Maher Milad Iskander

Maher Milad Iskander is specialized in commercial Law: drafting commercial contracts, merger and acquisition transactions, sale and purchase of companies’ assets, Economical crimes related to commercial issues, such as crimes of commercial deceit, infringement of patents and intellectual property rights, unlawful competition and money laundry and allegation of fraud crimes.

He has scientific researches in:

Bankruptcy and its consequences,

Bankruptcy crimes in light of the Egyptian Trading Law,

Commercial sale and provisions,

Crimes of bribery and prejudice of job obligations,

Imitation of commercial signs in the Egyptian law (the crime and the punishment)

Terms of arbitration clause in contracts and their consequences.


– A member of the international Bar Association.

– A member of the Arab Lawyers Union.

– A member of the Egyptian Law Organization.

Maher Milad Iskander is the Managing Partner of Maher Milad Iskander & Co. law firm.

And here is a brief about the firm: Maher Milad Iskander & Co. “Lawyers & Counselors” is a law firm that was established in 1985 in the most prestigious areas of Cairo, Egypt by the Managing Partner Mr. Maher Milad Iskander. Our Firm is specialized in the commercial matters in general, besides a number of relating criminal issues.

The Firm provides its high quality legal services with the prompt optimal and effective assistance, and renders consultation to its clients through 14 specialized consultants and lawyers and fifty professional assistants.

Throughout our history, we have successfully achieved numerous lawsuits filed before courts related to commercial disputes. We have provided numerous advices to institutions by successful opinions in more complicated transactions. We always endeavor to achieve added value to the trade of our clients in the biggest challenges that they face.

We are proud to be among the best law firms in Egypt. We enjoy the appreciation of clients, other lawyers and decision-makers. We are on our way to add more in the fields that earn additional dimension to serve our clients. Find our listings in the international law firm network directories of Legal 500, Martindale and


Hani Sarie-Eldin

Dr. Sarie-Eldin has 21 years of local and international experience in Business Law, including Commercial Law, Capital Markets, Privatization, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Corporate Restructures and Acquisitions. He advises on major transactions taking place in Egypt, and in the Middle East and North Africa region related to the above mentioned areas.

Moreover, he was involved in drafting various vital Egyptian Laws and Regulations such as the Egyptian Banking Law, Concession Draft Law, Antitrust Law, Consumer Protection Law, Takeover Regulation, Mutual Fund & Private Equity Regulation, Price Manipulation & Insider Trading Regulation, and Corporate Governance rules for listed companies on the stock exchange, in addition to advising various governments in the region on legal reforms including the United Arab Emirates, Libya, and Sudan.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Egyptian Market Authority, Dr. Sarie-Eldin led the regulatory capital market reform process in Egypt. Dr. Sarie-Eldin also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Egypt, and was a member of its monetary policy, and investment committees, and the Trustee Council of the General Authority of Investment and Free Zones. Dr. Sarie-Eldin was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Alexandria from 2002-2005. This Board undertook the responsibility of restructuring and developing the bank, which eventually led to its privatization as the first privatized public bank in Egypt. Dr. Sarie-Eldin is currently a member of the Board of Directors of various Egyptian corporations and Banks. His wide practical experience is also supplemented by immense academic research. Dr Sarie-Eldin has attained an Excellency Academic Award for his research in legal sciences from Cairo University in 2002.