On November 11th, 2002 Estudio Jurídico VIVANCO & VIVANCO completed 100 years of work.

A hundred years ago, we started as an international representation agency, encouraging foreign firms to do business in Ecuador. We are a combination of creative young individuals and experienced professionals, whose interrelation and varied perspectives have enriched the analysis and solutions of cases where an innovative legal focus has been applied. The members of VIVANCO & VIVANCO are proactive and positive people, proposing solutions to diverse problems.

With its fiduciary unit headquartered in Miami, VIVANCO & VIVANCO has a concentrated global practice in trust services, law, and immigration. The firm currently owns branches in London, Panama, Buenos Aires, Caracas, San Jose, Quito, Guayaquil and Miami. As one of the oldest legal firms in Latin America, it has over 100 years of experience since its foundation in 1902.

As we are one of the oldest law firms in Latin America, we are absolutely united to the region’s contemporary history in all its aspects. Through our lawyers we have participated in the process of preparing and approving several laws.

Before approaching a case, our Board of Directors assembles the most effective and capable team of experts. A team leader maintains uninterrupted communication with the client.

Our practice is divided in specialized Departments, all of which have remarkable experience in the field they cover. We are inspired by strong principles of ethics and justice, under which we respond to our clients’ expectations.

Among our members we have well-known professionals who have been congressmen, senators, secretaries of state, and judges. Also, other members have served as high ranking officers of private corporations and public agencies.