Katie Lau

Leaders in Law endorses Katie Lau as our exclusively recommended Medical Aesthetics expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with Katie please use the contact information provided above.

For Katie, Founder of Dr. Katie Clinic, principles are of paramount importance, and the sole principle she has staunchly followed since the onset of her professional career is to help people in need. This principle of Katie has been one of the key factors that has made her one of the most admired and influential doctors in and around her space in Hong Kong. Katie graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2006 and later completed three years of surgical training at its teaching hospital. Katie still needed hands-on experience as a practitioner to prover her mettle and absorb the knowledge of a professional practice, which led her to work in many organisations and helped her gain her initial clinical aesthetic experience. “After 3 years of basic surgical training, there were a few opportunities which led me into private practice. Before my clinic, I started off as a general practitioner, and after a few months I got involved in the study of cosmetic medicine”, says Katie.

Why Dr. Katie is much Different:

According to Katie, running one’s own clinic is every practitioner’s dream. “I never imagined possessing my own clinic”, she says. She eventually did in the year 2017, and started her journey of treating her patients, Katie did not just go by the book. There is a clear difference with the approach that Katie adapts to the others around her, and that approach has come from a purpose she worked out for over a period of time. Like other practitioners, Katie too is much passionate about looking after and taking care of her patients, but the purpose she does it with is by having a greater understanding of her patients. The thought behind Katie’s treatment is “Every patient is different”. This thought has been one of the hallmarks of Katie’s approach as a result of which she has been able to build a large conglomeration of patients. Her “one size doesn’t fit all” approach has made Katie understand her patients, their needs and requirements and how they take their way of treatment as a conscious and step by step approach. From the words of Katie, “I need to tailor make for every patient of mine because they are different, and their needs are different. In the beginning they might be sceptical and unhappy, but eventually they would experience the positive impact with me being an expert and a professional in this field for some time, I should tell them what is best for them”.

The one-to-one care that patients experience at Dr. Katie Clinic makes them feel much confident about her catering towards them. According to Katie, there is a higher degree of change patients experience psychologically and physiologically when it comes to cosmetics and skin, and this varies from other specialties. Unlike many others, Katie’s way of treating her patients is a non-invasive one. By using energy-based devices, injectables which are non-invasive methods, Katie’s patients are finding a lot of improvement in their skin and in their outer-appearance which also makes them feel confident about themselves, as reflected in their work and social life, all in all transforming their whole personality to the better. “At the beginning, I did not expect great feedbacks from my patients, but later on results started to pay off, my patients were much relieved in what they saw. Because I like working with my hands a lot, I believe I want to help patients with my hands instead of just prescribing medicine with just the drug”, Katie said. Another reason for Katie’s non-invasive approach is because they are relatively safe, reversible and involves less risk. The products used by Katie are ones which are all FDA approved which means that they are proven the safest. All these factors have made Katie gather a loyal and trusted patient conglomeration over the past years.

Katie believes in direct hands-on experience instead of formal, theoretical ventures. Having grown up in an environment of facing everyday challenges which demanded her to learn and perform the same things each day is what resulted in her having complete faith in the testing and experimentation methods. “By doing this I started to build my own patient pool gradually and now I have stable and loyal supporters who come to me regularly”. Katie is one of the very few who does not compete in terms of cost, and sustaining the ongoing pandemic was one of the significant live examples that affirmed Katie serving her patients with this thought. “The COVID pandemic posed another challenge and over the past few months, many families with children started to emigrate. Some of them lost their jobs and their incomes were unstable, it was like a recession and spending was a challenge for many including my patients”, she said.

Trends, and What Excites Dr. Katie Clinic:

According to her, people fonder the newer advancements as they are well informed on the question of embracing and adapting to new technologies, Katie completely welcomes the change. Having known about the changing trends in technologies as well as social trends over the past 10 years, Katie also has a special mention on the Chinese traditional ways which is still very strong currently. She is very much cognisant of the fact that technology and social media have had a fair share of influence due to which beauty in its very form has been largely emphasised. Katie views beauty as a basic hygiene, and according to her it is something which everyone needs to take seriously. Katie is also concerned about the current issues the millennials of today are facing.

Boys and girls at the age group of as early as 20’s-30’s are vulnerable to skin cancer, and along with them are some signs of allergies that take the form of redness, pain and swelling which are prevalent among them, and any age groups, especially lately during the pandemic when wearing of surgical masks has become mandatory almost globally. Most are much conscious about preventing those red flags, and with advancements in technology and various non-invasive techniques and methods, treating them is no difficult. According to her, people the newer advancements as they are well informed that these tend to be less time consuming and also cost-effective, notably intervention of Artificial Intelligence into the healthcare sector, and robot-assisted surgeries playing a key role in major operations. Katie has made sure all her novel ideas and time-tested techniques and methods are at the disposal of her patients whenever time demands.

To help people with acne problems and scars out of that, Katie prefers combination therapy with energy-based devices, complemented with hyaluronic acid injections after for more thorough and faster effects.

The Approach:

Katie is all welcoming and completely open when it comes to learning of her patients’ expectations. “People are overloaded with information from the Internet, thus are much more educated, and are able to do their research very well. They acknowledge about the latest product on market and have very high expectations on both the product as well as the machines. Like fashion, they are of different pieces, different styles, and they might not fit everyone. I apply my experiences and try my very best to help them”. When it comes to using technologies, Katie does not mind sitting with her patients patiently to explain that the newest “trends” might not be the best for them still. This is precisely what is called a sensible and a pragmatic approach which is very much imperative when it comes to the medical field.

Katie operates her clinic quite differently from others, she does it in a more natural possible way. Helping patients asides treatment times, including pre and post visits have resulted in her winning her patients’ hearts. “I take most time to attend to each patient. I see more quality than quantity, and I firmly believe in this. I routinely review results and make sure they appreciate the exact changes they are going through. This approach of mine is making my patients really positive”, says an ecstatic Katie.

Katie finds most of her patients through references from colleagues, their family members and extensions of the same. Maskne (skin-related problems from prolonged wearing of surgical masks), pigmentation, viral warts, facial asymmetry, are some of the common issues today to which people are approaching aesthetic medicine. Earlier, Katie had occasionally been trying out new innovations, and now it has become her signature treatment. Katie chooses to use injections which deliver instant results with less downtime, while many outside do away with drugs and machines. To help people with acne problems and scars out of that, Katie prefers combination therapy with energy-based devices, complemented with hyaluronic acid injections after for more thorough and faster effects. According to Katie, this is because downtime is minimal, results effective, and widely affordable, above all, most importantly, patients are happy. Moreover the recently very popular high intensity focused ultrasound for skin tightening is actually derived from a novel liver cancer treatment, highly focused to kill cancer cells only, saving healthy liver cells, thus preserving function. Another dermatological breakthrough, especially for the more mature age group, which mostly required skin lifting open surgeries in order to achieve the same.

Katie’s Aspirations:

Recalling an experience she had with one of her 60’s patient who went into tears after she was relieved off her all time upper nasal bridge 5 centimetres long oblique scar since childhood, Katie expressed she is always very willing and readily open to try new techniques from any corner of the world. “I modulated certain European practices to deliver on Asians, be it for moisturisation, different utilisations and administration of fillers, like hyaluronic acids, I’m specialising in all these. I have been sharing my modified theories and techniques with my colleagues locally in Hong Kong, and across Asia, namely Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia”, she claims.

Going forward, Katie is very much into building up on academic strengths, and even more enthusiastic when it comes to adapting fresh learnings. Katie is eager to publishing medical literature, authoritative medical journals, and coming up with her own book collecting on her wonderful journey.


Rossana Chu

Leaders in Law endorses Rossana Chu as our exclusively recommended M&A Law expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with Rossana please use the contact information provided above.
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)
  • Fund & Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Restructuring & Insolvency


  • University of Hong Kong, LL.M.
  • City University of Hong Kong, PCLL
  • University of London, LL.B. (Hons.)
  • City University of Hong Kong, B.A. (Accountancy)


  • Hong Kong
  • England and Wales (non-practising)


English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Rossana Chu has more than 26 years of legal experience with deep knowledge and skills. She is best known for her expertise in M&As including takeovers and privatisations of Hong Kong listed companies, capital markets, corporate financing, asset management, corporate restructuring, private equity/venture investments, trusts and family offices, ESG and sustainability, technology law as well as employment legal issues. She advises multi-national and Chinese corporations, securities firms, investment banks, funds, non-profit making organisations, families and individuals in respect of their domestic and overseas legal matters.

Rossana Chu is an award-winning lawyer, international accolades include: “Leading Individual” by Chambers Greater China Region (2024); “Leading Individual” by Legal 500 Asia Pacific (2023-2024); “Highly Regarded Leading Lawyer” by IFLR1000 (2015-2023); “asialaw Distinguished Practitioner” by asialaw (2023-24); “A-List: Visionaries (International)” by China Business Law Journal (2023-24); “A-List – China’s Elite Lawyers (Foreign Firms)” by China Business Law Journal (2020-2022); “Winner in M&A Law Expert of the Year in Hong Kong” at Global Law Experts Annual Awards (2022-2023), “Winner in M&A Law Expert of the Year in Hong Kong” at Leaders in Law Global Awards (2022-2023); “Winner in M&A Law Expert of the Year in Hong Kong” at The Lawyers Network Annual Awards (2022); “The Highest Rated Lawyer to work with of the Year” by asialaw Client Service Excellence (2021); “Ranked Lawyer” by Legal Media 360 (2021, 2023), “Commended External Counsel of the Year” by In-House Community (2017, 2021 and 2022-23); “Winner in Capital Markets for Hong Kong” at Lexology Client Choice Awards (2019); “Takeover Deal of the Year 2016 Award” by Lawyer Monthly (2016).

As a thought leader in the legal industry, Rossana has been recognised as a #Lexology Legal Influencer (Individual Expert) respectively in “Future of legal services – Cross-border” and “Corporate – Asia-Pacific” for Q1 2021, “Employment – Asia Pacific” for Q2 2021, and “Infrastructure – Asia-Pacific” for Q1 2022.

Rossana has been a partner in international law firms since 2008. From 2018 to early 2024, she was the Managing Partner of a Hong Kong law firm as a member of the global network of a Big Four accounting firm.  She is a co-founder of the Association of Retired Elderly Limited, a non-profit-making organisation with a focus on improving the welfare of the elderly in Hong Kong. She is also an affiliate member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom.

Firm Description:

YYC Legal LLP (formerly known as Yang & Yang Solicitors LLP) is a Hong Kong law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient legal services to a wide variety of clients including corporations, financial institutions, funds, governmental and official authorities, family offices, individuals, charities and non-profit-making organizations.  With rich experience, extensive professional knowledge, and licenses in multiple jurisdictions, such as USA, Canada, England and Wales, the lawyers of YYC Legal LLP have established a global vision, diversified layout and license in Hong Kong.  A comprehensive law firm with first-class service capabilities.

YYC Legal LLP is familiar with Hong Kong’s legal system and business environment. It has been in Association with East & Concord Partners (Hong Kong) Law Firm which is the Hong Kong office of a PRC-based law firm, East & Concord Partners.  Our alliance with East & Concord Partners which enables YYC Legal LLP to provide clients with a wide range of legal services in the Greater Bay Area (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong), including 7 other offices (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing and Xi’an) in mainland China, as well as an office in Vancouver of Canada and help the clients handle complex cross-border matters.


William Leung

Leaders in Law endorses William Leung as our exclusively recommended Arbitration Law expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with William please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

  • International Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Disputes
  • International Arbitration and Investors-state Arbitration
  • Corporate Insolvency & Restructuring
  • International Trade and Investment Litigation
  • M&A
  • Capital Market
  • Constructions and Infrastructure Project Development
  • Intellectual Property

Mr. William Leung, founder of his firm has been a practicing solicitor of the High Court of the Hong Kong SAR since 1988.He graduated from University of London with a Master of Law degree in 1988, Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Hong Kong in 1992. Prior to and shortly after the re-unification of Hong Kong and China in 1997, he has also taken the initiative to polish his legal expertise in China by obtaining a Bachelor in Chinese Law from China University Politics and Law in 1997 and a Master in Economic Law from Peking University, China in 2002. Mr. William Leung is a Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK; the Hong Kong and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and he is a Panel Arbitrator with Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre; Singapore International Arbitration Centre; China International Economic Trade Arbitration Commission, China Maritime Arbitration Commission; Korean Commercial Arbitration Board; and Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration in Malaysia.

His recent publications include “Exercise Of Residual Discretion under Article V Of The New York Convention By Enforcement Court When Award Is Alive Dead And Undead” published in January 2019 on China Legal Science, focusing on Arbitration.

Other contributions in the area of corporate finance include “Oxford handbook of Asian Business Systems – Hong Kong: Hybrid Capitalism as Catalyst, by professor Gordon Redding, Gilbert Wong and William Leung” published in 2014 on 2014 oxford handbook of Asian Business System.

Our Mr. William Leung has been an insolvency practitioner since the year of 2001, has been appointed by both the Hong Kong High Court and the Hong Kong Official Receiver, in acting as company liquidators in liquidating company assets.

In year of 2016, our Mr. William Leung has been granted the status of Solicitor Advocate* having higher right of audience to appear and make submissions in any higher courts (including the Court of Final Appeal) in Hong Kong [Law Society Circular 16-857].

In year of 2020, our Mr. William Leung was appointed by The High People’s Court of Guangdong Province as a mediator for cross-border commercial disputes in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. (see Letter of Appointment)

Firm Overview:

We are a leading boutique law firm providing legal services of specified areas in international trade, shipping and transportation, intellectual property, corporate restructuring and insolvency (liquidation) with solid, extensive experience in handling complex corporate, commercial and international litigation, international commercial and investment arbitration and corporate rescue operations for more than 30 years.

Of course, general practice works including, but not limited to, matrimonial and divorce, probate, conveyancing works also part of our daily working routines.

Since our opening in the year of 1992, we have a long-established reputation in shipping and international trade litigation works. In shipping, the firm acts predominantly for owners, charterers and freight forwarders. In international trade, the firm acts for factories, manufacturers, multinational shippers and world-renowned-brand owners, traders and financial institutions in relation to disputes over trading of all types of goods including toys; physical commodities (for example, coal etc.)

Our corporate litigation works include:

  • Shareholders disputes;
  • Derivative actions (statutory and common law);
  • Unfair prejudicial, Just equitable winding up;
  • Action against directors including misfeasance proceedings;
  • Preservation of corporate assets;
  • Restructuring: moratorium, schemes of Arrangement; appointment of (Provisional) Liquidators;
  • Cross border and multiplicity of proceedings in both HK, mainland China and offshore proceedings eg. in BVI, Cayman Islands;
  • Forum shopping.

In 2001, we acted for a private enterprise from city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province China and won against Jardine group company for misdelivery of cargo: Center Optical (Hong Kong) Limited -v- Jardine Transport Services (China) Limited which was reported in the reputable Lloyd’s Law Reports [2001] Vol 2. Page 678 – 690.

In another significant case in 2005, he acted for a Hong Kong shipper and won against an international logistics service provider: Vastfame Camera Limited -v- Birkart Globistics Limited which was reported in three Law Reports of worldwide-fame: American Maritime Cases [2005] AMC page 2864 – 2879; European Transport Law [2006] Vol. XLI No.2 page 182 – 195 and Hong Kong Cases [2005] 4 HKC page 117-135.

His recent highlight cases in the area of Private International Law include:

  • Dickson Valora Group (Holdings) Co. Limited v Fan Ji Qian [2019] 2 HKLRD 173 – “quasi-contractual” anti-suit injunction against a respondent who was not party to the relevant arbitration clause
  • Dickson Holdings Enterprise Company Limited v Moravia CV [2019] 3 HKLRD 210 – application for striking out unfair prejudice petition on the group of lack of locus standi; mandatory stay of the petition in favour of arbitration pursuant to an arbitration agreement

In our international litigation and arbitration works, we are quick, nimble and dedicated in acting for our clients in taking emergency preservative measures including, but not limited to, the obtaining of worldwide mareva injunction orders in freezing bank accounts and assets; disclosure orders in aid of such orders (see X v A (judgment by Zervos J in HCA 2433/ 2013)).

We have extensive experience of undertaking arbitrations both as advocates and as arbitrators in London Maritime Arbitration Association (LMAA), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre  (HKIAC), China International Economic Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)/ China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) in the People’s Republic of China, Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration (KLRCA) in Malaysia and Korean Commission Arbitration Board (KCBA) in Korea.

We have a strong reputation locally and internationally for its intellectual property (IP) works. We handle all aspects of trade mark, design, patent and domain name registration, licensing and distribution rights including computer contracts and IP consultancy, and infringement matters. We are fast in taking emergency preventive measures including, but not limited to, the obtaining of Anton Piller orders; and injunction orders and disclosure orders in aid of such orders.

In our corporate works, apart from company secretarial and listing compliance works, we undertake all sorts of M&A works whether or not in the capital market.

In our corporate restructuring works, our Mr. William Leung, having been appointed by both the Hong Kong High Court and Hong Kong Official Receiver since the year of 2001, has acted as company liquidators in liquidating assets.


Julia Charlton

Leaders in Law endorses Julia Charlton as our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance Law Services expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with Julia please use the contact information provided above.

Julia is the founding partner of Charltons, an internationally recognised Hong Kong-based boutique corporate finance law firm established in 1998. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Charltons has representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Charltons is one of the few Hong Kong law firms with an office presence in Yangon, Myanmar. Julia was admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales in 1985 and has practised as a solicitor in Hong Kong since 1987. She is an experienced practitioner in the field of corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, securities, derivatives, funds restructuring and regulatory issues. Julia has extensive experience of working with PRC clients and is a Mandarin speaker.

Charltons initiated and coordinated a major project involving over 20 law firms, 40 investment banks and two ‘Big Four’ accounting firms to produce the Sponsor Due Diligence Guidelines, first published in September 2013, updated in 2016 and currently being updated for a 2018 edition.

Julia was a long-standing member of the Listing Committee of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong from 2012 to 2018. She is currently a member of the Takeovers Panel and the Takeovers Appeals Panel of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, a member of the Investigation Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a senior fellow of the Hong Kong Securities Institute, and a member of the Company Law Committee of the Hong Kong Law Society. She is the current President of International Women’s Forum Hong Kong and is a Chairperson of the Eurocham Financial Services Business Council. Julia has been named a Hong Kong American Chamber of Commerce / South China Morning Post Woman of Influence.

Julia has founded and maintains two charitable organisations. The Asia Education Foundation provides scholarship funds to improve the lives of talented and hardworking, yet underprivileged students, by providing them with scholarship funds to be put towards university education. AEF is currently focused on China, a country where not all outstanding students can afford to attend university. The second charity, The Asia Environmental Foundation, aims to increase public awareness about environmental protection and conservation by providing funding to organise, plan, formulate, promote and implement programmes, activities or schemes for the purpose of environmental protection and conservation, and carries out disaster relief and recovery work.

Firm Description:

Charltons is a boutique Hong Kong corporate finance law firm with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Yangon, Myanmar. The firm’s practice covers capital markets, M&A, regulatory and securities work, natural resources law, corporate and commercial, private equity and funds, corporate restructuring and offshore and China funds. Charltons, as a boutique law firm, has currently around twenty professionals within the firm complemented by a dedicated support team. The firm values team spirit and encourages active participation and day-to-day communication we sharing the experience and insights and the free flow of information and know-how.

Charltons is committed to retain female talent in the legal profession. This commitment was recognised at the 2012, 2013 and 2017 Euromoney Legal Media Group’s Asia Women in Business Law Awards.

Charltons has a track record of over 17 years representing major multinational clients on complex cross border transactions as well as domestic transactions. The firm is experienced in advising local and international companies, controlling shareholders, sponsors and underwriters on initial public offerings on both the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the GEM market. Charltons is also well recognised for its work advising companies on the legal requirements and implications of their capital raising on listing and we provide ongoing advice to listed companies regarding their compliance with continuing obligations under the Hong Kong Listing Rules.

In recent years, Charltons has earned a reputation for the focused advice provided to both listed and non-listed mineral companies with global operations. Charltons advises on Hong Kong natural resources law and our natural resource practice has grown on the strength of China’s demand for capital and overseas acquisitions in the mineral sector. The firm has extensive experience in assisting junior and mid-cap mineral companies raising capital in Hong Kong and China. The firm has participated in dozens of cross border M&A transactions in the mineral sector, often with a lead coordinating role, and has been involved in mineral investment projects in Myanmar.

The firm advises on Hong Kong M&A law and cross-border M&A transactions, including public takeovers, corporate restructurings and joint ventures. Charltons frequently acts as lead counsel coordinating teams of lawyers in overseas jurisdictions to achieve practical and integrated solutions for our clients and has particular experience in bridging the cultural divide that can exist between Chinese and Western counterparts in complex cross-border M&A transactions.

Charltons has considerable experience advising on the formation and management of offshore, Hong Kong and China investment funds. The firm works with clients to design and develop creative and flexible structures that maximise fund raising opportunities under the prevailing legal and regulatory regimes in Hong Kong, PRC and other relevant jurisdictions.

In September 2013, Charltons initiated and coordinated a major project involving over 20 law firms, 50 investment banks and two ‘big 4’ accounting firms to produce the 720+ page Sponsor Due Diligence Guidelines ((WWW.DUEDILIGENCEGUIDELINES.COM)). The Guidelines are being updated in 2018 and are available online for in English and Chinese.

Charltons has a substantial pro bono practice establishing and advising Hong Kong based charities and foundations. The firm is strongly committed to the concept that it has the responsibility to give back to the community through the provision of pro-bono work to those in need. Over the years, Charltons has focused on providing free legal services to charitable organisations as well as participating in their ongoing management and fundraising events from time to time.

One way Charltons incorporates pro bono work into its suite of legal services is by partnering with clients with their own social and charitable initiatives on a no fee basis. Partnering with clients in this manner means all those involved can draw on one another’s unique skills, experience and ideas.

Charltons has a strong track record of direct involvement in charitable work. The firm’s lawyers cooperated with individuals and organisations and has had the satisfaction of seeing those initiatives grow to achieve their charitable goals. Charltons assisted in the formation of Asia Education Foundation Limited, Asia Environmental Foundation Limited, Village People Project Limited and Society for Children’s Welfare Limited and we provide ongoing secretarial services to charities. Charltons has been involved with a number of environmental initiatives including the production of the Green Office Guidelines for SMEs.


Charltons was awarded ‘Boutique Firm of the Year’ by Asian Legal Business for the years 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and was awarded ‘Boutique Transactional Law Firm of the Year’ in 2017.

Charltons was named Hong Kong’s top Independent Law Firm in the Euromoney Legal Media Asia Women in Business Law Awards 2012 and 2013, and has been named Hong Kong’s Best National Firm for Work-Life Balance in 2017.

Charltons was awarded Corporate Finance Law Firm of the Year in Hong Kong’ by Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards 2014.

Charltons was awarded “Equity Market Deal of the Year” 2011 by Asian Legal Business for advising on the listing of AIA Group Ltd. on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


David Bennett

Leaders in Law endorses David Bennett as our exclusively recommended Asset Recovery Services expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with David please use the contact information provided above.

I have over 25 years of experience in the recovery and reorganisation space. I lead our British Virgin Islands (BVI) business and take insolvency appointments in the BVI. Our practice focuses on complex cross border insolvencies, dispute resolution and forensic accountancy.

I started my career in London moving to Asia in the late 1990’s. Following a couple of years in Hong Kong and my return to the UK, I moved into corporate finance before returning to restructuring work where I operated as an insolvency practitioner and worked in restructuring, advisory and pensions advisory.

In 2014 I moved to Hong Kong and launched our restructuring team. Over the next seven years I was involved in some of the largest cross border restructuring cases including China Fishery, Noble Group, China Huishan Diary Holding including offshore cases in Cayman, Bermuda and BVi.

Over the last few years I acted as an independent director sitting as a director on numerous boards as part of an international dispute relating to an investment fund.

Expertise covers:

  • Restructuring advisor to a USD 400 million senior debt group in the restructuring of a major listed business headquartered in Hong Kong.
  • Appointed by stakeholders to manage a PE fund with USD 700 million of investments and operations over 27 jurisdictions. Acted as Board member to monitor and maintain status quo.
  • Bermuda Court appointed soft touch Liquidator of Indian telco. Oversaw the disposal of key operations to third party acquirer
  • Joint Liquidator of UA Cinemas one of the larges cinema chains in Hong Kong and oversaw the disposal of multiple sites to new operators.
  • BVI Liquidator of entity embroiled in the Qingdao metals fraud.


  • Member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association
  • Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
  • JIEB Qualified
  • Former Board member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants – RIF Chapter

Firm Description:

We are Grant Thornton. We go beyond business as usual, so you can too.

We invest in listening, building relationships, and understanding your concerns to deliver an experience that’s more personal, agile and proactive. We work at the pace that matters. Yours. That’s why we celebrate fresh thinking and diverse perspectives to find better solutions. We don’t predict the future. We help you shape it.

We embrace what makes each market unique. On a global scale.

We are a global network with 58,000 passionate people in member firms in 130 countries, with one common goal — to help you realise your ambitions. Which is why we combine global scale and capability with local insights and understanding. So, whether you’re growing in one market or many, looking to operate more effectively, managing risk and regulation, or realising stakeholder value, our member firms have the assurance, tax and advisory capabilities you need with the quality you expect.

Grant Thornton British Virgin Islands

Grant Thornton British Virgin Islands focuses on recovery and reorganisation. The firm collaborates with Grant Thornton’s Eastern Caribbean firms in Antigua and St Kitts & Nevis, which provides services to the four English speaking countries of the Leeward Islands, St Lucia, which serves the four English speaking countries of the Windward Islands, the Cayman Island member firms and Grant Thornton UK.


Richard J. I. Stock

Richard Stock is a partner in the Hong Kong office of Mayer Brown JSM’s finance practice. He focuses his practice on the aviation industry, with nearly twenty years experience assisting airlines, lessors and financial institutions to negotiate and document leasing and financing arrangements for commercial aircraft. He also has a busy corporate jet practice, representing owners, lessors and financial institutions in the purchase, leasing and financing of corporate jets.

Richard has represented airlines, lessors and owners who intend to purchase new aircraft from OEMs; the total value of these transactions exceeds USD 20 billion. He has also represented airlines, lessors and owners in equipment procurement programmes and out-fitting agreements for new and used aircraft.

Richard has a particular interest in used aircraft and in aircraft and engine maintenance. Richard has assisted airlines to negotiate service agreements for airframe and engine maintenance. Many of these service agreements involve sizeable revenue streams; the engine service agreements alone involve revenues in excess of USD 7 billion.

Richard also advises investors seeking to establish joint ventures in the aviation industry, including the establishment of new airlines, the re-purposing of existing airlines and other aviation-related matters.

Mayer Brown JSM:

Mayer Brown JSM (formerly known as Johnson Stokes & Master) is one of the leading law firms in the world’s fastest-growing legal market. Mayer Brown JSM was established in 1863 in Hong Kong and has offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mayer Brown JSM has a multinational, multilingual team of 800 staff, including 300 lawyers who are qualified in local and international jurisdictions.

Our proven record of experience, culture and networks in Asia means we are closely tuned in to regional issues and policy development – a factor that we will leverage to our clients’ advantage. Our long-term, on-the-ground experience and knowledge of Asian markets and networks have been the key to building our reputation. We are known as the law firm that “opens doors and closes deals in Asia”.

Laurette Gallagher

Laurette Gallagher is Managing Director of Construction Expert Services Limited, a company providing quantum expert evidence for construction disputes proceeding to arbitration or litigation.

A Quantity Surveyor with over 30 years of experience in construction and has worked for leading international contracting and consulting organisations. Laurette has been involved with projects in Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UK.

She has experience in airports (terminal buildings), bridges, commercial, hotel, public facilities and residential building projects, computer installation works, geotechnical works (marine and land), grouting works, hydro-electric and oil/gas fueled power plants, infrastructure projects, long distance horizontal directional drilling, marine structures, pipe-jacking works, process plant, rail projects, specialized foundation works, transport facilities, tunnels, utility plant and viaduct projects.

Laurette has been involved in expert work since 2003. She now concentrates on expert evidence services for matters of quantum addressing the valuation of additional and omitted works, disruption and prolongation claims, termination of contracts and common law claims for damages – in short, all financial claims made under a contract or at common law that are to be resolved through arbitration or litigation. Laurette deals with financial claims ranging from US$10 to in excess of US$200 million.

She has been involved in over 38 expert appointments in a supporting role or as Expert. Further as Managing Director of Construction Expert Services Laurette has provided guidance on a further number of appointments.

Laurette has worked with international law firms operating out of Dubai, London, Hong Kong and Singapore in respect of appointments received from contracting organizations, developers, education institutions, governments, insurance companies, power generation companies, resort hotels and casinos, for projects in Central America, Middle East, South and East Asia.

Laurette holds the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator’s Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration and has a, MSc in Construction Project Management.

In addition to expert work Laurette has also acted as Mediator and represented contracting organisations in arbitrations and mediations.

During her career Laurette has sat on the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators East Asia Branch Committee and Young Members’ Sub-committee and on the Hong Kong Mediation Council’s Construction Group Sub-committee. She has also spoken at various seminars and written articles on arbitration proceedings, mediation approaches and quantum issues.

As well as being a Quantity Surveyor, Laurette is a Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers, Practising Associate of the Academy of Experts, Member of the Institute of Arbitrators, a Qualified Dispute Resolver of the Academy of Experts and an Accredited Mediator Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre Panel.

Construction Expert Services:

CES provides expert witness evidence for construction arbitration and litigation, for financial claims made under a contract and at common law. We provide expert evidence in respect of measurement; valuation of work; valuation of variations; disruption claims; prolongation claims; cost claims; and damages.

We have been appointed in many large and complex disputes involving projects for commercial, public and residential buildings; airports; bridges; marine works and structures; process plants; rail; road; tunnels; utility infrastructure; and viaducts.

Collectively, CES’ Directors and Associate Directors have a wealth of construction knowledge and have provided expert evidence for over 20 years in over 80 projects at hearings in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Macau, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Qatar, for disputes ranging from US$10 to US$200 million.

What sets CES apart is our construction knowledge; our experience in providing expert evidence; our full understanding of the role and responsibilities of giving expert evidence; and our integrity.

Vivian W. Ho

Vivian Ho is an associate in the Corporate Department. Vivian’s practice focuses on corporate and commercial transactions with broad experience in corporate reorganizations, asset and share acquisitions and dispositions, financing, partnerships and joint ventures. Her experience also includes working on numerous hotel, resorts and tourism projects.

Firm Overview:

Our Hong Kong office provides clients with high-value advice on the laws of Hong Kong, the U.S. and the UK, and has extensive and in-depth understanding of People’s Republic of China laws.

Our client base spans a number of industries from finance and private equity to hospitality and real estate, and we provide guidance to multinational clients on investing and doing business in Asia, as well as Asian companies investing and doing business around the world.

Having deep ties to our community, our office won The Asia Legal Awards 2015’s Pro Bono Citizenship Prize for its work on behalf of the Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodia’s first teaching hospital.

Sonia Li

Sonia Li is an associate at the firm’s Hong Kong office. Ms. Li’s practice focuses on corporate finance and commercial matters. She has experience in mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, PRC–related transactions and initial public offerings of Main Board and GEM companies in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Li practiced with the Hong Kong office of one of the leading PRC firms where she worked on a mixture of merger & acquisition, regulatory compliance, initial public offerings and general commercial matters.

Firm Overview:

K&L Gates’ Hong Kong office was established more than 15 years ago as the first of our offices in Asia. The office provides the full range of business law services to our clients.

Our core practices are corporate and securities law, private equity investments, cross-border M&A, private client and intellectual property law. In addition to the contingent of Hong Kong qualified lawyers, we have a number of PRC trained and qualified lawyers on staff in Hong Kong to provide support on cross-border transactions involving the PRC. We also offer experienced litigation and real estate teams that work closely with the other groups in the office to round out the services available to our clients.

Our Hong Kong corporate and securities practice acts for issuers across the region, underwriters and sponsors on equity and debt capital markets transactions and compliance matters. We frequently advise issuers and underwriters on listings, rights issues and other fund raising on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We also act for China-based companies in listings and compliance matters in international markets. We frequently represent clients on inbound investments into China as well as exits from these investments, devising structures to meet tax, foreign ownership, protection of intellectual property, currency transfer and other requirements. Our private equity team acts for some of the most active funds and strategic investors in the region. Working with our capital markets group, we take founders and investors from their initial investment through listing, further M&A and continuing compliance matters. We have assisted companies in growing from small local enterprises to leading global businesses. We are noted for our use of innovative deal structures to achieve our clients’ objectives. As an example of our many “firsts,” we acted for the first Chinese company to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Hong Kong office has also been at the forefront in the redevelopment of the adjacent city of Macau. Since representing the successful bidder in the first tender for a gaming license in 2003, we have represented clients in all major facets of Macau’s continuing development including hotel acquisitions and developments, infrastructure projects, formation of local operating companies for foreign investors, entertainment specialists and other new entrants into the market.

Our intellectual property practice plays an integral role in many of our clients’ M&A, private equity, and listing transactions as well as outsourcing and direct investments into China. We provide IP counseling and licensing advice as well as litigation, enforcement and prosecution services where necessary.

Our Hong Kong office has one of the leading private client practices in the region. Much of Asia’s wealth is held by families, and we count among our clients many of the individuals and families on the Forbes wealthiest and similar lists. We work closely with the largest financial institutions in the world and other intermediaries and our offices around the world to provide integrated strategic counsel for clients in tax, succession planning, corporate reorganization, and private investments, asset protection and the management and mitigation of risks.

Sylvia W. Y. Siu

Leaders in Law endorses Pam Webster as our exclusively recommended Commercial Litigation Law expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with Pam, please use the contact information provided above.

Ms Sylvia SIU Wing-yee, BSc, MBA, LLM, FCIAb, FHKIArb, JP

  • Consultant Solicitor, Sit, Fung, Kwong & Shum
  • President of Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
  • Chairperson, ADR & International Relation Committee, Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers
  • Vice-Chairperson, Nansha International Arbitration Centre
  • Vice-President, Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macao Arbitration Mediation Alliance
  • China-Appointed Attesting Officer by the Ministry of Justice, People’s Republic of China

Solicitor admitted in Hong Kong (“HK”) (practising), United Kingdom, Singapore & Australia (non-practising). Ms Siu is an accredited mediator and is listed on various panels such as China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Dongguan Court No.2, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”), the Law Society of Hong Kong (“LS”), HK Institute of Arbitrators, Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (“HKMAAL”) and Hong Kong Mediation Centre (“HKMC”); International General Mediator and International Family Mediator of the LS. She is a conciliator of World Trade Centre (“WTC”) Macau Arbitration Centre, and is the founder of the HKMC.

Ms. Siu is also an arbitrator on many arbitration panels, such as HKIAC, LS, WTC, Macau Arbitration Center, China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission and numerous other PRC panels of Arbitration Commissions such as Guangzhou, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Wuhan International Arbitration Court, Nansha International Arbitration Court, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration.

Being an experienced mediator, arbitrator and trainer in alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), Ms. Siu has a sound profile in the ADR field where she has been invited as speaker at many local and international ADR conferences.

On the academic side, Ms. Siu was the ADR PCLL Examiner of the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong, a PCLL Academic Board Member and External Academic Advisor of the City University of Hong Kong

Ms. Siu is a Member of the :- Advisory Committee on Promotion of Arbitration of Hong Kong Department of Justice (“DOJ”), Appointment Committee of Financial Dispute Resolution Centre, Mediation Accreditation Committee of HKMAAL, Communications and Publicity Committee of HKMAAL; Mediation Committee of LS, a Director of Joint Mediation Helpline Office.

She was a member of the :- Steering Committee on Arbitration of DOJ, Steering Committee on Mediation and Accreditation Subcommittee of DOJ, Working Party on Mediation of Hong Kong Judiciary, Working Party for the Reform of the Law of Arbitration in Hong Kong; Vice Chairlady of Town Planning Appeal Board.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation.
  • Construction.
  • Conveyancing and Property.
  • Probate and Administration of Estate.
  • Corporate and Commercial.


  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce (University of Santa Clara 1975).
  • Master of Business Administration (University of Santa Clara 1976).
  • Master of Laws (University of Hong Kong 1991).
  • Diploma in Chinese Law (University of East Asia 1988).

Professional Qualifications

  • Solicitor of Hong Kong (1984), England (1989 (non-practising)), Australian Capital Territory (1989 (non-practising)), and Singapore (1990 (non-practising)),
  • China-Appointed Attesting Officer (1995).
  • Fellow-Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (1996).
  • Fellow-Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (1998).
  • Accredited Mediator of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”), Law Society of Hong Kong (“LS”), Hong Kong Mediation Centre and CEDR (UK) (Commercial, Family and Supervisor Panel of HKIAC and LS).
  • Arbitrator of CIETAC, Dailin, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Loudi, Shenyang, Huizhou Arbitration Commission. Conciliator of Harbin Conciliation Centre of China Council for Promotion of International Trade.
  • Chairman of the Board of Governors of Hong Kong Mediation Centre.

Other Credentials

  • Council Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong.
  • ADR Chairman and Past President of the Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers.
  • Vice Chairman of Town Planning Appeal Board.
  • President of Hong Kong Mediation Centre (2005-2007).
  • President of Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (2004-2005).

Firm Description:

Founded in 1981, Sit Fung Kwong & Shum has established a solid practice in litigation, conveyancing, commercial law, intellectual property, information technology and Chinese law. Local and overseas clients include leading multinational, public and private companies and professional firms. There are three notaries public and two China-appointed attesting officers in the firm. Many of the lawyers are qualified to practise in other jurisdictions in addition to Hong Kong, including England, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The partners are conscientiously committed to the continued and everimproving quality of its service.

It is our belief that the success of a modern law firm nowadays depends on its ability to understand and satisfy its clients’ needs and answer them in a professional manner. In pursuit of such belief, we have insisted on a high level of accountability to our clients. Continuous training organised within and outside the firm equip our staff with up-to-date legal knowledge and regular practice reviews provide venues where practical experience is shared among members of the firm. Through stream-lining of office operation, effective deployment and structuring of human resources, application of modern information technology, meticulous business planning and budgetary financial control, we have been able to build up a smooth and efficient working environment with an aim to achieve optimum output within clients’ budgets.