Theodoros N. Spanos

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Theodoros N. Spanos as our exclusively recommended & endorsed Golden Visa & Residency Services Expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Theodoros, please use the contact information provided above.

Theodoros N. Spanos is a Partner at the law firm. He advises regularly a political Party at Hellenic Parliament.

Practise Areas

  • Administrative Litigation
  • Immigration & Golden Visa Project
  • Real Estate
  • Labour Law
  • Business Law
  • Investment Projects & Finance
  • Banking Law.


Admitted at Athens Bar Association


  • Law degree from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens
  • LLM in Private and Labour Law from National & Kapodestrian University of Athens

Firm Description

SF Legal Law Firm has a great speciality of different domains in which we make great success. It is consisted of every characteristic needed to make new skies.

Our firm has a practice of many decades towards all practice are of law. Our principle goal is to find solutions for all your problems and issues. You do not have to worry, you have to trust us. Consisting of people with a great court and outside court experience gives us the possibility to suggest the solution asked.

Having a great partnership with many professionals in many different domains just gives us the rapidity and success every case really needs. We, finally, work with a very simple rule. Work harder, do the best, find the perfect solution for your client.

Innovative Legal Law and Services

Together we are stonger, more successful. Always acheiving more and going further.

Making the future better for our client.

Trust is only one word. In our firm, it is the key to success.

One of our simple rules towards our clients’ cases id the following : “Your problem, our problem”.

Domaining ways

Domaining means to do things the right way, achieving what can be achieved. Achieving the possible goals does mean that victory is in our side.

Achieving does not mean the path is easy to be walked. But doing it the right way, the mountain can be reached and conquered.

“Limit is the sky. So there is no limit”.

Practice Areas

  • Employment Law  /
  • Family Law​ / Criminal Law  ​/  ​​
  • Child Care Law  ​/
  • Conveyancing Housing Law  / 
  • Criminal Law  /
  • Civil Law /
  • Financial Law /
  • Commercial Law /
  • Maritime Law /
  • Business and corporat Law /
  • Administrative Law /
  • Real Estate Law /
  • Immigration Law /
  • Litigation /
  • Consulting and more.

Vasiliki Papaloi

Leaders in Law endorses Vasiliki Papaloi as our exclusively recommended Real Estate Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Vasiliki, please use the contact information provided above.

A skilled litigator, trial lawyer, and arbiter with experience advising clients, trying cases, and negotiating complex civil and criminal disputes. Ms. Papaloi specializes in civil and criminal cases, also has great experience in bank, commercial and corporate issues. She successfully consults many corporate and individual entities. She is also involved in great number of immigration and golden visa cases.

Ms. Papaloi represents clients in negotiations, all corporate, tax, compliance and others formalities, providing high quality services and protecting clients’ interests. Among her clients are high net worth individuals, foreign governments and their officials and financial institutions.

She takes everything into consideration working to give the best solution to clients and focus on them being legally and financially safe. She involves in complex cases, providing the high quality services and completes all levels of law cases through various methods.

Practice Areas

  • Administrative Law
  • Arbitration
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Federal Law
  • Immigration
  • International Law
  • Real Estate
  • Tax
  • White Collar Crime

Professional Experience

  • Legal Department of Piraeus Bank
  • Traineeship, Appeal Court of Athens


  • LLM in Finance and Corporate Law
  • Athens Law University


Papaloi is fluent in Greek, English and French, and has good knowledge of Spanish and German.

Firm Description:

About us

Papalois & Associates Law Office was founded in 1980 by Periklis Papalois in Athens and has established since then a circle of well-respected Greek and International clientele. The office has a great history and has handled complex cases in every field of law. We are advising individuals, Greek and International Companies, resolving problems and promoting investments in Greece and around the World.  We cooperate with international Law Firms for the best serve of our clients interest. We create strong ties of commitment, trust and effectiveness with our clients, who have been with us for more than 30 years.

Who we are

The Leading Partner Periklis Papalois and his team of lawyers and other experts have been working together hard to provide high- standard legal services to our clients. Our team consists of highly qualified lawyers with specialization in several fields of law, who always deliver the best resolution in complex legal cases. We have advised and represented before the Judicial and Administrative Authorities large and well-known corporations such as Hotel Companies, well –known Companies in the Automotive Industry, Cotton Manufacturing and Marketing Companies, Real Estate and Ship Manufacturing Companies, Film and Television Producers and other leading companies in their domain.
The Office collaborates with international Law Firms,  large offices of engineers, manufacturers, surveyors, certified auditors – accountants – tax consultants, notaries and, in general, experts of various specialties in order to best handle each client’s affairs.


Maria Athanasiadou

Leaders in Law endorses Maria Athanassiadou as our exclusively recommended Patent Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Maria, please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

  • Patents
  • Industrial Designs Department


  • Member of International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
  • Member of the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group (PTMG)
  • Member of International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Athens Bar Association, as from 1996


  • Masters’ degree in Spanish studies, University of Barcelona, 2018
  • Law Degree, University of Athens, Greece, 1994


Greek, English, Spanish, French, German


Maria Athanassiadou is an Attorney at Law and one of the founding partners of Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners, Law Firm (HP&P).  With more than 25 years’ experience in all intellectual property fields, she focuses her practise on IP litigation, prosecution and counselling, with a particular emphasis on patents, utility models, supplementary protection certificates, industrial designs and trademarks. Ms. Athanassiadou advises major international as well as local clients especially in the pharmaceutical sector, assisting them to build and develop effective strategies that suit their business objectives and purposes. She is admitted to practise before the Supreme Court and the Council of State.

Ms. Athanassiadou is a regular contributor to Wolters Kluwer Manual IP, Katzarov’s Manual on Industrial Property and in several INTA resources as well as to various significant trademark, designs and patent publications. Recent contributions include:

  • Business Brief: Greece, WIPR Annual 2020 (co-author)
  • Patents in Greece, Lexology GTDT, April 2020
  • Designs 2020 – A Global Guide: Greece, supplement to World Trademark Review, December 2019;
  • General Court provides guidance on proof of enhanced distinctiveness, WTR Daily, November 2019
  • Greece: Patent Litigation – Comparative Guide, The Legal 500 & The In-House Lawyer, November 2019 (co-author)
  • General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between H’UGO’S and HUGO’S BURGER BAR- WTR Daily, July 2019
  • 3rd Edition Intellectual Property Country Comparative Guide, The Legal 500 & The Legal 500 & The In-House Lawyer, June 2019 (co-author)
  • Patents in Greece, Lexology GTDT, May 2019
  • Business Brief: Greece, WIPR Annual 2019 (co-author)
  • Patents in Europe: Helping business compete in the global economy 2019/2020, supplement to IAM, April 2019
  • General Court rules on genuine use of figurative trademarks MEBLO – WTR Daily – March 2019, Designs 2019 A Global Guide.

Firm Description:

HP&P started as a solo practice, founded by Dr. Panagiotis Theodorides in 1920 and is one of the oldest Trademark and Patent Law Firms in Greece. The firm specialised from the very beginning in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, primarily Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copyright, Domain Names, Unfair Competition, Licensing and all related litigation. Over the past 99 years, the Firm has grown steadily to become the largest Firm in Greece to specialise exclusively in IP. Dr. Helen Papaconstantinou joined the firm in 1965, became a full partner in 1971, and has been heading the firm since 1986.

In order to better serve its clients and maintain a competitive practice covering the broad spectrum of Intellectual Property Law, the firm evolved into two distinct branches in 1996, the one under the old firm name LAW OFFICE DR. P.D. THEODORIDES – DR. H.G. PAPACONSTANTINOU covering Trademarks, Domain Names, Copyright, Customs Monitoring Procedures and all Intellectual Property related litigation and the other under the name DR. HELEN G. PAPACONSTANTINOU, JOHN V. FILIAS AND ASSOCIATES, Business Consultants, S.A. covering Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models and all related activities and consulting. Over the years, the firm extended its services to cover Supplementary Protection Certificates, Plant Breeders’ rights, Anti-Counterfeiting and Antipiracy law, New Media and Technology Law, Franchising, Commercial and Corporate Services, Internet, E-Commerce and Domain Names.

In 2015, 95th anniversary of the firm, Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou opened a new page in its history, announcing the founding of the Law Firm Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners (HP&P), which evolved from the two aforementioned branches, moving forward with all the existing staff, who bring with them their expertise, experience and knowledge.  After her retirement her legacy continues through the commitment of the partners of the firm to her high standards and the excellent quality of work of the whole crew of highly qualified lawyers and supporting staff.

The Managing Partner of HP&P is Eva Yazitzoglou and the other three partners are: Miranda Theodoridou, Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis. This move, adjusting the practice to the modern standards of the legal profession, aims at increasing the depth and breadth of services to our international superb client base and to fully secure the needs of our clients with portfolios of various IP rights. We are committed to continue working hard to deliver high quality tailored expert services in the IP sector and look forward to exploring opportunities to provide you with additional value in new areas.

International Experience

HP&P is home to 12 fully qualified Attorneys with considerable experience in intellectual property matters over many years of practice and 40 highly specialized technical counsellors-patent translators. Two of our Attorneys are European Patent Attorneys. Most of our Attorneys are active members of various national and international professional bodies and regularly contribute to several publications in the IP field, both Greek and International.

At HP&P we serve our foreign clients in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. We closely collaborate with 40 technical counsellors, who have accredited degrees (the majority including post-graduate studies as well) in sciences, (e.g. physics, chemistry/biochemistry, biology and electrical/electronic, chemical and mechanical engineering). Most of them are or have been involved in academic research. They are competent translators for English, French and German and regularly provide consulting services of the highest quality, based on their technical expertise in patent matters.

Diverse clientele

Our client base covers a very broad spectrum including law firms and prestigious companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, constructions, telecommunications, energy, biotechnology, food, alcoholic and soft beverages, fashion, finance and banking, education, and many more. Our clients range from the trademark and patent departments of large and small international companies directly represented by HP&P, through to multi-national and small companies represented by HP&P indirectly through trademark and patent agents from all over the world. In addition to our intellectual property activities in Greece, HP&P maintains a close collaboration with outstanding Law Offices in Cyprus and the Arabic countries and has acquired experience in the handling of trademark and patent matters in these countries for many years. In addition to that, our broad network of carefully selected IP law firms, with whom we have built a strong relationship of trust and confidence over the years, permits us to manage our clients’ IP portfolios in each and every country of the world where their interests extend.


Dr Nikolaos Lyberis

Leaders in Law endorses Nikolaos Lyberisas our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Nikolaos please use the contact information provided above.

Dr Nikolaos Lyberis is an attorney admitted at the Athens Bar Association (1984). He is the Managing Partner of VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm, specializing in Intellectual Property Law in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide. He is a litigator before the Supreme Courts for civil and administrative matters, representing prestigious clients in trademark, patent and other IP rights conflicts from all branches of industry and commerce.

Nikolaos is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Law School of the European University Cyprus (EUC), lecturing Greek and Cypriot Intellectual Property Law and Trust Law. He holds a PhD in European economic and banking law from the Law School of Hamburg University and has served as legal advisor (Referent) at the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and Private International Law in Hamburg for 11 years, delivering legal advices to inquiring German courts.

Nikolaos was selected in 2020 as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Industrial Property Academy, an institution operating in the frame of the Greek Patent Office, responsible for education and training of IP counsels, thus fostering innovation and patent protection in Greece. In 2014-2015 he was appointed as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Patent Office (OBI). In the years 2005-2010 Nikolaos worked as an active member of the Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Development and Investments for drafting the Greek Trademarks Law 4072/2012, resp. Law 4155/2013, for the implementation of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive EC 48/2004 in the Greek legal order.

Nikolaos is a member of numerous Greek and international associations focusing on IP law and related legal fields. He is the author of various contributions, inter alia on aspects of European Trademarks Law, Unfair Competition, Patent and Design Law. He has conducted IP seminars for the post-graduate program of the Medical School of Athens University, educational programs for Examiners of the Greek Trademarks Office and other entities.

Firm Description:

Why Choose Us

In an intensively globalized economy, creation, protection and enforcement of innovation is based on key factors, such as applied expertise, profound analysis of client’s business interests, state of the art knowledge of domestic, European and international legal and procedural framework and support by customized IT tools. If you need an expert to advise and implement the appropriate IP strategy for your business, you are in the right law firm.

Our Firm

With more than 120 years of IP focused legal experience, VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS is the oldest and one of the leading IP law firms in Greece. Our philosophy is dedication and commitment to client-tailored needs of businesses coming from all branches of industry and services. Our clients and foreign associates enjoy state-of-the-art legal advice services in a timely and precise manner. Our clientele encompasses enterprises from multi-nationals to local businesses, including individual inventors, creators, designers, authors and other IP holders.

As from 1993 VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS is headed by Dr Nikolaos Lyberis, Managing Partner, Attorney, as well as Patent and Trademark Attorney. He belongs to the fourth generation of lawyers in the same family running the Firm. Soon after becoming the Managing Director, he introduced the name VAYANOS & KOSTOPOULOS, which later changed to VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS, thus maintaining the surnames of the previous two Office Heads. This decision symbolizes continuity with dynamic development as well as respect of long lasting professional principles.

Modernizing the organizational model of our offices and their three (3) departments (trademarks, patents, litigation), VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS was transformed to a Law Firm in 2010.


Dr. Alexandros Karakitis

Leaders in Law endorses Alexandros Karakitis as our exclusively recommended Tax Services expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Alexandros use the contact information provided above.

Alexandros is the lawyer in charge of the firm. He has more than 20 years of experience in tax and business law matters. In particular, he has vast experience in transfer pricing, including transfer pricing policy design, documentation, preventive dispute elimination mechanisms, i.e. APA (Advance Pricing Arrangements) and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, i.e. MAP (Mutual Agreement Procedure), in permanent establishment taxation, in business acquisition structuring and due diligence, in tax controversy support and in tax litigation. Since the establishment of the firm in 2018, he has successfully completed tax litigation projects, relating to transfer pricing, out-of-books reassessment and taxation of business profits and to withholding taxes, and advised companies regarding the expansion of their activities outside Greece and foreign investors regarding the optimal implementation of their investments in Greece. His services have also included corporate law and immigration law advice and coordination of the procedure for the acquisition of permanent residency and of the residence permit procedures for executives.

Practice Areas

  • Tax Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Administrative Law


Dr. iuris of the University of Tuebingen Germany. Title of the dissertation ( in German): “The income and property tax treatment of enterprises with permanent establishments in Germany and Greece under the light of the double taxation treaty between Germany and Greece”, magna cum laude,1995.

Post-graduate degree on European Integration from the European Institute of the University of Saarland, Germany, 1989.

Graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Thessaloniki, 1988.

Bar Admission / Qualifications

Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1991

Licensed to practice before the Supreme Court



Firm Overview:

We help clients anticipate the relevant issues and respond appropriately, aiming to be recognised as their trusted advisor and advocate.

In the last few years and following a radical tax reform, many rules in Greece have changed to better reflect international patterns, whilst tax and criminal tax litigation increased exponentially. Our services reflect the new reality and include, apart from tax advisory and litigation, alternative tax dispute resolution support (i.e. initiating of a competent authority procedure for the elimination of double taxation), criminal tax proceedings and remedy proceedings against the enforced collection of tax assessments. At the same time we monitor the international developments so that we anticipate what’s next in risks and opportunities for our clients.

We have extensive experience in advising clients in relation to business reorganisations and supply chain restructurings, domestic and cross-border M&As (corporate reorganisations, acquisition and financing structuring as well as tax and legal due diligence), transfer pricing compliance reviews and controversy management.

We have dealt in several occasions with legal and tax issues pertaining to prominent market participants of the oil & gas, pharma, consumer products and real estate sectors.


Katsaros Vasilis

Leaders in Law endorses Katsaros Vasilis as our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Katsaros please use the contact information provided above.

Katsaros Vasilis is an attorney at accountancy since 1998

He is brought up in Athens and his family originates from Peloponnese. Vasilis finished a public school of Athens, and got his Accounting diploma from Technological Educational Institute in 2001. Also he finished  Economics and Business Administration from  Greek Open University of Economics at 2004. He did his training at Romaneas accountant firm since 1998 as an assistant accountant and continued as a freelancer accountant until 2002, when he founded Taxspirit consultant company.

His moto is that limit is the sky. Vasilis is married and he has one son and one daughter.

Personal skills and competences:

Travelling, sports (football), dance, theatre

Firm Description:

Main activities and responsibilities

Taxspirit Business Consulting Company is an Athens-based law firm specializing in Business consulting, Tax advisory, Tax planning and tax representation for foreigners companies.

We are a Member of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and we are Certified Accountants in Greece.


Greek and English are the languages used in the Firm, allowing us to offer services to companies over the world.


Manolis Eglezos

Leaders in Law endorses Manolis Eglezos as our exclusively recommended Maritime Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Manolis Eglezos please use the contact information provided above.

Manolis Eglezos is an attorney at law since 1990. He is brought up in Piraeus and his family originates from Asia Minor and Crete. Manolis finished Ionideios high school, a distinct public school of Piraeus, and got his LLB from Athens University in 1988. He did his training with Deverakis law office and continued there when he qualified as a lawyer until 1997, with an interval in 1991-92, when he obtained an LLM degree in Maritime Law from Cardiff University. In 2006-08 he obtained an MSc degree in Business for Lawyers from Alba graduate business school in Athens. Since the 90s he gives lectures on Maritime Law and other fields of his specialization in various educational organizations and in the Piraeus Bar seminars for trainees.

Having gained substantial experience in the fields of Maritime, Commercial and Banking law, he opened in 1997 his own office specializing in the above areas of law. In 2014, the practice became a law firm under the name MANOLIS EGLEZOS AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM.

Following GDPR entering into free, Manolis assists companies in complying and also acts as DPO.

He strongly believes that a lawyer, like everybody else, needs to be an active member of society. This allows the lawyer to broaden his perspective and receive inspiration, thus avoiding to become a one-sided professional who has no connection with the world out there, while experience gained can be creatively applied in the hard work of a legal consultant.

Manolis is also a producer of organic avocado, olive oil and herbs in Crete, to the extent heavy working hours allow it, usually weekends. He also believes that local traditions are vital in a globalized environment and that if they are adapted to today’s challenges, they can offer substantial assistance both locally and, through the dialogue of the different localities, worldwide; of course, traditional values of sincerity, solidarity, cooperation, well-made work, can be applied in the legal profession.

Manolis expresses his views, both legal and social, in the media (TV, radio, press).

His motto is that nothing is impossible. In that sense, he exhausts all available alternatives to serve clients’ goals. Efficiency, immediate reactions, founded replies, are the pillars of his work, which he also shares with his colleagues in the Firm.

He likes travelling, and thanks to his job he has made several trips in three continents. He practices Chinese martial arts and is also enthusiastic in Greek and Latin American music and dances.

Manolis is married to Theoni and they have four sons. Contributing to their character building is perhaps his most difficult challenge.


  • Greek
  • Engish
  • Spanish.

Firm Description:

Manolis Eglezos and Associates is a law firm of Piraeus, specializing in Maritime, Banking and Commercial law with following main course of business: SHIPPING: Ship Sale and Purchase/ Finance/ Registration – Charterparties and Bills of Lading – Maritime claims – Salvage – Collisions – Arrest – Labour – Arbitration – Marine Insurance – P&I.


S&P/ Registration/ Finance wet & dry lease agreements, involving both airplanes and helicopters.


Shipping and Commercial finance – Legalisation – Securities – Mortgages – Letters of Guarantee – Documentary Credit – Leasing – Claims Collection.


Incorporation of both local and off-shore corporations – Tax planning – Copyrights – Transactions, both local and international – Corporate Veil – Franchising – Mergers – bankruptcy procedure, art. 99.


  • Greek
  • English
  • Spanish

The Firm represents Banks, maritime and commercial local and international Corporations, and are also legal counsels of Piraeus Chamber of small and medium sized corporations. The world’s biggest tourist organization and major Maritime Groups are within our clients.

Manolis Eglezos and Associates Law Firm hold the legal column in NEWSFRONT maritime review. The managing partner is also a lecture of Maritime Law Courses.

Our philosophy combines a traditional attitude of a well-made service using the high-tech potentials offered in a globalised world in order to offer a proficient, immediate and cost-effective service meeting the needs of each specific client. We fully understand the necessity of the entrepreneur for reliable legal advice within narrow time limits and are dedicated to offer such assistance.

We are not merely confined to the analysis of the legal parameters of a case, but aim to achieve the commercial goals of the client taking into account the existing difficulties and offer the solution meeting their needs. To achieve this, we have to combine a thorough knowledge of the regulations involved along with a high degree of flexibility and imagination, thus serving in the best way the specific issues.

A network of affiliated offices in Greece and abroad, allows us to cater for the global needs of the corporations entrusting to us their legal representation.

Greek, English and Spanish are the languages used in the Firm, allowing us to offer services to more than half of the globe in their native tongue.


Dimitrios Mandilaras

Leaders in Law endorses Dimitrios Mandilaras as our exclusively recommended Audit & Assurance Services expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Dimitrios please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

  • Certified Public Accountant in Greece
  • Certified Public Accountant in Romania
  • Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece
  • Statutory auditBusiness consultant
  • Tax advisor
  • Due Dilligence
  • Audit in eligible expenses funded by the European Union
  • Internal control (SOX)
  • Expatriates
  • Tax audit
  • Tax planning
  • Transfer pricing file
  • Business Restructuring and reorganization

Education and training

  • September 1978 to March 1983: The Athens University of Economics and Business
  • January 1988 to September 1990: Institute of education of Certified Auditors

Personal skills and competences
Travelling, sports (basketball), cinema, theatre


  • Mother tongue(s) – Greek
  • Other language(s) – English

Firm Description:

ARGO AUDIT is an auditing, tax and accounting firm, member of S.O.E.L. (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece), with its structures to meet the high demands of a modern society.

The company was founded in 2018, with highly specialized professionals in all financial and business fields;

  1. Dimitrios Mandilaras (Certified Public Accountant)-worked in Moore Stephens ,Crowe Horwath, Orion Certified Auditors and Argo Audit (35 years)
  2. Ioannis Delimanis (Certified Public Accountant)-worked in Ernst Young, Nexia and Argo Audit (18 years)
  3. Petros Mandilaras (Certified Public Accountant)-worked in Orion Certified Auditors and Argo Audit (8 years)

The personnel are highly educated (all of them university degree). Currently, we are 13 people (including the partners).

We are based in Athens, but we provide audit, tax and accounting services all over Greece with highly qualified professionals. We also provide audit services in Romania for subsidiaries of Greek parent companies.

ARGO AUDIT is a member of IR GLOBAL , a worldwide association of separate and independent law, accounting and consulting firms, serving commercial enterprises and other organizations throughout the world.


  1. Audit Services

ARGO AUDIT is a member of S.O.E.L. (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece) and we are providing auditing services.

We are committed to ensuring our clients’ compliance with the financial requirements and to contributing to their financial well-being.

We are applying the International Auditing Standards (ISAs) upon our audit.

Our abilities in the field of auditing are:

  • Statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements (Greek Accounting Standards/ International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Audits regarding the listing of companies in the stock exchange market.
  • Expert reports for the adjudication of financial assets.
  • Management audit on certain matters or departments of an organization.
  • Audits provided in cases of Transformation, Merger, absorption of Companies.
  • Audits for eligible expenses for programs funded by the European Commission or the Greek State.

Our audit approach is constantly reviewed by the Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Oversight Board to ensure that the auditing standards and the regulations are applied properly.

  1. Accounting-Consulting Services

Our professional and highly qualified team can provide the clients with excellent accounting services with creativity, consistency and confidence.

We work closely with our clients in order to provide the accounting services at the highest level and ensure their business success.

Our service range:

  • Business consulting
  • Transfer pricing file
  • Sarbanes Oxley Systems compliance (SOX)
  • Preparation of the financial statements according to the IFRSs
  • Restructuring
  • Internal controls
  • Due diligence
  • Continuous payroll administration
  • Personnel statistics, information for insurance companies and employment center
  • Business assessments, statistics, reports
  • Professional consulting in employment, collective labor agreements and social security issues
  • Payroll
  1. Tax Services

Tax advice is very important and at the same time more complicated today than ever before. No single tax consultant can today, cover all the issues or meet all the requirements of the field.

We profoundly and continuously analyze the tax situation of our clients in the light of the current legal requirements and help them with expert advice to make important decisions.

Our services refer to:

  • Tax audit for companies with statutory financial audit
  • Tax planning
  • VAT refunding
  • Advice in tax matters
  • Legal entities establishment in Greece and choice of the company legal type
  • Filing tax returns
  • Checking of tax assessments
  • Restructuring and reorganization taking in particular into account tax issues
  • Assistance with tax audits by the fiscal authorities


Yiannos Georgiades

Leaders in Law endorses Yiannos Georgiades as our exclusively recommended International Law expert in Cyprus and Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Yiannos please use the contact information provided above.


Ealing College of Higher Education (LL.B. Hons.) (1989), Inns of Court School of Law, Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, London (Barrister-at-Law) (1990). He gained hands-on experience working at a City of London solicitor’s firm prior to moving to Cyprus. In 1995, he also worked as a visiting attorney at Corboy & Demetrio in Chicago and Baker & Hostetler in Washington, D.C. in the United States.


Cyprus Bar Association, Bar of England and Wales (Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn), President of the Cyprus Chapter of the European Court of Arbitration, Vice President of the AEA International Lawyers Network.

Practice Area

  • Corporate and commercial law
  • International tax planning
  • International trade
  • Cross-border disputes – private international law
  • Real estate
  • Investments
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Medical negligence
  • Intellectual property law
  • Franchise law
  • Internet and media law
  • Litigation

Firm Description:

The firm is now a thriving concern. It is essentially international in outlook with approximately three-quarters of the clientele of international origin. It also has a firm foothold in the domestic market, providing an extensive range of legal consultancy services to both Cypriot and multinational clients. The firm has established a network of legal contacts and associates in many countries around the world. The main focus is on providing a first-class service to its clients, and it has acquired a very good reputation and a wealth of experience across the major practice areas, inter alia, corporate and commercial law, medical law, real estate law, intellectual property law, dispute resolution and litigation, mergers and acquisitions, banking, finance, IT law, media law, and entertainment law.

Over the years, the firm has grown and developed and now offers the diverse professional skills of qualified lawyers, legal consultants and legal assistants. These skills and attributes combine to provide flexible and viable solutions to meet the requirements of clients both in Cyprus itself and worldwide. Our staff can collectively speak a number of different languages, including English, Russian and Greek.

The firm consists of a dedicated professional team of employees who are proud to continue to provide high quality services.

The firm’s clients range from private individuals to banks, property developers, real estate agents and investors, property fund managers, hotels, corporate clients, financial companies, media companies, medical practitioners, trustee companies, accountancy firms, charitable foundations and associations, municipalities, international airlines, TV channels, trademark and patent offices.

The law firm is also registered as a Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange for the Emerging Companies Market. Mr Yiannos Georgiades, the Managing Partner of our law firm, is the President of the European Court of Arbitration and Mediation for Commercial Disputes, Cyprus Chapter, and co-founder of Kinisis Ventures Limited, a business accelerator company which promotes start-ups and other innovative companies and assists them in scaling up in the US.

The firm has branches in the United Kingdom and Greece, and associates’ offices in many other countries of the world.


John Markianos-Daniolos

John specializes in maritime and transport law (corporate and litigation, including charter parties, carriage by sea, collision, pollution, salvage, personal injury, foreclosure and arrests, sale and purchase) with particular experience in maritime accidents. He advises and represents maritime companies, P&I Clubs, insurance companies, classification societies and banks in all sorts of shipping related cases both in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration).

“John Markianos-Daniolos is widely regarded as a reliable and trustworthy shipping litigator. I would definitely entrust him with any maritime dispute.” says a client. – Chambers Global 2013

John is also involved in Shipping Regulatory Law having participated in the drafting and amendment of relative legislation.

Apart from shipping John represents clients in civil and commercial disputes and real estate transactions.

Daniolos Law Firm:

The firm is the historical continuation of the law offices founded by George Daniolos in 1923 who commenced his practice as the legal advisor of Stamatis Embiricos then president of the Union of Greek Shipowners. In the ensuing years since its establishment our law office has merged and grown several times. It became a partnership under the name Daniolos-Zagoraios until late 1930s and subsequently G. & N.L.Daniolos.

In 2002 it merged with Issaias Law Firm (established in the late 1920s) both primarily active in maritime law. In 2006 Daniolos-Issaias & Partners merged with corporate law firm Kyriakides-Georgopoulos forming KGDI Law Firm. In 2013 the shipping branch of KGDI continued its operation independently as Daniolos Law Firm.