Federico Rodríguez

Leaders in Law endorses Federico Rodríguez as our exclusively recommended Energy Law expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Federico please use the contact information provided above.

Federico Rodríguez leads the Energy and Natural Resources practice area at Baraona Fischer & Cia and provides advice on corporate business matters to clients from various industries. He has vast experience in regulatory and transactional matters. He has been involved in cross-border transactions in the mining, energy and salmon industrial sectors, venture capital, private placements, IPO, mergers and acquisitions in the main international stockmarkets including Canada, Great Britain, Australia and the United States. During the last years, he has been involved in relevant transactions mainly related to the generation of clean energy, in the first projects of electric mobility in Chile and exploitation of lithium.

Mr. Rodríguez earned his Law Degree from the Diego Portales University, has a Diploma in Tax Planning from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and LL.M. of the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has been a partner of Baraona Fischer & Cia since 2013 and previously was Legal and Compliance Director at Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A.; Director of SalmonChile AG Director; and Chairman of the Board of Australis Seafoods S.A., of Hampton Mining Limited, among many others.

Practice areas:

  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • General Corporate Practice
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Firm Description

Baraona Fischer & Cia offers a unique combination of tax expertise, business experience, creativity and innovation to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Our team stands-out for understanding in detail the needs of each client, to deliver integral solutions through our tax, business and financial practice.

Our clients include national companies, foreign institutional and private investors, family businesses, and their owners. Our portfolio is made up of clients in diverse areas of the industry, such as the financial and banking sector, fishing and aquaculture, mining, production, food, energy, services and commerce, among others, both in the private and public areas.


Felipe Larenas

Leaders in Law endorses Felipe Larenas as our exclusively recommended Audit & Assurance Services expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Felipe please use the contact information provided above.

Felipe is an Accountant-Auditor, graduated from Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile. He received a certificate in Tax Analysis and Planning from Universidad Católica de Chile (Catholic University of Chile) and a certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from Universidad de Chile (University of Chile).

Felipe has over 20 years of experience working in tax and accounting working as a Senior Tax Auditor for Price WaterHouse and EY, Tax and Accounting Manager at Chilean utility company, Lípigas, and Corporate Tax Manager at ENAP-Chile (National Petroleum Company-Chile).

Felipe is a father of two and enjoys spending time in nature on his mountain bike or kite surfing.

Firm Description

Alva Consultores is a boutique consulting firm specializing in accounting, tax, auditing, and back-office services. Since 2009 we have been providing our clients solid results. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience and boasts of professionals who are experts in their field, all holding graduate degrees and MBAs. This valuable financial and business experience allows us to leverage the flexibility required to find high quality, end-to-end solutions consistently.

At Alva Consultores, we believe in the importance of offering and supporting holistic solutions for our clients. In our experience this approach provides value to our clients’ needs now and as we grow together. Our clients range from local small businesses to large multinational enterprises in the software, cultural exchange, mining, and chemicals industries. We have clients from countries all over the globe, including Chile, Germany, the United States, Brasil, Colombia, and Spain.

Let’s connect and chat about how we can add value to your company!


Mauricio Cisternas López

Lawyer from the University of the Andes, with postgraduate studies in Tax Law from the University of Santiago; Master in Tax Planning and Management from the University of Santiago (2004); Diploma in Real Estate Law from the University of the Andes (2011), and Continuing Education Program in Calgary University, Alberta, Canada (2007).

His professional experience has been cantered in the area of corporate tax consulting to national and foreign clients, preferentially in company reorganisations, merger and acquisition processes; legal reports in tax law; family asset management and/or inheritance; and, fiscal judicial and administrative defences. He has developed his career in diverse law firms and auditing and consulting companies.

Firm Overview:

A Chilean law firm created in the year 2000 with the purpose of dealing with the resolution of conflicts in business. It is formed by professionals specialised in negotiation, litigation and other areas related to business activity.

Our work is focused on the prevention and resolution of conflicts. To this purpose, we have prepared by carefully selecting the specialties, skills and experience of our professionals.


José Miguel Huerta

José Miguel Huerta specialises in litigation, antitrust, commercial arbitration and bankruptcy. He has represented clients in Chile and in other jurisdictions, including the United States and Europe, in government proceedings and investigations related, among others, to mergers and cartels.

He teaches civil law at Universidad de Chile. He is the author of several publications, among others, in the areas of antitrust, civil law and civil procedure.

José Miguel Huerta is a member of the Chilean Bar and of the American Bar Association.

Firm Overview:

Since its founding in 1880, Claro & Cia. has been one of the most prestigious law firms in Chile. Our seal is an innovative approach, reliable and highly qualified service.

Experience, reliability, excellence and leadership are the principles that guide Claro & Cia.

Harris Gomez

Harris is the Managing Partner of Harris Gomez Group. Harris has over 20 years of legal and business experience between Australia and Latin America. In 2001, he founded the Harris Gomez Group and was the first Australian Law firm to have an office in Latin America.

Harris has been the President of the Australia Chile Chamber of Commerce as well as the Australia Peru Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was also a Director of the Australian Latin American Business Council for a number of years.

In Australia, Harris was the Principal Partner of Lyon Law Firm specialising in Property, Finance, Commercial Litigation and International Law with Latin America & Spain. In 2014 he opened a Harris Gómez Group office in Sydney, which will continue to strengthen business relations between Australia and Latin America.

Harris specialises in setting up Australian and Latin American businesses and providing support to both regions. His expertise is focused on common law and Latin American cross-border issues in areas including mining and energy, corporate matters, employment, taxation, intellectual property and business ventures. His understanding of both the Australian and Latin American legal and business cultures makes him a priceless link between the two regions.

Daniela Horvitz Lennon

Leaders in Law endorses Daniela Horvitz Lennon as our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Daniela please use the contact information provided above.

Daniela Horvitz has specialized in different subjects: Diploma in “ISL S-DAY” from Harvard University, 2001; Diploma in “Criminal Procedure Reform” of the University of Chile, 2003; Graduated in “Introduction to the Law of the United States” of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, year 2004; Graduated in “Oral Litigation” from California Western School of Law, year 2011; among others.

She is a member of Chile bar association, since the year 1999; Of the family commission of the Chilean Bar Association, since 2009; Founder and former president of the Family Lawyers Association of Chile, 2009; Member UIA (International Union of Lawyers), since 2011; Member ABA (American Bar Association), since 2012; Member of International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, since 2012; Member of honor of IBDFAM (Brazilian Institute of Family Duty), since 2012; And founding member of the Ibero-American Academy of Family Law in 2014.

She has participated in various exhibitions and publications at national and international level: Exhibitor with “Family businesses and insolvencies”, insolvency commission UIA Zaragoza-Spain year 2012; “Compensation for damages in family relations”, family commission UIA and FACA Buenos Aires-Argentina year 2012; “The Economic Compensation”, Congress of the Argentine Nation year 2012; “Children facing the change of domicile and regulations of patrimonial regulation in the old age”, Annual Congress UIA Dresden-Germany year 2012; “Surrogate paternity in Mercosur”, annual IBDFAM Gramado-Brazil year 2012; “The Hague Convention in Chile”, symposium organized by IAML Buenos Aires-Argentina in 2013; “Collaborative Law in Chile”, XXI Day of AEAFA Family Law Madrid-Spain year 2014.

She has been honored to be pro bono as a curator ad litem in cases of children in violation, at the request of the Family Courts. In addition, her activity in the field of Bankruptcy and Insolvency was worth incorporating into the Societé de Legislation Comparee the year 2013.

Areas of Practice:

Appeals, Arbitration, Child Care/Public Law, Child Custody/Residence/Visitation/Contact, Child Support, Cohabitation, Collaborative Law, Divorce, Domestic Abuse/Violence/Protection Orders, Emergency Procedures/Injunctions, Enforcement: Child Custody, Enforcement: Child Support, Enforcement: Property Division, Enforcement: Spousal Support, Finance: Capital Provision, Finance: Insolvency, Finance: Pensions/Superannuation/Retirement and Employment Benefits, Finance: Property Issues, Finance: Trusts, Hague Convention/Child Abduction, Mediation, Modification/Variation: Child Custody, Modification/Variation: Child Support, Modification/Variation: Property Division, Modification/Variation: Spousal Support, Parentage/Paternity, Pre-nuptial/Post-nuptial Agreements, Relocation/Removal from Jurisdiction, Same Sex Partnerships, Spousal Support/Maintenance/Alimony

Firm Description

Horvitz and Company Lawyers was founded in 1964 by Mr. Gustavo Horvitz. Since then, the prestige and reputation gained in the national legal field, are based on our vast experience, high standards in legal services rendered, total adherence to professional ethics and efficiency in fulfilling professional duties.

Thanks to our seriousness, experience, dedication, since we are a multidisciplinary team and of no big size, we can offer and deliver to our clients a personalized and integral service, with due respect for the ethical principles that govern the practice of the profession.


Carolina del Rio

Leaders in Law endorses Carolina del Rio as our exclusively recommended IP Law expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Carolina, please use the contact information provided above.

Carolina Del Río is a member of the Chilean Bar Association.

Under her leadership, Clarke, Modet & Co. Chile, was recognized for the second time with the “IP Enforcement Law Firm of the Year in Chile” award by the magazine Corporate INTL Legal Awards Magazine. Award recognition of the history and experience of the legal team of Clarke, Modet & C ° Chile as well as cases of success they have achieved on behalf of multinational companies in terms of defending their industrial property rights in Chile.


– Degree in Law from Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. With more than 20 years of experience in issues related to Intellectual Property.
– Member of the Chilean Bar Association and INTA.
– Speaker in intellectual property and innovation seminars in China, Spain, USA and Chile.
– Important media columnist such as Diario Financiero, Revista del Campo, El Mercurio newspaper, Poder & Negocios magazine and La Segunda newspaper among others.
– She was elected by “Entrepreneurs Women” as one of the ten entrepreneurs’ women between 35 and 40 years in 2005.
– She is part of Mujeres del Pacifico an organization with the main goal of empowering women to try their own business in the countries of the Pacific Alliance , Chile peru México and Colombia.
– Degree in how to organize and lead projects and important teams and groups of work from IESE. master of full at Universidad de los Andes.


Clarke, Modet & Cº is one of the largest groups specialized in Intellectual Property in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, founded in Spain in 1879.

It was created as a company to manage patents and perform Intellectual Property services. Our walls are plastered in framed Industrial Property journals from the SPTO, some of which have changed the face of the industry since the 19th century. We have some real gems, such as Edison’s light bulb and Goodyear’s tire.

Since the 1960s the company has made a bid for expanding internationally by opening subsidiaries in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Mexico. Thirty years on, this start-up was completed with openings in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, as well as, of course, the new territorial offices which we keep opening in each of the countries where we are present.

Our current presence in the world covers a total of 10 countries with more than 450 professional experts working from our 34 offices, together with a network of carefully selected agents across the world.

The key to our success is constant adaptation to the present and knowing how to anticipate market needs, which has always allowed us to offer ad-hoc customized solutions to accompany our clients throughout the life cycle of their IP rights.

Alfonso Silva

Leaders in Law endorses Alfonso Silva as our exclusively recommended TMT Law expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Alfonso please use the contact information provided above.

Partner and head of Carey’s Corporate / Telecom Group. His practice areas span from corporate and business law, financing, mergers and acquisitions to the regulatory and transactional aspects related to the telecommunications industry, including the Telecom law and regulations, concessions, licenses and permits, and state contracts. Mr. Silva has been appointed representative and/or board member of several multinational companies operating in Chile, including banks.


TMT Law Practice:

After 5 years under discussion in the Chilean Congress, on June 11th, 2012, the long expected bill that regulates the installation of telecommunications antennas and its towers has become a Law in Chile. Law N° 20.599 (the “Antenna Law”) affects not only the new telecommunication antennas and towers to be installed in the future but also some of the infrastructure already installed within the Chilean territory.

One of the most significant innovations contained in the Antenna Law is the new requirement of an installation permit which will be granted by the corresponding local authority: the Municipal Work Department. According to the Antenna Law, the relevant telecoms operators will now have to comply with a complex procedure on which the direct participation of the affected community is considered, before the installation of any antenna and its tower.

Depending on the height of the antenna tower (higher than 12 meters or higher than 3 meters and lower than 12 meters) the documentation and information that will have to be filed before the Municipal Work Department will vary.

Similarly, the applicable procedure for obtaining the installation permit will be different depending not only on the height of the antenna towers to be installed but also on other special situations related to the areas where the antenna towers are intended to be installed, such as “risk areas”, “protection areas” or “touristic interest areas”.

In rural areas and when the antenna tower height is equal or less than 3 meters as well as in some other special cases, an installation notice will be enough requirement for installing an antenna and its tower.

Another important new obligation that the Antenna Law sets forth for the telecoms operators is the requirement to implement one of these 2 alternatives at the moment of installing an antenna and its tower:

  1. i) Camouflage of the antenna and its tower. This mechanism consists in a sort of “costume” for the antenna and its tower in order to prevent the urbanism impact caused by these structures and harmonize them with the corresponding environment. Typical examples of this kind of measure are the antennas and its towers camouflaged in the form of palms, trees, bell towers, etc.
  2. ii) Mitigation measures in favor of the community. According to the Antenna Law the mitigation measures may consist of either (i) the implementation of telecommunication services, or (ii) the improvement of green areas, pavements, bike lanes, luminaries, ornament or other similar measures.

According to the installation procedure established in the Antenna Law, the members of the community affected by the installation of an antenna and its tower will be entitled to participate in the decision for the selection of one of the above mentioned options.


Carey Abogados:

In 1905, Francisco Carey (1873-1946) begins to practice law independently in Antofagasta, a major business center in the north of Chile. His law firm grows steadily and his clients include the major mining and nitrate companies of the time. One of such clients, the Antofagasta-Bolivia railway (FCAB), a U.K. corporation whose stock is still traded on the London Stock Exchange, was counseled by three generations of attorneys of the Carey family over the last one hundred years.

Since its foundation, Carey has been committed to professional excellence. It is a core conviction of the firm that the practice of law is an honorable and enriching activity, which carries with it the responsibility of following the highest ethical standards.


Max Boza

“Boza & Muirhead Attorneys”, is a law firm established in 2013. The foundation of the firm is based in the broad experience of each of their partners along with their client base, either local as well as foreign. As of today, the firm is formed by experienced lawyers in different practice areas, such as corporate, M&A, civil and commercial law, financing, banking, real estate and foreign investment, among others.

The main purpose of the firm is to provide an advice to companies and individuals under an integrated service, rendering personalized services in different areas in which these are required. The latter, permit to satisfy the Clients necessities from the gestation of a business to its conclusion. Our offices are located in the Nueva Las Condes area, important business district in Santiago de Chile. Also, our firm is equipped with the leading computer and electronics communications systems, which allow us to provide on line services to our customers.



Corporate Law.

Mergers & Acquisitions.

Real Estate Law.



Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, University. Admitted 1994

Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, Master of Laws (LL.M). 1997.



Partner, Del Río, Infante, Boza & Mendez. (2001-2013).

General Counsel, Webmercury Inc. (January – June 2001).

Barros & Errazuriz (1998 – 2000).

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, New York (1997-1998).

Barros & Errazuriz (1995 – 1996).



Member of the Chilean Bar Association .

Assistant Professor of Corporate Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.



Spanish and English.

Eduardo Parra

Leaders in Law endorses Eduardo Parra as our exclusively recommended Construction Law expert in Chile. If you wish to get in touch with Eduardo please use the contact information provided above.

Lawyer at the University of Chile (1997), has significant postgraduate studies: Master in Business Law (Catholic University), Diploma in Business Administration (U. Adolfo Ibáñez), Diploma in Economic Administrative Law, Regulation and Services public (U. Católica), Diploma in Medical Liability (Catholic University). He is currently at the date the Superior Course Concessions, public – private partnerships and Infrastructure Management, Equipment and Services sponsored by the College of Civil Engineering, Canal and Port of Spain.

Mr. Lahsen has extensive experience in matters of public and private infrastructure. It fell as an expert advise the Ministry of Public Works – Roads Department between 2000 and 2006. The 2006 founded Lahsen & Cia. Lawyers, focused study to provide highly specialized legal services in the areas of Construction, Engineering and Real Estate Projects. His main areas of expertise in professional practice are related to Administrative Law associated with regulation in matters of Infrastructure, Public Goods and Public Services.

He has corresponded successfully advising several companies in the integrated development project construction and engineering, among which roadworks, bridges, aqueducts, dams, highways, hydroelectric plants, wind farms, airports and buildings of medium and large, with extensive experience in all kinds of forms of public and private procurement contracts including EPC, EPCM and BOT.

In the field of Public Infrastructure, has great experience in litigation and disputes, both administrative and judicial. He has advised major Real Estate, Construction and Public Utilities companies in the processing and obtaining authorizations for the use of road belt, parallels and atraviesos, access to public roads and road impact mitigation. In addition, Mr. Lahsen has significant experience of over 12 years on concessions and other types of Public Private Partnership.