Erez Schneorson

Leaders in Law endorses Erez Schneorson as our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Erez, please use the contact information provided above.

E. Schneorson, Diab & Co. Law Firm represent insured individuals, companies & organizations in insurance claims against all insurance companies. Our expertise is property damage, including fire damages, construction and infrastructure, water damages, burglary, machinery and vehicle theft and damages. We represent in cases of professional liability and liabilities insurance, particularly in cases where insurance company denies coverage. Amongst our clients are private individuals and companies, including infrastructure, construction and contracting companies, local and international. We do not represent insurance companies. Adv. Erez Schneorson is a renowned expert in insurance claims and his law firm is a leading law firm in Israel, in all aspects of insurance litigation.

Adv. Erez Schneorson is a Member of the Israeli Insurance Law Association. A member of the Torts Committee of the Israel Bar Association. A judge at the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association. Writes and lectures in advanced studies programs for attorneys and in other forums. Writes a regular column in ADIF insurance weekly magazine. A mediator and arbitrator. Adv. Schneorson possesses wide experience in tort and insurance claims and in representing insured opposite the insurance companies. He consults insured and law firms in insurance cases and accompanies insurance events as part of negotiations and in conducting proceedings in courts across the country. Member of the Israeli Insurance Law Association.

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance claims

Client List

  • Amongst our clients you will find major local and international firms, including:
  • Smet Group: specialist in underground techniques (Belgium)
  • Kolaster enterprises (Cyprus)
  • Danya Cebus
  • Lesico l.t.d.
  • Nazareth Hospital EMMS
  • WXG engineers
  • Handasa Ba’gova
  • Kibutz Yakum


  • Author of the book: “Understanding Insurance”,
  • Writes and lectures in advanced studies programs for attorneys and in other forums.
  • Writes a regular column in ADIF insurance weekly magazine

Memberships & Associations

  • Insurance law firm of the year
  • Regularly highly ranked by Dun’s 100
  • Regularly highly ranked by BDI
  • Global law experts
  • Fintech awards
  • NFPA
  • Legal 500

Firm Description:

E. Schneorson, Diab & Co. Law Firm is a leading firm in Israel, known for its expertise in litigating for insurance coverage and full compensation in cases of contracting and infrastructure, C.A.R. insurance policies, all business insurance policies, litigating for insurance compensation in cases of property damages, water damages, fire, heavy machinery Etc.

E. Schneorson, Diab & Co. Law Firm is highly appreciated for representing international companies involved in projects in Israel, in all insurance aspects.


Isaac Eilat, Adv.

Leaders in Law endorses Isaac Eilat as our exclusively recommended Debt Recovery Law & Cross-Border Litigation expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Isaac, please use the contact information provided above.

Isaac Eilat has experience of over 38 years in local and international debt collection.

The firm is considered one of the leading firms in Israel in these fields, servicing the biggest commercial firms and Government Ministries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Local Debt Collection
  • International Debt Collection
  • Debt Recovery
  • Consumer and Commercial debts
  • Cross-Border Litigation
  • Judgement Domestication


International Organizations:

  • ACA
  • IACC
  • Fenca
  • ALQ
  • EOS
  • ECN
  • AEA
  • Israel Bar

Established in June 1985 as a firm catering exclusively for creditors’ rights, we have gradually evolved into a law firm specializing in Private International Law in all its aspects. We offer our clients speedy and reliable assistance and solutions to their overseas legal issues.

These issues may include among others: cross border litigation, International collection, enforcement of foreign judgments, preparation of international contracts and legal opinions.

All of these activities have common legal questions such as conflict of laws between different legal systems, determination of  the correct court that has jurisdiction over a conflict, questions of different claim  limitation periods, and other legal and procedural considerations.

Through our international network of experienced attorneys ,collection and Investigation agencies developed over the years we are a one stop shop to our clients for all their international requirements.

Firm Description:

International private law, in all its branches, is an independent legal field that requires those practicing it to possess a specific set of skills, knowledge and expertise. Globalization, while constantly opening new opportunities also presents new challenges.

Legal issues that are complicated enough within the boundaries of one country, become particularly complex when the client’s issues or interests lie overseas. The client meets problems caused by distance, language and culture differences, different legal systems including unfamiliar foreign laws and procedures. All these seem to be insurmountable.

Examples are numerous and varied: A commercial creditor wonders what is the best way to recover the debt from a debtor in a foreign country? where and how he should sue? are the efforts worth the costs? An attorney deliberates if the judgment he acquired in favour of his client will be recognized and enforced in the respondent’s country? While making an offer to a client overseas, an exporter wants to insert the best safeguards in the event of a breach of the agreement. An investor considering the purchase of property may wish to be aware of the prevalent legal atmosphere. Due to  our international partnerships  we offer solutions to all these problems and  many others in over 100 countries, diligently and professionally.

Personal contacts with our clients are very important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. In order to keep constant contact, furnish updates, consult together over ways and means we appoint an attorney for every client. Your case manager will know and understand your special requirements and work in close cooperation with you.

Our clear aim is keep our clients for long stretches of time. Rather than Immediate remuneration our goal is to build a long term relationship based on trust and continued success.Initial consultation for new clients is free. Our fees for collection work (outside court procedures) are success-based. We believe in keeping our employees satisfied and motivate them through generous incentive plans. (the average time an employee works with us is over 10 years) We also believe in giving back to the community by employing handicapped workers and do pro-bono work for animal rights organizations.

Our firm strives to offer the best and most helpful solutions to clients from all relevant fields.

International presence in over 100 countries some of which are as follows;


Yoav Harris

Leaders in Law endorses Yoav Harris as our exclusively recommended Shipping Law expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Yoav please use the contact information provided above.

Adv. John Harris established the legal firm of Harris & Co. in 1977.  The firm is dedicated to the practice of Maritime and Admiralty Law including ship-arrests, charterparty disputes, cargo claims, sale and purchase of ships and the financing of ship purchases, arbitration and commercial litigation.  The firm receives “top tier” ratings from Chambers & PartnersThe Legal 500Dun & Bradstreet and BdiCoface.

The firm receives instructions from the foremost shipping and maritime law departments of international law firms and keeps abreast of English and other jurisdictions’ maritime law judgments and publications.  In the non-litigation aspect of the practice the firm provides legal advice relating to the various contracts of carriage and attends to matters relating to the sale and purchase of ships and the financing of ship purchases.

The firm is the editor of the Israeli chapter for “Shipping” both at the guide of “Shiparrest at Practice” and of Chambers and Partners, and of Legal 500 guides. The Firm is also the author of the Israeli chapter of ICLG to Shipping Law 2019

According to Chambers dictionary 2019 (Transport), the firm “hassignificant  litigious capabilities”, “operates professionally, efficiently and rapidly in order to achieve its client’s goals” and “[its partners] are timely, thorough and extremely pragmatic in their approach to complex legal issues”.

Adv. Yoav Harris contributes articles to the Israeli monthly magazine “The Cargo”; Additional articles of Adv. Harris relating to International and Maritime Law were published, by way of introductory – in The Marker magazine “British settlement-can it be”? issue 15 of “The Naval Prize Court”; issue 23 “Against the Ship” or “Rooted in Personal liability” The Maritime Lien Vs. The Owners”;

Yoav’s articles regarding the Haifa Maritime Court’s authority to act as a Prize Court, were cited both by the Maritime Court and the Supreme Court (Civil Appeal 7307/14) when deciding on the matter of M/V Estelle.


Joshua Pex

Leaders in Law endorses Joshua Pex as our exclusively recommended Immigration Law expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Joshua please use the contact information provided above.

Joshua Pex, Advocate, has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2009 and one of the four founding members of the law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh.

Joshua holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree from the University of Haifa with a B.A in Education and teaching, from which he graduated with honors.

During his studies, Advocate Joshua Pex focused on human and minority rights, as well as constitutional and administrative law. In his studies at student exchange programs at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the Institute for US Law in Washington, DC, Joshua focused on international law.

Professional Career
Between the years 2008-2012, attorney Joshua Pex was employed by the law firm of Yehuda Raveh & Co., Jerusalem branch, in the administrative litigation department. During this period, he helped establish and operate the Noa (Not Objects Anymore) project, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, to combat human trafficking in Israel.

In 2012, he set out on his own and later established the firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex Brosh, together with the other three partners.

Areas of Expertise
Adv. Joshua Pex’s areas of expertise include immigration to Israel, administrative law, legal advice for non-profit companies and organizations (Amutot), labor law and foreign passports.

Public Positions
Chairman of the Tamar (Dead Sea) Council’s Property Tax Appeals Committee.

Chairman of the Immigration and Foreigners Committee of the Jerusalem Bar Association.

Member of the board of the Herut Foundation for Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking.

Firm Description:

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh is an Israeli law firm. We are four partners with different areas of legal expertise. Our main office is located in Petach Tikvah, one of the oldest cities in modern Israel. For our clients’ convenience, we also have an office in Jerusalem. The firm provides legal services on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, immigration law, commercial law, Israeli real estate law, inheritance law, labor law, corporate law, laws regulating nonprofit organizations, tax law, contract law, and legal representation in Israeli courts.

Our law firm specializes in immigration law. For immigration to the United States, we provide expert advice for green cards, work visas, citizenship, family visas, tourist visas, and more. For immigration to Israel, we provide assistance in aliyah, naturalization, work visas, family unification, and representation before the Ministry of Interior offices in Israel. We can also advise on immigration to Canada.

At Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh we are committed to excellence while representing clients at reasonable costs.


Meir (Michel) Arad

Leaders in Law endorses Meir (Michel) Arad as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Meir (Michel) please use the contact information provided above.

A co-founder of the firm and its legal Managing Partner, Adv. Arad leads the firm’s litigation and corporate/commercial practice and in addition oversees all the legal work carried out by the firm. Adv. Arad has interdisciplinary knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in various fields of commercial and corporate practice, including commercial agreements, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, as well as other commercial agreements such as distribution, franchising, licensing and agency. Adv. Arad also manages the firm’s litigation practice. He represents many leading international companies both in corporate matters and commercial litigation cases, and is valued for his ability to study in depth each industry he deals with, including its business elements, and for getting the deal done with minimal fuss.

Adv. Arad is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of East London in London, UK and the International Law Faculty of Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Firm Description:

Arad Luxenburg is a unique boutique law firm focusing on corporate and commercial law, which provides its clients with first-rate professional services in a friendly environment.

Forget about the fuss of the large law firms and multiple lawyers charging large sums for multiple hours, we assure our clients personal attention, and the best and most efficient legal services, all in a cost-effective manner.

We have earned a reputation for getting the deal done.

Our strengths are in taking a creative and original approach to complicated commercial, business and legal issues and possessing both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business.

We offer our clients invaluable assistance with all their local and international business dealings and transactions, providing strategic and tactical advice throughout negotiations.  We also help clients identify exciting new business opportunities.

Our clients include some of the most successful business people and corporations in Israel.  They range from national and multinational corporations, to financial institutions, low-tech and high-tech industries, private corporations and individual entrepreneurs and investors.

We pride ourselves on providing excellence, while retaining a home-firm feel. Our staff consists of talented, hardworking, and experienced professionals who aim to help clients achieve all their objectives with a minimum of fuss.

The firm’s lawyers graduated in Israel, the United Kingdom and Netherlands with advanced degrees in international, commercial and corporate law.  All our lawyers are members of the Israeli bar.

Our combination of warm personal relationships, top-notch legal expertise, sound business advice, and proven entrepreneurial skills, enable us to give our clients a superior edge in the world of business.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Shmuel Maoz

Adv. Shmuel Maoz specializes in tender law and administrative law, with extensive experience relating to BOT/PPP projects and project finance, representing clients throughout all stages of tender process and other commercial transactions, as well as litigation. Adv. Maoz frequently represents the State of Israel and government-owned companies in major national infrastructure projects.

Adv. Maoz also regularly advises private entities regarding commercial enterprises and initiatives.

Weinstock – Zecler & Co:

Weinstock – Zecler & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms in its special fields of expertise: Antitrust Law, Competition and Regulation, Corporate, M&A, Private Equity, Chinese Commercial Law, Infrastructure and Project Finance, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, and Zoning and Planning.

Founded in 1997, Weinstock-Zecler quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Each practice area is led by a reputable partner with extensive professional experience and unique insight in his or her respective field. Our attorneys are regularly cited as experts in local and international academic and business publications. Amongst the firm’s clients are leading companies and entities in Israel and abroad.

Weinstock – Zecler & Co. is known for its uncompromising professionalism, comprehensive and profound legal knowledge and proficiency. The firm’s attorneys are carefully selected, have broad experience and are well known for their ability to serve as lead counsel in vastly complex transactions and high-stakes disputes on par with any of the largest partnerships, while producing creative tailor-made practical solutions and providing the individual attention characteristic of a boutique firm. Our clients note our energetic and devoted personal service.

We offer our clients a wide range of services, to serve all their needs in litigation, business activities, commercial, administrative and private law, and in virtually every market sector. Our primary goal is to provide the most effective and efficient representation possible, addressing all our client’s needs.

Yoav Klein

Yoav Klein’s main practice is commercial and corporate law, with an emphasis on commercial transactions, venture capital financing and Start-ups.

Mr. Klein consults to High-Tech and Bio-Tech companies in all stages, from pre-incorporation planning to venture capital financing to mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Yoav consults commercial corporations in their day-to-day activities.

Before founding the firm, Yoav worked in the High-Tech department of the prestigious law firms of GKH.

Yoav is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.


College of Management, Israel, LL.B; honors

Oren-Klein Law Firm:

Oren-Klein Law Firm is a boutique law firm in the field of Litigation, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Entrepreneurship, High-Tech and Bio-Tech and Intellectual Property.

The firm consults and provides legal services to a large range of clients in the business and corporate field. We consult to leading corporations and experienced business men and investors as well as inexperienced entrepreneurs and new corporations.

Our firm also manages the ‘Stat-Up‘ and ‘Companies’ Bankruptcy and Liquidation‘ forums at , in which we answer questions in these fields.

We believe that legal consultation in the business field should include more than review and drafting of documents. Therefore, while reviewing a transaction or a possible lawsuit, our firm is combining business and strategic thinking in the working process with its clients – aiming to achieve the best solution for the specific needs of each client.

We act in the same care and sensitivity to the need of each client when we consider the fees for each possible solution and service we offer, without compromising on a high level of services and professionalism.

Ruth Dayan Wolfner

Ruth Dayan Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading firms specializing in family law. Our practice includes managing procedures and legal representation in cases of divorce, wills, and inheritances, and various aspects of family law as well as mediation. The firm was established in 1998 by Ruth Dayan Wolfner and has grown rapidly due to the sensitive approach, comprehensive understanding of the complex aspects of all areas of family law and effective results achieved in the various courts or through mediation. We offer the highest standard of legal representation in divorce cases, contesting wills, challenging inheritance, providing legal documents of all kinds, mediating, drawing up legal agreements, taking statements and investigating witnesses.

Practice Areas:

The firm specializes in all aspects of family law and has expertise in managing procedures in the Family Matters Courts including:

  • Wills and Inheritances: The firm’s expertise includes drawing up wills, contesting wills, drawing up requests for inheritance court orders, and submitting claims on various issues relating to bequests, acting as executors of inheritances and other issues concerning this field.
  • Division of Property: This specialization includes an equitable balance of resources, liquidating partnerships in assets and family companies, protecting rights and locating concealed assets.
  • Support Claims: The firm has extensive experience in claims for alimony and support for women and children, including claims for decreasing or increasing payments, verifying amounts of salary and income, and standard of living.
  • Child Custody: The Firm handles custody arrangements including claims for joint custody, changes in custody arrangements, protecting the rights of children regarding their relations to both parents and the extended family, and claims relating to abduction of children.
  • Abduction of Children: The firm handles legal procedures, as dictated by The Hague Convention, concerning the abduction of children to and from Israel.
  • Rabbinical Courts: The Firm is highly experienced in appearing before the Rabbinical Courts including an understanding of relevant Hebrew Law and matters related to receiving a Jewish divorce (“get”), obtaining alimony and child support payments, and the division of property according to Jewish Law (“Halacha”).
  • Drawing up Financial and Divorce Agreements including Mediation: Until reaching an agreement that is acceptable for both parties, the firm has special expertise in carrying out short and effective mediation procedures.
  • Common Law Marriage: Claims and protecting legal rights of cohabiting couples. These claims include property claims, inheritance rights, support payments, and recognition by various institutions and organizations.

Nati Simchony

Nat joined HFN in 2014 as partner and head of the White Collar Crime Department.

Known as one of the top legal experts in this area Nati brings a wealth of experience in the litigation of white collar crimes.

His work includes the representation of clients in a wide spectrum of aspects with in the field of white collar crimes: fraud, theft, bribery, negligence, securities, money laundering, taxation, antitrust and security offenses, including administrative enforcement on all levels.

Nati started his legal career as an intern in Adv. Uri Slonim’s law firm and after being admitted to the Israeli bar, he worked with Adv. Yehuda Tunik. In 1992, he began working with Adv, GioraAderet, first as an associate and then as a partner.

In 1999, Nati opened his own firm which merged in 2004 with Adv. Aderet’s firm to form the Law Offices of Aderet, Simchony& Co.

Throughout his career, Nati has represented clients in complex and sensitive cases, of public and legal importance, and actively contributed to the establishment of significant precedents in a variety of legal issues.

White Collar Crime Law Practice:

As regulatory standards around the world become ever more complex and challenging to navigate, companies are increasingly recognising the need to ensure that their business practices conform to all applicable laws and standards of the countries in which they operate.

HFN is the first Israeli law firm to identify the necessity of establishing a dedicated Corporate Compliance, Anti-Corruption & White Collar Crime group to specifically address these diverse issues. The group assists clients from both an Israeli and international perspective, and provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive information regarding corporate compliance issues.

The scope of the Corporate Compliance, Anti-Corruption & White Collar Crime group’s work falls into three separate but inter-related fields: export control, trade sanctions and anti-corruption and bribery. The group strives to provide clients with creative and sustainable solutions to facilitate the operation of their international trade business.

Herzog Fox & Neeman:

Over the past 40 years, Herzog Fox & Neeman has grown to become Israel’s premier law firm, earning a reputation as market leader through its involvement in every major development that has shaped the Israeli Economy.

Since our founding as a boutique firm for international clients doing business in Israel, we continue to be the law firm of choice for prominent multinational companies. Our unrivalled experience in cross-border and domestic matters enables us to address our clients’ legal needs across all industries.

HFN is Israel’s most diverse law firm, with over 260 lawyers of whom more than 90 are partners. The firm has some of the brightest legal minds in the profession, possessing both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business HFN employs over 50 dual-qualified, foreign-born lawyers who have worked at leading firms in the U.S., UK and Australia. In keeping with the firm’s global perspective, the majority of HFN’s business is conducted in English and lawyers work closely with leading firms in jurisdictions around the world.

HFN’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its prominent status in all major international and domestic publications. The firm has received top-tier rankings for consecutive years in almost all major practice areas in leading directories including: The European Legal 500, Chambers Global, IFLR 1000, BDI and Dun and Bradstreet. HFN is the mostly highly ranked amongst all Israeli law firms, and was selected as Israeli Law Firm of the Year by the Financial Times and mergermarket, IFLR, Who’s Who Legal and others.


Jackie Donner-Stocki

Jackie has specific expertise advising the firm’s private clients on various estate planning and private wealth matters.

While working in London and Israel, Jackie has acted on high profile transactions for FTSE 100 and Tel Aviv 25 corporate clients, internet and technology companies and leading financial institutions and banks.

Jackie has acted for clients such as the Pearson Group, the Delek Group, PartyGaming, Woolworths, 888, Xstrata and Goldman Sachs.

Prior to joining Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM), Jackie worked in the corporate department of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP in London and as legal counsel at Morgan Stanley and Fidelity International.

Jackie has a BA from Tel Aviv University, a BSc from London School of Economics, and an MSt from Oxford University. Jackie qualified at BPP and completed the LPC at the College of Law in London.

Jackie is an English-qualified solicitor (admitted 2005). Jackie speaks English and Hebrew.

Epstein Rosenblum Maoz:

ERM’s unique focus, expertise and approach are widely acknowledged by Israeli and international clients, who instruct us in relation to their most challenging transactions.

The major legal directories also regularly recognise us as a leader in our core practice areas.

Effective approach

Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve their business objectives. We seek to accomplish this by adhering to a few basic principles:

First, we only engage excellent lawyers and constantly encourage them to hone their legal and interpersonal skills. Our lawyers’ technical skills and pragmatic approach are widely appreciated by clients and colleagues alike.

Second, our advice is always sound, practical, commercial and based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business objectives.

Third, we work in small partner-led deal-teams comprised of lawyers with the most relevant skills for the specific assignment. This effective and ‘hands-on’ approach enables each team member to understand the ‘big picture’ and the team as a whole to provide coherent and holistic advice.