers in his Law Firm.

Firm Overview:

Law Office Vujacic is modern business law firm with a long and proud tradition of supporting clients by high quality legal services in all areas of corporative, civil and commercial law.

Our work and commitment to providing comprehensive, effective legal advice to domestic and international clients operating in Montenegro and finding innovative solutions covering a variety of law and business has been recognized by our clients and independent commentators.

Founded in 1971 by Mr. Djordjije Vujacic Law Office Vujacic was one of the first Montenegrin firms with international outlook which tradition has been continued by good practitioners.

Law Office Vujacic has evolved into one of the leading law firms in Montenegro and with an energetic team we successfully undertake the most complex claims for our clients.

The Business Policy of our Office is composed according to our good practice, clients needs and expectations in order to mutual satisfaction and long-term cooperation.


Ana Kolarević

Leaders in Law endorses Ana Kolarevic as our exclusively recommended Administrative Law expert in Montenegro. If you wish to get in touch with Ana please use the contact information provided above.

Law office Ana Kolarevic was established with the vision of providing the best solution possible to its clients. Legal expert Ana Kolarevic has represented the interest of leading foreign investors in Montenegro for some time. The list of her clients extends to more than 80 percent of foreign companies and individuals who’ve started business and investment in Montenegro. The high proportion of businesses relying in her judgment stems from the fact that there are few lawyers as experienced as Kolarevic in this fast-changing part of Europe.

Kolarevic specializes in all types of corporate and commercial law, not to mention civil and administrative transactions.

Her office has an excellent team of external collaborators who are experts in finance, taxing, architecture and land surveying, to name but a few specialties. But Kolarevic’s essential unique selling point has to be her experience in operating inside a country where few outsiders are naturally confident.

“I think my clients appreciate the security I give them. They always know how they stand and always have reliable, impartial information on the basis of which they may assess their risk. These are necessary ingredients to prepare decision.”

The Kolarevic advantage:

-court representation and production of constitutional documents and drafting internal corporate contracts;

-organizing shareholder meetings and supplying advice regarding the application of the Companies Act

-Assisting in entering into funding agreements and preparing related security

-organizing share purchase procedures

-legal assistance in labor relations, including obtaining of work and residence permits for non-residence;

-preparation of contracts required for operation of business organization including privatization and due diligence, and

-transactions and activities related to urban planning and development.

The foundation of my Law Office are firm. They lie in my extensive experience in judiciary, my knowledge, professionalism and the need for justice.

For its contribution in the field of law practice, Ana Kolarevic was awarded The New Economy Legal Award for Best Business Lawyer in Montenegro for 2009 and the World Finance Legal Award for Best Lawyer in Montenegro for 2010 and 2011, while her office was awarded the World Finance Legal Award for Best Corporate and Commercial Firm in 2011.

Ana Kolarevic and her well organized team of young professionals, lawyers and associates work according to the principle of one-day-at-a-time on the issues that are within their field of competences. Mrs. Kolarevic and her team of young professionals offer clients the confidence and certainty of experience combined with the energy and tenacity of youth.